Key Games Translation Status Updates

N/A if the documents is set to read only.

I “starred” the spreadsheet (by clicking on the star icon next to the title) and so the spreadsheet shows up under Starred on Google Drive, and I can see the last edited date and other information when I click on it. Says last edited Oct 24th, 2014 for me.

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The only issue I see is that the Rewrite quest involves a TON of image translations, and I’m not sure if any have been done yet.

Worse yet, some images are almost impossible to translate without making them from scratch.

For the tutorial images, it’s actually easier to make them from scratch. :smiley:

Oh my god you two have the same avatar so I thought you were double posting…


I’m progressing slower than I would have liked, but now I at least have a first version translation of the first 4 parts of Planetarian: Jerusalem. That’s about half the material due to the first part being only 2 minutes. I need help with the two Spanish/Latino names, and proofreading is never not helpful. When it’s done, would it be best to make a youtube video like snowglobe/hoshi no hito? If so then I have to say that I’ve never done that before.

For me Jerusalem was available on Itunes, not sure if that applies for everyone. Itunes

Translation document


Does anyone here even go on Fuwanovel ? I’m pretty sure EX has been at 98% for like 3 months now… And I haven’t even seen Harvest festa move from the lower half of 60% at all. Kud Wafter is like at 30% which, I think is probably gonna be dropped if they don’t dedicate their time to it.

EX has been stagnant forever, but the other two both got updated recently. The HF page only gets updated when a scenario is 100% so the progress looks slower then it is.

Mixed opinions about it here. Some people like it for information or community, or just the convenience. Some people dislike it for it’s history or it’s brain-dead forums. There’s some Fuwa staff here too iirc.

Last update was… October? I think. They have a document for it. Doki’s VN department shut down public communications a long time back. I’ve heard some things earlier this year, so they are still… working… on it.

HF is progressing really fast. They had to re-translate a route because… I think Ixrec wasn’t satisfied or something, but they’ve been blazing through it rapidly.

The translator had life going on, but it’s been progressing, and Jyuichi is back in the swing of things after getting through a bunch of the life stuff.

Ixrec and the rest of Amaterasu, and Jyuichi, are all pretty cool people, so support them ^^

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HF is currently at the following:
Kotori, Chihaya, Akane, Lucia, and Shizuru are all TL’d and QC’d.
Kagari is being translated right now, and it’s probably about halfway done? I haven’t looked at the SEEN in a while.
Then the mess that is the Rewrite Quest can begin.

Will there be a partial patch covering everything up to Kagari’s route?

Woah huuuuge thanks for this @HeliosAlpha! Definitely something worth looking forward to :smiley:
For a drama CD, sometimes just a document like that suffices. It at least encourages people to actually purchase the drama CD.

I have no idea as of now.

What names you need help?

The names, huh?
I think instead of Madock, it’s probably Maddock or Murdock or Mardock or Murdoch.
Degarudeano probably… “de Galdeano”, that’s legit Spanish name.
Abondanshieri is “Abbondanzieri”. That, too, a real name.

I’ll be ready whenever you need help ; )

I’m reluctant to making a video for this very reason.

Does changing that actually do anything? I read them pretty much the same. The other two are great though, thanks.

Nah, just my two cents. Seems that Madock or whatever was Englishman, so I tried to search for origins of surname for the names I suggested. “Murdoch” is probably the oldest as surname, originating from Celtic. Then, that name evolved to “Murdock”, “Mardock”, “Maddock” and then from “Maddock” comes “Madock”.
The most popular spelling would be “Maddock” I think…
But googling マードック results as “Murdoch”…
While the spelling in wikipedia says “Murdock”…
But really, whatever.

It really is trivial, so just pretend I never wrote any of this

Also, I think you need a whole topic for yourself, just like “AB! translation project”.

And, about the verses Madock said during the end of track 3
I can’t find the exact verses, but I have noticed the similarities with “Jerusalem”, a poem by William Blake.

This. Get cracking, Helios!

@Aspirety @Hirato A topic for what though? No matter the result I want do as much as possible on my own. Right now I’m just testing the waters. A more structured translation is always possible later.

Admin-senpai, maybe you should make the thread and move the posts regarding Jerusalem’s translation there? :3
The topic is to make the translation more focused. This is the topic for “translation status updates” for every Key things, so discussing about Jerusalem’s translation here would probably make the thread here “cluttered” since we’re discussing this and that (I see mostly about translation done by other team, not’s team)

Continuing regarding the verses during the end of track 3, I tried translating here and there.
Japanese version


雲なす丘に輝りしや TN: (なす=成す)

My version rough translation

Once my lord’s feet
walk upon the mountain greens
Once the holy Lamb of God,
played around on the pleasant pasture[/spoiler]

[spoiler]Once my lord’s face
shine forth upon our clouded hills
Jerusalem was built here
among the dark period of demonic trial

William Blake’s Jerusalem

And did those feet in ancient time
Walk upon England’s mountains green:
And was the holy Lamb of God,
On England’s pleasant pastures seen![/spoiler]

[spoiler]And did the Countenance Divine,
Shine forth upon our clouded hills?
And was Jerusalem builded here,
Among these dark Satanic Mills?