Key Crossover Fanart

Based Akito delivers!!

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Credits to the creator ! Looks awesome !



oooo these are really cute!
I have access to a button/pin maker do you mind if I use your design?
I think they’d look pretty cool as buttons

Sure, as long as you don’t sell it for your own profit. I’d be so glad to have my design used as real button pins!
Of course, when you’re done please post the pictures of them. I want to see how they’re end up like.

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I finally made these

Special thanks to @Hirato for letting me do this!


wow they turn out really cute~! :fukowa:

I’m a sketchbook drawer, so it’s on Paper.
Introducing the first ever art of Kotarou and Tomori together :slightly_smiling:
P.S. I also drew a FanArt of Kud and Yu, but that didn’t really work out… Still working on it.

And I also really love this crossover
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Ended up drawing the girls of Yuuto Tonokawa’s routes for K.EY. (plus I’ve been meaning to draw them for a while). I’m personally emotionally invested to most of these girls (not so much to Sasami, sadly, but she’s okay), which is great :))

I guess I just really like most of the girls Tonokawa have written so far~


Yuuichi-kun I got a ticket to the BIG GAME (its sports)

This is an updated version of a picture the artist drew during the Super Bowl. There are a bunch more here:

(edit) Forgot I drew this last week. I did a crossover picture with Touhou and Love Live!, since those are my favorite music-related franchises, along with Key.


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I really like the meaning. Komari representing happiness is exactly what Akane needs.

12 Likes Here’s the original source by the actual artist


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A Tumblr post about Rewrite Episode 19 just gave me a weird idea. It’s just a quick sketch though. :yahaha:

(text is supposed to read as “Esaka-san, whyyy”)


Fredrin (the Megatokyo dude of yore) put this out last week. Pretty interesting crossover choice, don’t think I’ve seen it before.


(Backstory for the crossover choice)
Fred 's old site server was named Akiko. He just recently replaced it with a new one he named Yumemi. Thus, Yumemi is comforting the very tired Akiko.


So the new official art for the Key anniv concert made me want to try listening to a piece for harp, and it turns out that there’s a fairly well-known concerto for harp and flute. I like the piece enough that I ended up making a fan art for these two. As if I have so much free time… :uguu:

Anyway, this is my first time drawing someone playing a harp, and it was, uh, not easy. :uee: I think I can do some more of these later. :'D

(Please ignore the sloppy attempt at writing Japanese. I was just being a weeaboo as usual.)


I was bored again, last night. This time, it’s inspired from one of my all-time favorite pieces, Bach’s 2nd Brandenburg Concerto.

The instruments look different from the official art this is based on? I went with period instruments (got Nagisa to play a Baroque oboe instead of a clarinet, and included Shiona because I’ve drawn Ayu already and also why not) because I don’t exactly want to draw a modern oboe… just thinking about drawing all the details makes me cry :sad:

Anyway, the main character of the piece is the trumpet, and I find it a pretty amusing coincidence that Rin here got what is considered to be among the most technically demanding trumpet solo in the classical repertoire. Probably Kyousuke’s doing. :smug:

PS: I really dig Nagisa’s dress. It looks lovely.


I don’t know who the original artist was for this…


Got this from saucenao