Introduce Yourself!

Merci ça fait plaisir de voir d’autres français fans de Key surtout que j’en connais aucun dans mon entourage :blush:

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Hello to the new people, especially the French peeps~


Hello, my name’s nyarl. I didn’t remember when I registered at this forum, but it seems like more than a year ago.
I’m from Ukraine (it’s somewhere near Russia) and I also Key fan. In general it’s hard to read VNs as for me, but VNs by Key are completely different thing. Easy to drown in their stories and they’re close to me in any sense.
I pointed that Angel Beats is my favourite Key title and it’s true, 'cause I even read manga despite on I watched anime at first. The second on the list will be Little Busters. :slight_smile:
Most likely I would introduce myself even earlier, but had the difficulties while I was studying at the university in another country. It was hard to drive there and then return home, 'cause I didn’t want live there. So, I have never had enough time for myself. :frowning:
Now I have a lot of time, playing jRPGs and reading VNs and also I have hobby doing humorist stuff at my twitter. I hope I shouldn’t disturb anybody here.


It’s really nice to see Kazamatsuri continuing to grow here and I’m really happy for all of the new ones that just started coming here. I hope you all enjoy staying here and have fun with this awesome community!

P.S. Also, it’s been a while since I last posted anything but I just want to give that message to you guys that have decided to take time to get to know about us as a community. Hopefully I’ll try to be more active as best I can. So welcome aboard everyone! :yahaha:


My name is Milad and I hail from the cold north, Norway. It’s a pleasure to make your aquaintance and join this community. I started out with Angel Beats in October 2013, since then I have watched Clannad, Air, Kanon, Little Busters, Planetarian, Charlotte and Rewrite. Furthermore I have read the following VN’s: Clannad, Tomoyo After, Harmonia, Planetarian and Little Busters with plans to read Kanon in December. I’ve watched and read a lot more than that, but I listed the ones relevant for this occasion. I may have missed something xd I’m also a friend of Hardscope, who was the one who invited me in here a year ago. I was busy with reading for exams however, and as such did not introduce myself before now. I’ll try to be as active as I can. I’ll also link in my myanimelist and steam profile on my profile here should there be anyone interested in adding me.
I’m looking forward to discussing these wonderful works with you.
~ Strategist


Hello Kazamatsuri!

My name is Austin, I’m a Key and visual novel fan from Missouri, US. I’ve known about Kazamatsuri for quite some time and today I finally decided to become a member. I’m hoping to meet lots of great people here and have some fun times.

I’ll start by telling a little bit about myself. I am in my late teens, and I have been reading visual novels for about two years now. I started with the otome VN Amnesia: Memories after hearing it was a much better version than the anime adaptation. However, I didn’t get to more VNs until I discovered Key. Outside of visual novels, I spend a lot of time on Discord in VN and anime communities. I also like to write and draw graphic novels, as well as do fanart of anime and visual novel characters. I recently got recruited as a character designer and art director for an original VN project!

I started my Key journey several years ago with Angel Beats! To this day, I still consider it one of the greatest anime ever made. It stuck with me and changed me as a person, shaping the way I see the world and write my own stories. A couple years afterwards, I was recommended Charlotte because of how much I loved Angel Beats. Charlotte and Angel Beats became my two favorite anime series for a long time. (Angel Beats was later replaced as my favorite by Shakugan no Shana, and my love for Charlotte sadly faded over time).

My first true Key experience was with the anime adaptation of Clannad. It was recommended to me not because it was a Key work, but just because it was a great anime. I absolutely loved it! Kotomi is still one of my all time favorite characters in fiction, and I still live by the message of family that Clannad gave me. It wasn’t long before I realized there was a reason I loved Angel Beats, Charlotte, and Clannad; that reason was Key. It was also around this time that I dove headfirst into visual novels after wanting to further my Clannad experience with the VN. Soon after, I watched the anime adaptation of Little Busters! and then Kanon a month later. Earlier this year, I joined a visual novel community that I spend most of my time with now. With them, I read Rewrite, Planetarian, Harmonia, and recently started Air.

I can say with confidence that Key defines who I am as a human being. It’s stories and messages shaped my life, and I carry them with me each and every day. My favorite Key work is Kanon, with Makoto being my favorite visual novel character and one of my favorite fictional characters of all time. This story spoke to me on a very personal level. My past has not been pretty, and I would much rather forget it happened than have to live with it every day. But Kanon put me on a better path. Because of it, I learned to accept my trauma and find happiness in the people around me. I don’t think it would be an exaggeration to say that without it, I might not even be alive today.

And there you have it, that’s me. I hope that I can turn Kazamatsuri into someplace I enjoy coming to. It isn’t often I make a community into a home.

But after all, they’re called miracles because they do happen.


A shaka-shaka hey to everyone here at Kazamatsuri! I am happy to be here with everyone here who is also a fan of Key Visual Arts.

I am from the state of Texas in the United States, still currently trying to find a way towards my dream career of being a content creator. While I am not there yet, I am still keeping a positive attitude that it will happen someday.

I am new to Key games, so my list is not big right now. The only game I have played is ‘Little Busters!’. I have seen the anime, but I just started playing the game for the first time this year. Since it is the only one I have seen, I guess that automatically makes it my favorite. I really like everyone on the team.

I came across this website while doing a search for the visual books for ‘Little Busters!’. I am hoping to track down a copy of the Animation Book to purchase, but it seems like it is almost impossible to find, no matter where I have searched. Still, I visited many of the pages and became impressed with what I saw. I plan on visiting this site much more going forward.

Aside from the general interests of fellow otakus, I really love listening to music of different genres, exercising by jumping rope, and I will create digital artwork (nothing incredible, although that is a goal of mine to create fanart).

Hopefully this gives you all a decent idea of who I am. I look forward to conversing with as many of you as I can. Thanks to everyone who took the time to read this post.


Hi there!
Brazilian, still in school, longing to be something I’ll be proud of in the future, I guess. Started reading Visual Novels for real about 4 months ago, but I really love it already (so much that I can’t addict me to nothing more now haha). For Key in specific, like ,pretty much 2 of the 3 visual novels I have finished so far are from Key so I think you could say that almost my whole experience with visual novels was provided by Key, therefore I consider myself as a Key fan, hehe. I love music, it’s certainly my favourite “form of art”, so I’m sure that the gorgeous soundtracks made by Key is one of the most prominent reasons why Key captured my attention (without saying that I really am a fan of drama).
Anyway I hope we get along, I’m looking forward to talk with you all.


Do you live in Sao Paulo or near that area? There’s gonna be an anime convention there next month.

Unfortunally (for this case) not. My city is more or less 600km away from Sao Paulo. It’s near when you have the entire country as perspective though.

Hi everyone!
It has been a long time since I started reading VNs and LNs and watching anime, after all this time I’ve become a Key fan and I wanted to know some people that shares the same interests!

I’m from Spain, but I really love learning new languages. I also love music and sports.

I hope we can have a good time!


In not gonna bother responding to everyone I’ve missed this time… But welcome to Kazamatsuri everybody! You’re joining at a really exciting time, right when we’re about dive into discussing LB and with lots of fun activities around the corner.

I hope you all take the time to get acquainted with the forum and enjoy your time here! If you have any questions for hesitate to fire me a message.

I live in America. I’ve played a little bit of LB and Rewrite. Loved them both. I found Kazamatsuri through a friend. Outside of Key, there are many other series I like. I’m looking forward to participate in this community!


Yo. Kinda forgot to post here after making a few… somewhat oversized posts in other threads, but hey, better late than never, right?

I’m from Romania. Probably not something you see very often, but hey. I’ve gone through Clannad (both VN and anime, both multiple times - first of the bunch, still my all-time favorite) and Rewrite (just the VN, just once so far - somewhat conflicted on it but there’s a special place in my heart for Lucia and her route) so far, as well as some of the smaller ones like Planetarian and Harmonia (both great), and I’m currently going through LB! (VN with a mix of the anime just to complement certain scenes), having just finished Rin2 last night. I’ve been meaning to go through some other Key works, but it’s often hard to get myself to read or watch much of anything these days, unfortunately, even knowing that when I do get around to doing that I often enjoy myself. All in due time though.

I found this community through a couple of people that I’ve run into online, as well as various accounts of other known members from here showing up in my Twitter mentions every now and then. I lurked for a bit about a year ago when I was going through Rewrite, and now that I’m going through LB! I figured I’d outright join and see if I can make any contributions to some of the discussions I’ve seen. I’m pleasantly surprised to see that such a community exists, honestly, even with it seemingly having slowed down as of late.

I have a strong habit of thinking (probably too much) about the things I read or watch - it’s an old habit of mine from my childhood days when I used to read something like a book a day iirc. It’s also why I like to write a lot (with my thoughts on Lucia’s route being longer than even my 20000-word dissertation a few years ago). That’s pretty much the biggest reason I joined in fact, since hearing what others have to say helps me understand things a lot better, and if I get to have some fun and meet new people along the way then hey, that’s all the better for me.

As for other interests, it’s largely just the usual - anime and the occasional VN (though, again, I hardly watch or read much these days and I’m not really one to watch ongoing shows very often), video games and so on. Slightly less common ones would probably include simracing (though that’s on the backburner for now), racing in general, programming (given that it’s my day-to-day job) and, as of late thanks to a friend of mine and games like EU4, history, particularly European history.

That’s… about it for now. If you’ve actually read all this, props to you. Looking forward to posting some more and properly joining you all!


Hello everyone!
I’m BeanCurd from Philippines.

I guess I could tell the story about how I got into Key.

Angel Beats! was my first Key anime I watched without me knowing anything about Key aside probably the usual knowledge that “Angel Beats! is the same creator of Clannad” stuff like that. Though, I didn’t like it that much unfortunately, but that’s a different story. Then, I saw Little Busters! in an anime magazine and for some reasons, I got interested to it, so I added it on my ‘watch list’. Soon, I watched the first season and I find it ‘okay’ so I wasn’t expecting that much in Refrain. But then, Refrain hit me hard and made me appreciate the anime as a whole. After that, I did some research and I found out that it was actually a Visual Novel and it’s also a Key series, same with the popular ones such as Air, Kanon and Clannad. So I read the LB! VN after that, and I ended up loving it even more. And that’s the start how I got into Key and it just continues from there.

I’ve already read most of the Key VN except Kanon and AIR, oh and Summer Pockets. I’ve also probably watched most of the Key anime except Rewrite(I’m still contemplating about it). And I personally think Kanon is the ‘best Key anime’ so far, but I have to read it first so that I could make an opinion if the anime is indeed a good adaptation. My favorite Key VN is obviously Little Busters! like the rest. It just holds a special place in my heart and the reason why I’ve come to love Key in general.

I’ve found Kazamatasuri during my LB! phase. I was just searching bunch of stuffs and I stumbled upon this forum. I really love reading the discussions here and I’ve been a lurker here for…a long, long time. And I’m probably super late joining here, but I decided to do that after I saw the news about the “new things” here in Kazamatsuri, I guess I thought now it’s the right time for me to join the community now.

My other interests… Number one is drawing, doing illustrations. I have passion for it and I want to be successful in that field no matter what it takes. I also have passion in making animations but I’m super rusty on it haha… Basically I’m an artist but I still have a loooonng waaayy toooo gooo… Aside from that, I’m not really into anime as I used to in the past as I’m more into video games nowadays. Visual Novels aside, I like JRPGs…basically, I like games with good stories and engaging gameplay, but my library of games are not that a lot so I hope I could play more in the future. I also read manga but it’s seldom.

And that’s it. I am not much of a conversationalist, but hope I could get along with everyone here and be able to interact with you guys!


Hello, I’m known as Magicflier around these parts of the internet! I am from Canada, and currently reside in Japan!

I am a big Key fan, and that’s why I’ve come! I’ve watched all Key anime adaptions and anime originals, and have played the newer visual novels released by Key.

I am an AMV editor, so I tend to edit Key things whenever I have the chance. I have edited Clannad, Kanon, Little Busters (mostly Little Busters) thus far, and I am pretty damn proud of my work. :'D

Nice to meet everyone!


A big warm welcome to @Coffer, @BeanCurd and @magicflier! Really glad to have you joining our community at this exciting time. I really hope you guys enjoy participating in the community here! There’s many discussions to be had, and many fun activities to come! Be sure to message me if you ever have any questions or just wanna chat!


Kamusta my kababayan :wave:


Oh, hello there! I’m fine as always haha. Anyways, nice to see a fellow Filipino here~
And I see you’re a Mami Kawada fan, and you know KOTOKO as well. I just got to know them from Shakugan no Shana. They’re definitely good singers. :grin:

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Hi there !

I’m Zathor. A strange guy talking here from France ! If you wondering why i’m here when it’s 6 a.m. here, i’m working at night time so i’m mostly sleeping when the sun is up.

My first experience with Key games is Little Busters. To be frank, it was 7 year ago and, at that time, i was not even understanding english :joy: I was swaping all time between an online translator and the game, a real nigthmare! But I survived (and learned how to understand english) This was incredible! I can realy word it, but that time was really rough for me and Little Busters realy helped me to pass through the bads thingh happening all around me. (never give up yey, don’t worry now i’m totally fine)

Anyway from Little Busters, i jumped to a few number of short visual novel but the feeling i had when i read LB was not here. We’re now in early 2013 and you know probably witch visual novel from Key we’re talking about at that time. Yey exactly Rewrite ! I know this one is a few special because they are many guest writers, but i realy enjoyed it, (and moon gave me a realy hard time because it was too philosophic for my english level at that time) Anyway art was beautiful, i liked all the routes (yeah all have good points !)

From this i tried to start Clannad but the art rebutted me (yeah shame on me) and i stoped almost after my start. It’s only a few years laters when the steam release was here that i said to myself “go buy this dude, if all vn lovers buy this we’re gonna have alot of vn on steam” and without participating at the crowfunding, day one i bought it. Honestly, i won’t think i cried this much from all my life. Was so heartbreaking and the same time beautiful.

After this, i bought Little busters day one, reread it, and definitively it’s my first and my favorite visual novel. In anime i have watched Angel Beats, Little Busters (but i prefere the vn) and Charlotte.

For how i’m here, i was searching for informations about english release of Rewrite+ and found your old article about the first announce. And i thought “wow this site is amazing!” and I’m here!

My interests outside of key. Mmh many thing to be honest, to sum up : videos game (mostly MMO), vn (currently reading Umineko), ln, role playing (in table and in discord), mahjongh (richii rules set), watching anime, singing.

Wow, i wrote this much. (at start i was wondering what i’m gonna do if I wrote 2 lines :joy:) Thanks for reading, sorry if some sentence seem odd, like said earlier i learned my english from my reading, i try my hardest to not have awkward sentences but if they are some i apologize. (don’t hesitate to point it if you won’t understand something i’ll edit it as soon as possible!)

Thanks again for reading ! Have a good day !