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So I just got a random idea. What if we had a guestbook map that members can sign, so we can see how much of the world has conquered? I just discovered this thing here that might do the trick, if we can implement it somehow.


Seems like a really good idea. Im pretty curious about it so yes, do eeeet xD!

Time to resurrect this topic from the depths of time!

I’ve always wanted to make a database of Key vocal songs. Like, have us input and categorize data by Japanese title, English title, Singer, Composer, album release, how it was used, and so on. My original desire was to have it be just a database of vocal songs, but I can see how it can easily be extended to include pretty much all songs.

I don’t know he we can go about doing it, but I guess if I can get hosting and some database, I could quickly hack something in PHP or Java Servlets :wink:

Aren’t there many services which do this already?

The only one off the top of my head is VGMdb, which is pretty extensive, yeah, but doesn’t have the feature of customizable fields, such as being able to specify what series it was from, and where it was used in the series. If you know others that we have modifiable access to, then by all means, suggest them, and I can get started cataloging some stuff XD

Hey, I agree with @Pepe in this case. I’ve always wanted a full database of Key music.
Listing how the music was used is a bit too much imho, since it’ll take longer time and concentration (like, you probably have to sit through ALL Key series and listen just to the music very carefully)

I think I have posted this database of “Key” songs in KSL thread. I would probably suggest you to put the link to available translation and lyrics just in case (but one need to be careful before putting the link, since there could be irresponsible and bad translations out there!)

VGMdb do the database in the album level, it would be nice if it could be done in tracks level. That way you can find out where you can find each specific tracks. A plus if it include covers by other artist.

Hey @Pepe! I’ve been maintaining the Key music thread at since 2011 which has a lot of officially authorized music and audio both including and outside of the KSL brand. I also have compiled an extensive doujin album list as well, some of which are still unlisted on VGMdb. If you find someone to set up a sortable page the way you described I’d be happy to share my information with you to assist.


I’m definitely not opposed to this, but I wonder if it wouldn’t be more useful if it wasn’t hosted by us, but rather a catalogue of anime/VN music in general. There are plenty of non-KEY franchises with a lot of good music - K-ON! may be a bad example, but it was the first thing that came to mind.

VGMDB is, to be honest, not that usable - it’s built on tech not intended to do what they’re doing with it, suffers from some rather dated design and structure, and the entire UI design is just… ugh. Good data, bad presentation - a problem it is in no way alone in (*cough* FFXIV’s official Eorzea Database *cough*).

If you think it should be KEY-specific, however, I would gladly host it. Alternatively, it could be on a separate domain, but run by (and branded as such), with a focus on KEY, but without being strictly limited to it. I think a lot of people would actually benefit from something like that, not just KEY fans.

Based partially on my pride as an engineer, part from my experience as a webmaster, I will violently oppose this part.

Hacking something together in PHP has never, ever, ended well. PHP in itself is an overly verbose, ridiculously inconsistent and poorly designed language, but its biggest problem is that people hack things together with it. They put logic in templates, don’t use proper routing or input sanitation, some don’t even use proper models for their data, and unit tests are few and far between. PHP encourages people to do the wrong thing, and worse, it’s very difficult for anyone without quite a bit of experience with web development to clearly identify either the problems with this, or the solutions.

For those who actually like the language, or have to use it for compatibility- or integration purposes, and do know how to do web development properly, or are willing to learn, there are fortunately frameworks available. Frameworks like Laravel (basically a PHP-ified Rails clone) make it a lot easier to do the right thing, while discouraging inexperienced developers from shooting themselves in the foot.

If you want to use PHP, go right ahead, but for the love of Madoka use a framework.

I could go on a LONG rant about how terrible Java is (believe me, I’ve done this a lot around my old classmates in uni), but the biggest problem for this particular situation is not as much the syntax and bad design, as that it’s a goddamn resource hog unlike anything else. If you have the server resources to run a Java webapp, do yourself a favor and learn Ruby and Rails. It’ll make your life easier, the result will be better, and you’ll still end up with half the hosting bill and development time.


Well… this is getting to be a lot bigger than I expected ^_^;;;

There’s definitely a lot of work that would need to go into that sort of thing, and I don’t know if I am willing to go for that on a long-term basis. Which is why I suggested Key at first. But if the data is designed properly enough (and user submissions can be catalogued well enough), I don’t see why it shouldn’t be extended to something more general!




But yes, tl;dr PHP is pretty bad and of course if I ever do use PHP, it’d at the very least be using a framework. My definition of “quickly hacking something” isn’t as terrible as you think (I hope!), especially coming from a job where all projects were encouraged at least 80% coverage with unit tests.

If I had my way, I would use Java (specifically SpringMVC or Groovy on Grails) even though it’s not appropriate for the system in question simply because that’s what I’m used to. I wouldn’t want to learn Ruby on Rails at this point in time since I’m kind of trying to go away from web development at the moment xP

Well, if you have an idea that can go big, why not run with it? You have a clear need here, and an idea for a solution. I mean, if you want to keep it small, I won’t stop you, but I really like this idea, and I’m sure others would too.

I’m kinda used to people “hacking things together” meaning I will eventually have to wade through a sea of terrible spaghetti, full of hardcoded SQL, $_REQUEST and Apache rewrite rules. Someone once even sent me a project which tried to do good-looking routing… by making folders with only an index.php in it, starting with some variation of <?php require '../../../inc/header.php';, and fifteen lines of boilerplate (including, in 2014, a mysql_connect, with values pulled from a settings.php required on the line above).

No amount of bad programming surprises me anymore after that.

(You seem to know what you’re doing though, don’t mind me.)

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You just literally made me groan. Do people really do that? urrrrgh

Yeah I get that, and it would be a good idea. It’s just that I completely lack motivation in things like this (it’s a bad habit, but I am self-aware about it, at least). If I could team up with someone in developing this project, that would actually boost my motivation

It’s also a MASSIVE undertaking if you want to create a fully-featured database for every anime and game album ever. You’d need the support of thousands of people for any hope of it being decent, aha…

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Eh, I’d be down for adding to it. What’d the name be?

You could check out the VNDB source code and model it after that. You’d be working on Linux though.

People get touchy when something they like isn’t included. It’d probably work out from that.

I guess we can just do incremental development for now. Make it only Key first, then see if the design can support anime in general, change a few things here and there, then put it on a more general domain… Well you get the idea XD

I’d be happy to just go through my list of watched anime and add tracks from it.
Of course, there’s always those anime that refuse to have a public soundtrack. God forbid you find a Nisekoi song.

Oh, what a coincidence, I just saw them advertising some vocal collection for Nisekoi at some store in Akihabara :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Instrumentals or nothing! (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻)


Nooo upp, I’m still waiting for your help on Kaza projects XP