Key Games Translation Status Updates

Pocket TL seems to going smoothly. You can check the opening now

Trial patch pushed back for QC


This is a slightly awkward timing for us. Article uh…soon

it’s probably gonna wait, theres a Kud anime coming and there will be more demand for a trans when the anime comes out… Because H-scene…

Alka looking for bug testers

Quick update on the Summer Pockets fan translation. Alka Translations posted a comment earlier about how the plans for a Common patch has been changed to a Shiroha route patch. More content means more time, so it seems we’re looking at a couple more months


So I was pretty excited when Sekai Project posted on Twitter that the Rewrite+ translation status had gone up from 34% to 60%, but seeing from thair status page that the editing is still at 17% and no work has been done on QA or the engine bummed me out pretty bad.

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At least its 60% now. That means we gotta wait another 8 to 9 years

As at 4th June 2019: Rewrite+ TL at 67% but editing still stuck at 17%

Having said that it was the same in early May…

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It’s been at 67% for around over a month now. They do have many games at 100% translated, so maybe they have it on hold or something.
I really hope they make more progress on it soon, I would love to check out the series when the game comes out.

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Looks to me like the work on Rewrite+ is being done in chunks, then only updated when the chunk is finished rather than on an ongoing basis. That would account for the sudden big increases.

I check Sekai Project everyday for Rewrite+ for like 2 months but it’s still the same stats (60% Translation and 17% Editing and 0% for QA and System), even worse, I heard they would use their own translation (Not Amaterasu one).

I hope they include Rewrite: Cradle’s tale as a DLC or something

Probably won’t happen since the R+ ending doesn’t mesh well with Cradle’s Tale. If you read the two back-to-back, you’ll have continuity errors where Kotarou forgets things he just talked about etc. Also since it was distributed via the anime BDs, it’s possible other companies have their legal fingerprints on it, so distributing it could be way more trouble than it’s worth.

Update on Summer Pockets!

The English patch for Shiroha’s route has now been released:


Please correct me if I’m wrong, but I’m fairly certain the bottom of this screen (which was shown in the recent livestream) translates to something along the lines of ‘English version releasing on Steam this year’. Because if so then yeah, we’re not that far away from Key officially releasing another title in English! :happy:


Waw it would be so great but I am not sure one year is enough to translate the game entirely. I’m still waiting an official release for Rewrite since I have only seen the anime and I am really interested in the story :uguu:

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As we can see from the pic there is some QC to be done yet!


That’s interesting, I wonder how long it has been since they started translating, I can’t imagine them translating the whole game in less than a year. Also I find it strange how they didn’t get the text checked before showing it off on the stream.

Anyways I can’t wait to beable to finally play SP in English.


Alka’s Statement on the matter:


The English patch for Tsumugi’s route is now released!

They also state the next route they’re doing is Ao’s.


Oh Nice, I will try back this project. But whats the difference between the $30 tier and the $40 tier?
nvm Its the same thing.

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