Introduce Yourself!

Christina! I so need one of these…


These were announced recently and look really amazing! aaa Christina is just amazing :heart_eyes:


Heyo, been lurking Kazamatsuri for some time and have generally just been really impressed with the quality of the community.

I primarily just do art and music work, a lot of which has been inspired in some way by Key or the creative individuals it consists of.

Nice to meet you! :yahaha:


Yes indeed she’s beautiful! :amorous:
I have been looking for the best deal for this figure, the best price would be on CDJapan for now:

There are so much figures I want, like good smile company’s Yurippe or kotobukiya’s Misuzu :push:
Welcome to everyone, I hope you have a good time around!


I learnt this existed through some friends and wanted more mediums to talk to people about Visual Novels.
Native Spanish speaker with fluent English, and learning Japanese; I love videogames in general, books, and starting to get into anime.
Hope we get along!


Nice to have you here Crottenis If you’re just getting into anime I’m pretty sure you’ll find quite a few toopics to have conversations on. Feel free to revive old threads if needed, no one minds necroposting and it is in fact encouraged.

By the way, you said you’re a Spanish speaker, but where from?

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I’m originally Venezuelan but living in Costa Rica! And yeah I haven’t watched many Anime/played my VNs yet but my repertoire is growing slowly.


That’s the best thing. There’s so many people in here with so many different tastes that you’ll always have some recommendation on what to watch and someone to discuss it with. Enjoy the forums!


Wow I’ve missed a lot of people, welcome everyone and enjoy your time on Kazamatsuri!

Hello, I’m new here. Name’s Marcel, though my friends know me as Burky. I currently live in Czechia. I’ve found out about Key through Clannad anime in early 2016. I instantly fell in love with the series and later found out about VN on Steam. Played it, and loved it. VN connected with me in a way no other piece of media did.
I don’t remember my mother at all, she died when I was barely 1 year old. I also played basketball when I was in middle school and it made me feel whole. Year before I went to high school I got injured pretty badly and couldn’t shoot, jump or even run. I got depressed, fat and played games all day, didn’t talk to many people and got into fights with my dad a lot.
When I watched Clannad for the first time, I cried in episode 1 already. :badass:
Then I became obsessed with everything Clannad. I bought Side stories on Steam and Tomoyo After.
Reading Tomoyo After got me from loving Clannad to loving anything Key. At that time I also stumbled across Kazamatsuri on YouTube with their Tomoyo After Bookclub Podcast…
Then I started reading Planetarian, Harmonia and Little Busters! and now that I finished it, I feel like I finnaly deserve a place in this community. I plan to read Kanon (I watched 2006 adaptation from KyoAni) and AIR too.
Key changed my life significantly and put me back on track. I started working out :haha:, my grades improved and I feel so very alive. All thanks to Key. I’m not afraid of admitting that even a little.

Fanart, memes and maybe even videos incoming. I’ll try to be as active as possible :umu:.

Sorry for this block of text. Happy to be a part of this lovely community. Love you all. :happy:

(I also watched Angel Beats way back in 2012 as well as Charlotte, but I don’t remember much i dunno :nonono:)


Wow what an introduction! I’m touched by your journey. Welcome to the community Burky! It’s always awesome to hear when Key stories have such a profound impact on people. It’s why we have a place like this, to connect with other like-minded people and learn from each other.

We’re in a bit of a transitory phase right now, so you may notice the community is kind of… For lack of a better word dead. But we’re working hard behind the scenes to kick things off again, it shouldn’t be too much longer now. Until then, please look forward to it, and take your time perusing through our archive of forum posts we’ve accumulated over the years!


Yoroshiku, I am Benjamin and I live in Australia QLD on the Sunshine Coast. My favourite Key game is their grand opus Planetarian. My first experience with Key was 2014 (maybe 2015) with Angel Beats. It wasn’t until I watched Clannad that I decided that I loved Key’s work. My first game of Key’s I played was Clannad this year from the steam summer sales in which I bought every Key game on there except Little Busters. I found Kazamatsuri shortly after with their Clannad walkthrough. Some of my other hobbies is studying engineering at the Local Uni, anime, games and manga (being otaku.) If you like Key’s work I would highly advise Anohana.

I always wanted to create manga but motivation was always an issue my playthrough of Planetarian changed that however. I am now constantly striving to create something on par with Planetarian so because of that I don’t play games or watch anime much any more other than My Hero Academia. Because of the constant time I spend trying to hone my drawing ability you will see quite a few drawings for different Key games. Look forward to it “insert embarrassing line here”:ai: -Yoshino Yusuke


Hi everyone ~! I’m a Key fan from France and I’m glad to join Kazamatsuri !:blush: I discovered Key thanks to Angel Beats (which is my favourite anime and my favourite Key’s story) and after watching Clannad and Little Busters, I decided to watch every Key anime and I loved them all ! The messages delivered by Key really are important to me because they show us the beauty of life even into hard moments. About the VN I have only read Harmonia ( I really really enjoyed it) and Planetarian and I’m currently reading Clannad . I hope I will be able to know better Key and its community​:slight_smile:!


I am new too, yoroshiku, can I call you shizu-chan instead :yo:
Good luck on getting the visual novels by Key on steam soon. I have them all except Little Busters and I can say that they are very much worth it, look forward to the Clannad Side Stories, as that’ll be new to you.

See you later Shizu-chan jya.


Yay, encore plus de français! Bienvenue!


Merci ça fait plaisir de voir d’autres français fans de Key surtout que j’en connais aucun dans mon entourage :blush:

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Hello to the new people, especially the French peeps~


Hello, my name’s nyarl. I didn’t remember when I registered at this forum, but it seems like more than a year ago.
I’m from Ukraine (it’s somewhere near Russia) and I also Key fan. In general it’s hard to read VNs as for me, but VNs by Key are completely different thing. Easy to drown in their stories and they’re close to me in any sense.
I pointed that Angel Beats is my favourite Key title and it’s true, 'cause I even read manga despite on I watched anime at first. The second on the list will be Little Busters. :slight_smile:
Most likely I would introduce myself even earlier, but had the difficulties while I was studying at the university in another country. It was hard to drive there and then return home, 'cause I didn’t want live there. So, I have never had enough time for myself. :frowning:
Now I have a lot of time, playing jRPGs and reading VNs and also I have hobby doing humorist stuff at my twitter. I hope I shouldn’t disturb anybody here.


It’s really nice to see Kazamatsuri continuing to grow here and I’m really happy for all of the new ones that just started coming here. I hope you all enjoy staying here and have fun with this awesome community!

P.S. Also, it’s been a while since I last posted anything but I just want to give that message to you guys that have decided to take time to get to know about us as a community. Hopefully I’ll try to be more active as best I can. So welcome aboard everyone! :yahaha:


My name is Milad and I hail from the cold north, Norway. It’s a pleasure to make your aquaintance and join this community. I started out with Angel Beats in October 2013, since then I have watched Clannad, Air, Kanon, Little Busters, Planetarian, Charlotte and Rewrite. Furthermore I have read the following VN’s: Clannad, Tomoyo After, Harmonia, Planetarian and Little Busters with plans to read Kanon in December. I’ve watched and read a lot more than that, but I listed the ones relevant for this occasion. I may have missed something xd I’m also a friend of Hardscope, who was the one who invited me in here a year ago. I was busy with reading for exams however, and as such did not introduce myself before now. I’ll try to be as active as I can. I’ll also link in my myanimelist and steam profile on my profile here should there be anyone interested in adding me.
I’m looking forward to discussing these wonderful works with you.
~ Strategist