Kazamatsuri Sharing Circle 2019: Relationships

With the success of the Winter Festival, we’ve all had a change to get to know each other by participating in fun collaborative events within our teams. But now I’d like to prepare one more special event to help consolidate and foster our community bonds, by getting to know each other on a more personal level, and maybe even help each other.

A sharing circle involves gathering on a Discord voice call to take turns sharing their personal experiences with an encouraging and supportive audience. It’ll be up to each individual member to decide how much they’re willing to share, but it’s important that everyone in the group remain attentive and supportive, so everyone can speak without fear of judgement. Group proceedings will be facilitated by me as a host to make sure things proceed smoothly. This kind of environment may be a little confronting, but I believe that for those of you interested in this kind of activity, it will be very rewarding.

Everything spoken within these groups is to be kept within the groups and not shared elsewhere without expressed permission of the speaker. And please refrain from dropping names to specific people, try to keep things vague to protect privacy.

The theme of this Sharing Circle is Relationships. Your homework for the week is to think of all the relationships in your life, whether they be friends or family or lovers, and reflect upon the nature and quality of these relationships, and how they impact your life. Then I want you all to ask yourselves, how am I satisified with these relationships, and how do I wish they could be better? Think less about specific relationships and specific problems, and more about broader patterns of how all your relationships manifest and how you’d like your relationships to be. It’s up to you how much you want to share with the group, but keep the answer in mind before we begin.

At the end of the event once everybody has had an opportunity to speak, we will take a moment for everybody to anonymously write one thing they like or appreciate in each of the other members of the group. I really wanna promote those good vibes and leave everyone feeling warm and fuzzy at the end of the session.

There are three sessions available for this Sharing Circle. Please vote for all the events you’ll be free to attend, and I’ll do my best to split up the groups evenly. I look forward to chatting with you all!

  • Session 1: Friday the 11th 23:00 UTC
  • Session 2: Saturday the 12th 8:00 UTC
  • Session 3: Saturday the 12th 16:00 UTC

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For a little more guidance… I’ve been thinking a lot about my own need for relationships, and the kind of relationships I desire from people. I’ve also been thinking about how I tend to be bad at maintaining the kinds of relationships I want sometimes, while in other cases I’m experiencing the best relationships of my life. I’m also watching other people who lack the same need for lots of interpersonal relationships that I do and reflecting upon why I might be different. There’s a lot to unpack with a topic like this!


If it helps the community I can try to attend Session 2 but since it will be much earlier than dawn for me it would be best if I didn’t go first or second. :yahaha:

I hope some others can still attend though!

Well we didn’t get many applications, but we have enough for two small groups.

Session 1 23UTC Friday: @grooven, @Arete, @kittytama, @Naoki_Saten, @Madekuji_san and me
Session 2 8UTC Saturday: @Pepe, @cjlim2007, @Bernkastelle, @KaiMiang, @cjlim2007, @RyuuTamotsu, @adeptArcanist and me

Please post here to confirm your attendence!



uhhh you mean Saturday yeah? If so yeah I will be there for sure

Yes lol

23 UTC today, roger!

Oh no! I misread Friday as Saturday 23 UTC I will still be at work orz. I could do the Saturday one at 16:00 instead

I’m in and hopefully the morning alarms will work for the session so I don’t miss part of it.

If the 3rd session becomes available though it will be easier to attend that but I’m fine no matter what happens!

Ugh… Really didn’t wanna have to do this but my health has taken a nosedive and I don’t think I’m in a suitable state to host right now, so I’m cancelling session 1. That said I should recover with a day’s rest so I’ll keep the next session up for now. My apologies to @naoki_saten, @madekuji_san, @kittytama and @Arete. If there’s enough demand I’ll try and reschedule for another time.

Sorry everyone, looks like I can’t make the time today ;_; this weekend is a bit hectic for me orz

I will have more time next week so I hope I can attend that one! Feel better Aspy!!

Okay well… Not many people turned up for Session 2 so we’ve decided to postpone :yahaha:

I’m not really sure how to run this. I can’t really do it if there’s no demand, but as long as there’s demand I’m happy to move forward.

Here’s what I’ll do. React to this post with :nuoo: if you still want to participate in a Sharing Circle. If there’s enough reactions I’ll organise another one in the near future.

Next weekend is gonna be dedicated to the Podcast tho!


I would still like to do it! I think its hard with the time zones but I hope more people sign up too!

I hope so as well, but so far there are only 6 reactions/responses. First, it has to get off the ground no matter what the topic of conversation will end up being.

Please remember to :nuoo: if you are interested in participating!

Sorry for the double post, but just trying to hope that other Kaza members you haven’t done so already think about wanting to join in another Sharing Circle.

Aspirety isn’t the only person that has doing a lot of thinking about relationships either (should that end up being the topic of the next Sharing Circle of course), so I think it would be great to hear some different perspectives!

Afraid that I don’t have any great ideas for other Sharing Circles at this moment though, sorry.

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