Introduce Yourself!

Welcome to the community @Joe_Bagadoe_Nautz, @UnkemptHill and @D.Ice! I’m head Dango Aspirety, but you can call me Aspy! How are you finding your time in Kazamatsuri so far?

If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to message me, I’m always happy to chat. Or otherwise, we have plenty of other members here eager to help you find your way around, so don’t be shy!

Take your time exploring the forum, and you’ll have access to our Discord channel in no time at all~


Welcome @D.Ice to this group of people who like crying.
Pshh…don’t worry about English.Mine is also just doable and i haven’t had any problems with the other members understanding it.
beside if you don’t post how would we argue with you :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:.
but seriously i don’t think it’s gonna be a problem, on this fourm we like to hear different pepole’s perspectives and get to know them better. So if you have any thoughts on your favorite characters,anime or VN’s that you want to share with other people don’t be shy to share them :yahaha:
it’s great to have you here, i hope we get to know each other more here.


Hello fellow key fans!
I’m from indonesia and actually i have explore kazamatsuri for a long time but i just made my own account now. Nice to meet you guys :yo:
I have read little busters, rewrite and also watched planetarian, little busters, angel beats, charlotte, and rewrite.
My best girl is shizuru and mio. (have you guys noticed that their ending scene are alike which is sweet :flustered: )

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Key changed my life. I started to play a piano about 2 years ago and apparently i’m working on koibumi (animenz ver). There’s also a bunch of ksl that i love to hear so that i also want to attend the key orchestra concert 2018. Let me know if some of you guys also came to the concert
I also had my own story project which is i think it’s also influenced a lot by key!


Welcome to the crib @Mio-chi!.:haha:
So you’ve read the best work of key cough little busters cough and their other excellent works.
So you have an interest in music huh? Well i can say that key did influence my interest in music very much, especially instrumental music, i started appreciating it’s ability to invoke emotions in us. Though I’m nowhere a expert on the subject :ahaha: just an occasional music lover.

You also had a story project which was influenced by key? Seems fascinating, how much have done by now if you don’t mind me asking? You see I’m also an amateur in writing, i mostly write for fun though like fanfics. So i have a bit of interest in these kind of subjects.

Anyway i hope you have a good time here. If you have any questions or difficulties don’t be shy to ask the people here are very friendly. It’s great to have ya here.


Yo nice to meet you! @Ganesh_Swami
Thanks for asking! :flustered:
I started my project about months ago. I just done some of the main plot and main characters. And i haven’t made any chapter yet :sweat_smile: Btw this is the first time for me in writing. My project concept is like a visual novel games where there will be an “if” story where the mc ends with the other heroines so i thought that if possible i would like to made my own VN but i think it’s quite impossible for now and I’ll just made it into a novel

Btw is there a forum thread which discuss about this topic? I would love to read some of the member’s stories :grinning:


Ohh a VN styled story huh? That’s explainable as even with a full team it takes years to complete a story.

As for other members story we have key fanfiction topic. Some stories are recommendations while some are written by our members.
Key Fanfiction!.

No inspired stories with their own plot though, as long as I’m aware of.


Welcome @Mio-chi, nice to meet you and glad to have you on the forums! It’s cool to hear you started playing piano because of Key (there’s some really good piano pieces in their VNs after all) and a novel project sounds really interesting too. Like Ganesh already mentioned, we have a Key fanfiction topic and if there’s any other similar topics you’re interested in it’s always a good idea to use the search function :umu:


Hello world~

Well I never actually introduced myself when I joined here, so better late than never - also am planning on being more active on this forum so yay!

My name is Erika! My first exposure to the KEY world was either the Clannad or Kanon 2006 anime, but I’m more leaning towards Clannad. I’ve watched Angel Beats, Charlotte, Air, and Rewrite - the latter actually being the first KEY VN I’ve read. I also read Planetarian since buying the physical copy at anime expo at the Key Booth and am planning to pick up Little Busters soon once I actually get it on Steam. I started reading it with a friend, but… we just sorta lost contact with one another so that didn’t go as planned.

I’m super excited for Harvest Festa whenever that does come out… rip

My other fandoms include 07th Expansion, Pokemon, Digimon, Steins;Gate, Yu-Gi-Oh, Sword Art Online, and Yuri On Ice.

I play League of Legends occasionally with friends and am starting to get back into 100% Orange Juice! OJ LIFE!


Hi, I’m Mehzlie. I’m from Canada and I love ice cream. I’ve watched Angel Beats and Charlotte, and listened to many of KEY’s albums. I hope to experience more KEY works in the future. Looking forward to chatting with everyone!


Oh man I’m very late. Welcome to Kazamatsuri @Mio-chi, @epika and @Mehzlie! I hope you all have a good time hanging out with us!

@Mio-chi That’s a nice line up of works you’ve experienced! I hope you can add Harmonia and Clannad to that list someday soon!

@epika You should check out Harmonia too. And there are fans of all those series on here… somewhere… definitely the 07th ones. Although maybe you came from Rokkenjima and already know that?

@Mehzlie Nice to meet you! I know I talked to you a bit earlier. Take your time and look around at the topics and see what interests you. What Key works have you experienced?

For all of you, don’t be afraid to ask for help! And again, I hope you have fun with us!


Oh hey it’s been a while since the last time I checked on this thread - welcome aboard people! Make yourselves feel at home, everybody. :happy:

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Oh yes I forgot about Harmonia! It’s on my wishlist for future reference thanks! \o/



I am from New Zealand, and I am a huge visual novel and anime fan.
3 of Key’s VN’s are in my top 5 VN’s: Clannad, Little Busters! and Rewrite (the other 2 are Steins;Gate and G-senjou no Maou)
I have read pretty much all of Key’s VN’s except for Kanon, Air, Kud Wafter (which I really hope gets translated some day) and Harmonia.
The first Key VN I played was Clannad and my favourite one is Little Busters!.
Best girls: Kotomi, Haruka and Akane.
I found Kazamatsuri through Facebook.
My other interests are reading, music, and gaming.

Its good to meet you all! Let’s get along :grinning:


Hello @kiwianimefan ! If you like Key’s works, then you certainly found a good place to belong to.

:umu: (Yes it’s a great VN. I agree with you)
I hope to see you around here!


Welcome to Kazamatsuri! Do you usually watch the Key anime as well? Well, since you’ve already experienced a good amount of Key, you will definitely find a lot of content to look at on our forum. If you need any help, feel free to ask me or any of your fellow members. I hope you have a good time here!


Thanks for the welcome!
The only Key anime I have seen is Clannad, but, I have Little Busters and Rewrite 2nd season on my list to watch.


You took away the kiwi


Hello! I decided to finally come over here and create an account.
I am Hovlane and I live In the Southwestern United States. I have watched the Planetarian and Rewrite animes and am planning on watching some of their other series soon.

I found Kazamatsuri though Rokkenjima and I have just never bothered coming over here and finally creating an account.

Outside of Key works, I really enjoy stuff 07th Expansion makes as that is more or less how I found Kazamatsuri. I also enjoy watching a lot of different anime. Outside Japanese works, I enjoy computers and gaming a ton and I am currently going to school to become a computer scientist, and I have build my own computer.

I hope I can get along with you :stuck_out_tongue:


Welcome to the other side! I had a lot of fun playing OW with you. I hope you do end up experiencing more Key works and hanging out with us. If you need any help, don’t be afraid to ask. I hope to see you around here more often!

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Hello everyone! I’m Kitty-tama! I don’t have a lot of experience with Key works, but perhaps my first real experience with Key media was the Angel Beats anime. I knew of Air, Kanon, Clannad, and Little Busters! prior, mainly through their amazing theme songs, but I never really experienced their games before. Angel Beats made me cry like a baby (Iwasawa best girl!) and I have fond memories of it. I have Clannad and Little Busters! on Steam, so I intend to check them out someday! I did play some of the Little Busters! fan translation back in the day, but I only ever finished Komari’s route. It was so good! She’s definitely my best girl from what I remember.

The Kazamatsuri community always seemed very close-knit and amazing, speaking as an outsider looking in, and I really hope to become part of the community before long.

Despite not being the most experienced with Key works, I am quite experienced with playing VNs and have been into them for the majority of my life. In fact, perhaps my proudest life accomplishment so far with regards to this is how my passion for VNs led to me becoming a beta tester for companies like MangaGamer, Sol Press, and FrontWing. I don’t mean to brag with this last point, but I do feel quite proud of where my passion took me. Outside of Key and VNs in general, I love to sing a lot and occasionally do covers of songs on my YouTube channel! I’m not an amazing vocalist, but singing is one of my major passions all the same. I’m excited to interact with you all more and I’m super happy to be here! :smiley: