Kaza Mega Questionnaire [Discussing options before answering is encouraged]

I thought of making this questionnaire to, I guess, nail down the opinions of Kaza as the clock nears midnight. Most questions are user-submitted, and I can probably add more if people send them to me. I’ll add pretty much anything.

So these questions are completely free-form, but that means you have more options than there are stars in the sky. I’d recommend just having fun with it. You should take the opportunity to talk it out with people or go through some of the archives. (I’d commend your gusto. There’s a lot of stuff.) Supposedly you’ll be able to edit your answers later, but I don’t know exactly how.

Last thing, if you have stuff you can’t express through these questions. Go and tell the world! (aka the forum) I just personally wanted a questionnaire.

Here’s the link for the April Fools blogs at least. There were more things that happened on the forum. Maybe someone who remembers them more clearly can recount what happened (like the whole page was Masato dancing for a day)

Here’s for the secret santa, I think

Fan music and art is like…wow that’s a lot of topics. If you remember any good ones, link them so other people know, I guess.

I am more of a multiple choices guy.

I think you could make some pretty nice charts if you give us more multiple choices questions.

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Multiple choice makes charts automatically, but you can also makes them manually: the end result looks the same. Besides, if it was all multiple choice with like 10 options, then everyone has to answer the questions twice to first narrow down the options. That’s what you’d do if you want to be good an scientific about it, but it’s the final hour; why cater only to popular opinions.