Hinoue's Latest Project, Koropokkur in Love, is Live on Kickstarter!

‘Koropokkur in Love’ centers around a group of small fairies living in a village in Hokkaido which locals have named Koropokkur. As time passes, the Koropokkur were forbidden to approach the human world and were soon forgotten.

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The colors…

God this looks awful. I love how they use Live2D as a reward. Live2D is like having a sheet of jelly flopping over your screen; it doesn’t ever look not disgusting. Not to mention I just read a VN about Ainu culture which felt way less trashy, and that’s despite the MC having an incestuous relationship with a cow :moo:

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I love the art of Itaru Hinoue too much, but I did not like those colors either… but I did not see anything serious, I’m interested to see how it will be in the end.
Good to know she did not stop drawing. Her art was one of the things that attracted me to play KEY visual novels.

I think Hinonie is trying to achieve some pastel color aesthetics, but it definitely looks too shrill for its own good. The story so far seems pretty standard, but it has some potential.

Has Hinoni actually drawn a different face since Rewrite?

This is like the most unique one I’ve seen “recently”(15 months ago lol)

I think the art isn’t that bad. The story sounds rather cute too. Fairies? Who doesn’t like fairies? :wink: And fairy girls at that.

Itaru now does freelance work because when she worked with KEY she was limited to what she could draw and for who. I really love her art. But, I think the colors don’t really work that well that are a bit too bright and saturated.

As for her style it has changed for every Key game since the start. Harmonia is comparable to her current style. My favorite styles by her were for Clannad and Harmonia.

I’m interested either way it looks cute.

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The plot has an interesting hook, but the core narrative sounds very generic. I could easily imagine a sort of Da Capo evolution taking place. I could do without the Akihabara Maid Cafe setup, but it’s not inherently flawed.

Hinoue has really improved as an artist over the years, but those designs are outright abysmal. I don’t think the focus on high-saturation is the problem; they’ve done a good job of making it look better than something like MuvLuv or Sharin no Kuni. Instead I think they just missed the mark on picking out complimentary colors.
There’s probably a reason in the story for the blue eyes (judging from the PV, they have some glittery fairy magic property) but they could’ve really improved the designs just by picking a different eye color for each of the girls. Make blue-hair’s eyes the same color as her dress and her design improves tenfold.
Yellow-hair would probably look better with a slightly longer cut and a different shade of yellow on her dress.
The purple girl though I’d just redesign completely. Her hair is a mess, and her face shape looks incredibly annoying to work with. The flower also looks out of place as the only detailed area of her casual sprite, and her work sprite combats with blue-hair’s design when placed side-by-side. Very off-putting.

This doesn’t really look good, like at all. I think that a lot of the strengths of Hinoue Itaru’s later work for Key was the way she colored everything. It made the character designs look a hell of a lot better and more modern, but here, it doesn’t seem like she’s showing off her full potential. I understand that a more colorful artstyle is probably a part of the game’s core aesthetic, but there are much better ways to do colorful than this. Look at VNs like Anata ni Koi Suru Ren’ai Recette or anything by Alcot. They know how to do a colorful artstyle while still making it appealing, but here it feels like all the color choices were an afterthought to the base character designs, so the characters just look odd.

In the story department, this game also looks like it’d be an absolute wreck. It’s scenario writer has written some nukige and has done no significant work that anybody has really ever liked. Mangagamer has also already admitted that they’re essentially making the VN by using all the feedback they got at conventions, and making it appeal to the widest audience possible. I think there’s probably millions of examples of this kind of model failing, and when you have a writer who is already not very good, it’s a recipe for disaster.

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Come on guys, you being a bit harsh, aren’t you? It hasn’t even come out yet. And those designs may not be the final product.
Then again, it all depends on people’s personal preferences. I quite like this, and I’m looking forward to it

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I’m actually excited for this :slight_smile: Even if the colors aren’t really working that well. I love Hinoue’s art so I will be supporting it. I will have to play the game and see the finished product to make any final conclusions. So far it looks like it will be cute. Now that I think about it, I’m getting Tokyo Mew Mew vibes lol.

As for the Live 2D I actually have the software and haven’t used it yet, I bought it a few years ago. I’m doing 3D animation for schooling, so I don’t have too much time to branch out with other software between assignments. That being said, I have seen neat stuff when used with photography https://myfigurecollection.net/picture/1474605&context[]=uploadedBy%3Anecroticist. Also knowing how to animate would be a good place to start to make it look good. I agree with the jelly bit because they are moving all the same way at the same time, to extremes.

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I think they look alright in the maid outfits, the SD looks nice. the colors for the mid and right character seem a bit random (casual clothes). If you are expecting key quality you probably should wait… looks like it will make it pretty easily. I hope it makes the voice tier but I have my doubt, I might end up backing it, but I want to think about it some more. I would rather not back it, but if it looks close to a goal I would consider it more. I can always buy it when it actually comes out later… There are just too many unknown factors.


Koropokkur has a release date of September 27th!
MangaGamer Website - https://t.co/Lu7966JVcF
Steam Website - https://t.co/pep9R9wY7I
There are CG’s Released on the MangaGamer Website, and also in some recent tweets on their Twitter (@MangaGamer).

Koropokkur has been released for a month now!

I’ll probably get this when it goes on sale, but those colors just make me want to vomit.