Kazamatsuri Smash Ultimate Fight Night


Super Smash Bros Ultimate is launching on the 7th of December, so what better way to celebrate than having a night of Smash that weekend? God knows I’ll be looking for people to play with!

Let’s start by discussing how we can do this. Should we do an online tourney and have it go all weekend, should we all meet up for a few hours to play? I’ll probably be playing all weekend, so you can be sure to catch me on voice when I do!

I guess a good way to start this is… Post a reply if you’re interested, along with your region and when you’re available to play.


I’ll be at my local scene’s release party over the night from the 7th to the 8th, but if I’m not too tired after that I’ll definitiely be up for some more Smash Ultimate! I’m from Sweden so my time zone would be UTC+1 and I should be able to play at pretty much any time bar Saturday morning and night (gotta get some sleep too) I guess since I don’t really have anything else planned for that weekend. Regardless of how tired I am on Saturday after the release party I should be able to play for most of Sunday though.

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I’ll def be interested! I may end up playing online with my brother or something, since I’ll be surprised if he doesn’t stream a little community night for his own friendgroup, but if I’m not playing with him I’d love to participate!

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Just a heads up to those planning to join in, but we will most likely need a Nintendo Switch Online subscription in order to join in on online battle.

That being said, this sounds great :smiley: i am absolutely horrible with Smash but, schedule permitting, I’d love to play a round or two with you peeps :umu:

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I don’t know when my Switch will arrive and if it’s going to be DOA or not, and since I’m getting a copy of Smash Ultimate through the mail there is no guarantee that I will get it on the 7th or 8th or even later than that.

It’s best to take a raincheck for now. :frowning:

The important thing is that everyone has fun regardless though hehe!

I’d like to take part. I had a lot of fun with the previous Smash and I look forward to having some with this one if you’d have me.

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I might go to a release party, but I’ll certainly see if anything is going on here later.

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All this talk about Ultimate, and here I am not even 10 hours into my copy of Wii U.

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My internet has been having issues as of late so I might not be able to join in, but I’d be interested.

I’ll actually be trying to get into this game in a proper competitive fashion though so if anybody is on that hot tech pulse hit me up with the good stuff

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Looks like there’s no Tournament mode like Smash 4, but we can set up a lobby!

Alright, I’m gonna book this in for 0:00 UTC Sunday. Hope that time works for people!

Event was a big success! Thanks to everyone who dropped by! I hope to do this again some time, but for the next few weeks we’ll be focusing on the Winter Festival. Don’t forget to sign up!