Key Games Translation Status Updates

A doubt I have about Kud Wafter’s progress. There it is:

Lines: 865/1428 (60.57%)
Unicode Characters: 19078/31522 (60.52%)
KB: 51.27/85.04 (60.29%)
Total Lines: 12982/33132 (39.18%)
Total Unicode Characters: 283631/727218 (39.0%)
Total KB: 771.18/1971.25 (39.12%)

But above this text, there’s SEEN2726 Wafter minus H scenes.

Does this 60.57% progress only include Wafter, or does it include the whole game, After as well?

IIRC Jyuichi was going for two patches, one for Wafter, and one for After. In the line totals, After is included.


Got some good and bad news. Good news is that I went through all of Jerusalem. Here’s the link again, it’s the same document. The bad news are that I haven’t done a whole lot of QC, and that is not likely to happen soon. Things are happening so my to-do list needs to be shortened. That means any revised edition and some form of youtube video will take time. Keep in mind I’m never uploading the actual audio, because I still want people to buy it; I sure hope it’s available on Itunes in all countries like it was for me.
This entire announcement is basically for people of my level of impatience, so if you’re not then you can disregard the whole thing and continue waiting.

Product information
Jerusalem is one drama CD for Planetarian. It tells the story of a military operation in Patagonia during the great war. It’s split into 7 parts of varying lengths; the shortest is 2 minutes, and the longest is 12 minutes. Technically one part is 14 but it has a 7 minutes long song included, so I count it differently. In total it’s about 60 minutes long. Even though almost completely unrelated to the story of Yumemi and the Junker, I think it had the same feel as the original and that people should experience it.

5 Likes Little Busters ME update!!


Charlotte Episode 1 should be about 50% done translation

trusted source can confirm


Harvest Festa:

[Eric Hitchcock] finally finished all the Rewrite Quest tutorial image tls - These still need to be modified to contain the translated text.

Kagari’s route looks to be about 964/3934 for line TL completion.

“// weird things happen whene you’re forced to use gendered pronouns and the original didn’t ~IX”


Quick update regarding the forthcoming release of Clannad:

I’ve received an e-mail from Sekai Project. They tell me that the release date is November, they have announced this in The Anime Expo 2015. Ergo, ultra-confirmed release date.

Oh, this is interesting: The delay was related to the HD assets. They haven’t received the HD assets yet and they need them in order to re-evaluate all the lines in the game. In order to make sure all the lines in the game are broken correctly. -

They are doing a great job imo, very dedicated and paying attention to the details. That’s the strong feeling I have. Good!


Im interested: did you email them first, or why do you happen to be in contact with Sekai?

Sure @Yerian: I’ve just contacted them first, since I’m quite interested on this project. I love Clannad. :slight_smile:

@s0ewhat Could you al least ultra compress it with h264 or something, in order to make it easier for you?
I don’t really care too much if the quality isn’t good. 360p would be OK, even less. Thank you!

Quick question: How many words (aprox.) has Rewrite?

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Im not sure but on TL wiki it says it has 100965 lines and the script file is 3.5mb.

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Quick update to say I’ve finally re-read Akane and am now QCing. Ixrec is steadily plugging away at Kagari’s route and has a decent bit done. (2082/3934)

So, this came up in Akane and I was wondering if anyone might be able to lend a hand.

(Akane: HF) - Not really a spoiler of any kind. Just doing it for posterity’s sake.

//<0322> 「図星…英語で言うならズボッシュのようですね」
<0322> 「Bingo…or as they say in English, bulls-eye.」
// that’s ten minutes of effort, I think it’s better than what I started with, time to move on ~IX
//He’s definitely not saying bulls-eye though. Actually I have no idea what he’s saying :frowning: - Arbitrary
// As best I can tell, 図星 is literally “bulls-eye” in English. I have no idea what the hell ズボッシュ is supposed to be in English according to Kotarou. But then again, it is Kotarou we’re talking about. ~Gnash


Spoilers just in case

Uh, I think that’s a pun…or at least Kotarou being Kotarou. Since 図星 is zuboshi, and Kotarou is like, butchering the pronunciation the way an English speaker might try to say it (at least in Kotarou’s mind) - zubosshu. Does that sound plausible? In which case a better translation might be to switch the joke around and turn bulls-eye into Engrish?

You poor poor soul.

It sounds cool though. It has impact.

This sounds right. Awkward to translate… Actually, why does he even bring up English?

I would have translated it as “Bulls-eye… Or as they say in Japanese, buruzu ai” as that kind of seems like the joke he was trying to say, lol.

But that’s just me, and I trust Ixrec’s translation skills more~

Ehhhh, the “as they say in English” fits the context better, because the next line is Akane complaining that she’s no good with English.


Aaaaand done. Now to wait for Kagari to be fully TL’d


Oh welp. Yeah definitely better in context

Kagari is now (3451/3934). Been a while since I’ve given any updates, but here ya go!


Just found out on Twitter that Kagari-chan’s route is complete! :3


hype. the race is on. set your bets. What will finish first, Harvest Festa or Little Busters Ex?

I am all in on Harvest Festa for that. Hoping for Ex though.


I have low hopes for EX being finished anytime soon ;_; I think a better race is this or CLANNAD