Harmonia Fanart

Use this topic to share all your fanart of Harmonia! You’re also welcome to share fanart you’ve found online, but please make sure to link to the original submission as a source. If you’re unsure, you can use http://saucenao.com/ to determine the source of the art. Of course, it’s expected that this topic will contain untagged spoilers for Harmonia, so proceed at your own risk.

We’ll also be keeping our eyes open for fanwork contributions for the Harmonia Bookclub, so if you’re artistically inclined, use this opportunity to show off your stuff! Exceptional fanworks may even be rewarded with Steam keys!


I’ll try spawning more fanart later on :3

For now, I have Shiona :DD (I wanted for this to feel more bleak, but I got lazy with the background //cries)


I made a shitty mashup lovely song https://soundcloud.com/linkthinks/todokete-melody



Close enough.

Here’s a first from me: legit artwork! :smile:

So here’s a little story: I was only planning to do a simple crayon drawing of Tipi for the Bookclub, but I felt I needed a reference for Tipi’s body structure. So I did a stencil drawing using one of the CGs of Tipi as reference. More on that later.

After drawing that, I spent some time drawing using a box of crayons I scavenged from a closet full of old school supplies, and I thought the result turned out fairly decent. I brought both drawings to the scanner to be copied, but some lines and colors just weren’t picking up, even after drawing them in more solid. Guess crayon isn’t very helpful when scanning… :confused:

So I used a digital camera to take them instead. You can see the detail much clearer, although I couldn’t position the camera to get only the picture. It might be a little dark, but it should still be visible. So, here is Tipi’s crayon drawing:

And here is the stencil drawing I made for reference (pardon the eyes) :


Full disclaimer: I’m not an artist. I’m trying to learn how to draw, started about a week ago, and I’m still a complete noob. In fact, this is the first drawing that I’ve ever shared with anyone, so please be kind…

Drawn on my 3DS because that’s all I have access to for drawing, at the moment.


What app did you draw this on?

Pokemon Art Academy. It’s a pretty fun app.

What’s this? A background!? Not a fancy one, sure, but it’s a step up. Tipi’s tears represent the struggle I felt in making sure the scanner actually picked up the colors in her hair.


Loving all the art guys, keep it up!
Also definitely consider submitting them to The K.E.Y. too!

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I just couldn’t stop at Tipi, so yesterday I did some more drawing. Here’s my take on Shiona:

And Rei:

Tipi sends her regards as well with a sketch of her new family:

Please forgive the poor quality of these photos. The scanner still doesn’t work… ^^;


Well, I was inspired, so I drew Shiona c:


I drew smol Shiona based on Triple-Q’s smol Nozomi. Originally I was going to draw Tipi but the curvy hair is ridiculously hard and also Tipi probably wouldn’t be smiling.


I’d say this counts as fanart, so I’ll put it here. To the surprise of absolutely no one, I covered a song from Harmonia as a contribution to the bookclub. Specifically, the super emotional ending song.


Finally got around to uploading this. Played around with watercolor and realized that I shouldn’t be using vellum board with it. XD Well at least this one fared better.


here comes the little blue lady :tipi: that i just draw hope you like it :shizuflust: