Kazamatsuri Musicians

I have seen that there is no list of musicians in Kazamatsuri, is why I create a list on this topic.

Why music?

Music is one of the pillars of Key, all agree with it.
Key has great musical examples like: Jun Maeda, Shinji Orito, Magome Togoshi, PMMK, Manack, etc.
Key has good soundtracks, vocal themes and arrangements.

Yeah, many of you have written about how great it is Key Sounds Label:
It has also been said about the interpretation of the works.
And of course, there fanworks:
Key Musical Transcriptions
Key Musical Fan Covers
This shows that there is much musical material in the group!

Why create a list of musicians?

The musicians are exceptional people who share the pleasure of playing songs for others.
The musicians looking to share their emotions with others, There is no better way than with someone else!
This topic will serve as a source of information of the musicians who is in Kazamatsuri.
I will dismiss members by type of instrument and experience.
Are not you good music but are good at adapting scripts?
Try to register as a lyricist!, there will also be a section of lyricists.
You like to sing? Register in Voice section!
And of course, the great instrument section. (I hope it is very large)

The list is of two types:

Instrument list:

  • Voice
  • Piano
  • Guitar
  • Violin
  • Saxophone
  • etc.

List according to type of musician:

  • Composer
  • Arrangement
  • Performer
  • Lyricist

Extra: Musical Experience
It is preferable that say your musical experience.
Example: Years of study, reading scores, etc.

Other uses of the topic

With the already mentioned above, this will also serve as a bridge to the other topics. It can be very useful for new members. They come, are inscribed on the list and enter other topics directly.
It may coordinate music activities in this topic.
And it can be used to announce new important topics related to music of Key


It will speak only Key music.
To speak generally about music visit the following topic:
The list every weekend is updated

Needless to say, welcome Kazamatsuri musicians, Registration Opens…

List of Kazamatsuri Musicians

  • @Karu-Sama
    Main Instrument: Piano
    Type of Musician: Arranger/Casual Composer/Performer/Lyricist.
  • @42Megabytings
    Instruments: Voice/ Piano/Guitar
    Type of Musician: Casual - Out of Practice.
  • @VyseGolbez
    Main Instrument: Violin
    Type of Musician: With experience - Out of Practice.
    Other Instrument: Voice
    Type of Musician: Experience in choir - Amateur.
  • @Arete
    Main Instrument: Piano
    Type of Musician: Performer/Novice- In practice.
  • @andrewcee
    Main Instrument: Clarinet
    Type of Musician: Experienced/Arranger/Performer - Retired.
  • @SuikaShoujo
    Main Instrument: Voice
    Type of Musician: Performer/Amateur.
    Other Instrument: Guitar
    Type of Musician: Performer/Novice.
  • @stevenharryw
    Main Instrument: Guitar
    Type of Musician: Performer/Experienced.
    Other Instrument: Bass
    Type of Musician: Performer/Experienced.
  • @Mogaoscar
    Main Instrument: Piano
    Type of Musician: Performer/Novice - In practice.
  • @BlackHayate02
    Main Instrument: Keyboard
    Type of Musician: Performer/Experienced.
    Other Instrument: Recorder
    Type of Musician: Performer/Novice - In practice.

If I missed any artist of Key tell me to regret.


I’ve sung, played the piano and the guitar, but I’m not very good at any of them because I’m quite out of practice.


I played the violin since gradeschool, but am out of practice and actually never learned how to tune by ear and am kinda embarassed about that fact. I’ve also sung in a choir, but never had any actual singing education.


I’m learning paino, but I’m still a novice. Naturally Key music is a large part of how I’ve been practicing. I’m learning Kanade and My Soul Your Beats and I can play a sick Dango Daikazoku. I really wouldn’t consider myself much of a musician yet but I hope that someday I’ll be able to share some covers with all of you.


I played Clarinet for 3 1/2 years performing in concerts, parades, and a mock recording over at Disney. Tried transcripting two sugars (LB) and Town, Flow of Time, People (Clannad) by ear but alas, were not very successful.

Unfortunately, I am currently not playing anymore


I’m mainly a singer, and while I’ve never really had any formal training, I’ve been singing off and on both in small groups and solo since I was around 3 years old. I’ve also taken a few years of formal guitar lessons, but I can’t really do much more than the basics (simple chords and things like that).


Years ago, I attempted to play quite a few instruments, but the only two I really stuck with were bass and guitar.

I’ve been playing guitar for ~7 years and bass for about 5.

I’m not too great at either, even now. Although that doesn’t stop me from trying to learn songs from various Key works. (Philosophyz is impossible, I tell you. IMPOSSIBLE.)

Also, the guitar I own is nearly identical to Yui’s from Angel Beats!, completely by coincidence.


I recently picked up piano, and when I say recently I mean a month ago. Of course, I can’t do much, but I plan on playing some covers other people has done and little by little acquiring what I call “a musical ear”. Then I’ll start doing some covers of my own, but it will be a long time until I’m able to do so.

For the time being, I try to do some practice (by myself) exercises I find here and there, play some easy pieces and try to extract something practical from each of them. So far, the only thing I’ve played from KEY is Dango Daikazoku, a simplified version I made myself using pieces from Kyle Landry’s arrangement.

Anyway, despite my lack of skill, I hope to improve in the future. One of my piano goals is sometime playing something with some of you. :sweat_smile:


Not like I had any formal education on music, but I did join in a few choir (a Catholic church choir, a school choir, and a college choir). My first time joining a choir was… eight years ago? I was tutored on keyboard to accompany for the said church choir, but I have little keyboard experience outside using an electronic keyboard, so I suck on controlling the dynamics haha. I’m currently practicing on a plastic recorder, but I’m hardly getting anywhere.

I enjoy playing some Key music on my keyboard, either by practicing on some existing transcription somewhere in the Internet, or adlibbing the melody for some of them. I’m practicing arrangements of Ushio, Nirinsou, Shionari and Itsuwaranai Kimi e (and possibly Mahou no Ensemble later), while adlibbing Hinagiku, Honesty and Minori. Mostly Rewrite soundtracks because :stuck_out_tongue: That’s for piano/keyboard. As for the recorder, I’ve been wanting to do Shirotsume.

I sometimes transcribe Key OSTs for the heck of it, but I rarely get finished, and even if I do, they’re… not very accurate. I’ve also tried composing before, but it didn’t get anywhere either haha. I’ve also been wanting to do a fandub of a Key song in my language. Translating is hard. I’m still trying. :komue:


I play Violin but I have no experience transcribing or arranging music. I do have a okay knack for playing by ear. Sometimes I play better by ear than by music sheet ><

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I play Trombone and Piano but i can pretty much play any brass instrument. Kinda had to drop brass sadly as my sister got dogs and they howl everytime I play, (they do for brass bands and stuff on youtube), I was able to give it a mini play recently and despite getting an A for grade 8 AMEB, (Uni level trombone skillz) while at school when I played it recently it sounded so bad, my lip muscle just doesn’t do what it could, it honestly tone wise sounded worse than a kid who has being playing trombone for a few weeks probably. What did I try playing, Key music of course.


I didn’t know that you can play piano ! :ohhh: What songs ? I have been playing piano too for 6 years and I am currently learning “Last Regrets” ( I hope I will finish learning it before Kazamatsuri’s closure ). Otherwise I play films, games and animes’ musics and Imagine by John Lennon.
I would like listening to you playing Key music with brass instruments. :happy:

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