Kaza New Year ~Way to 2018~

We’re doing a New Year’s Party here on the Kaza Discord! Feel free to pop up any time, but the scheduled start time is 23UTC on the 31st! Start your year right by spending it in the company of a bunch of fellow dorks as we chill, play games, and sing the year away!

Let me know if you’ll be attending below. And feel free to post here any ideas you have of ways we can celebrate!


Yup, ill be there, well 23 UTC is 8 PM for me so i’ll only be around for like maybe a little less than an hour, ill be able to freely come chill at like 4 UTC

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That’s 2 people~

I’d like to say I’ll be there, but it depends on how my sleep schedule turns out. Either way, I’ll be on as much as possible around that time.

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I will try to plan to be around the Discord for a large portion of that time, but it’s unlikely that I will be doing the singing part. :haha:

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Not sure what time I’ll be on but I’ll be there for sure. A “Your 2017 Kaza” segment would be cool haha

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I’m definitely gonna be there but I haven’t checked the time.

I want to attend, but sadly can’t.

I’ll be there, but is there really anything to do there more important than karaoke?:deino:

Jackbox!.. and karaoke, reading bad fanfics, or maybe good ones, watching a movie, watching bananas in pajamas, speed run tournament, etc.


Planetarian speed run while drunk please. I can see people failing to press ctrl key.


I’ll be around! Video games, anyone?


Hmm, did we have anything in mind for this, or should we ask to see what choices are available first?

I didn’t get around to having a better way to chat outside of my cellphone just yet though.

I’ll be there; fireworks will keep me up all night anyway.

There is a small chance I might be there. I am currently planning to spend the night with my closest RL friends, but that’s a bit of travel and I am quite busy the last few days and currently it actually looks tempting to just chill at home with you guys.
I will probably decide if I actually go there on a very short-term basis while leaning to going there as planned, but if I am staying at home, Kaza is where I will be.

While it wasn’t really much of a party, I had a lot of fun playing VRChat and Fortnite with you guys.
I regret staying up until 4 AM, though!


Not our best party maybe, but it’s still nice spending time with the people I care about~


I didn’t get to hang around that much, i was on for the start and then had to go and when i came back a good amount of people had left and i had a case of the food coma so i could really talk anymore :yahaha:.

Still it was fun.


I was somewhat shy in voice as always most of the time, and while it was not a big party, I enjoyed my time that night. I was lost in a mix of being tired, technical difficulties and with that losing orientation in VR chat the last bit before I eventually went to bed, but that did not distract from enjoying your company.
I am looking forward to Karaoke on the next party, hoping I can work it into my schedule.