HACKED: Kaza Plays Mafia In Planetarian [Accepting Entries]

Hey, everyone.

I decided I wanted to contribute a little to forum activities by starting a game. Now, I know that my last attempt didn’t go over so well, probably because people maybe didn’t want to dink around with dice rollers outside the forum and the like and I hadn’t really made myself a known quantity. However, with Kaza having played The Resistance twice, I decided “why not” and I’ve thrown my hat into the ring with this game.

It’s basically the party game Mafia, which you might also know by the name Werewolf. It’s a game where there are two teams playing against one another: an uninformed majority playing against an informed minority as they attempt to defeat one another.

In this case, the story is…well, you know how Planetarian suggested that there were a bunch of robots in the Hanabishi Department Store when it was still up and running, and that the force stop signal that shut down robots worldwide at the dawn of the war that ended the world was to keep them from being hacked and turned into enemy combatants?

What would happen if the bombs never dropped? What if rogue nations instead kept up shadow campaigns against the objects of their ire by, say, hacking ordinary robots and turned them into killers that operated while everyone else slept? Even worse, when the robots might be kind of sentient already and maybe when they don’t even know they’ve been compromised? Well, you’d need other robots to watch the watchmen. That means hackers need to take out the other robots and deflect suspicion all while the humans watch in horror as humanity’s children start eating each other. And you know where there were a bunch of robots all in the same place? That’s right - the department store. Now it’s up to the Untouched robots to discover which amongst them have been Hacked before the Hacked robots destroy them all.

The rules go like this:

  1. The players are broken up into one of two teams: the Untouched, who are the uninformed majority, and the Hacked, who are the informed minority. Most importantly, nobody knows who the Hacked are except for the Hacked themselves. Only Hacked can communicate with one another outside the thread and know who their fellow Hacked are, while the Untouched cannot communicate with one another outside the thread and do not know what their own members are capable of. To keep everyone in the dark, before we begin the game, I will randomly assign all roles, all secretly communicated via PMs.

  2. Every round is broken up into two phases: Night and Day. Every Night, all the robots shut down - except for two kinds of robots: the Hacked, who decide on one player to kill or do other things to every night if they have a special role, and special members of the Untouched, who have special abilities which I’ll explain depending on how many people we have sign up.

  3. The Hacked are to PM me on who they’ve decided to kill, and are to only communicate on this with one another via PMs. Similarly, any Untouched with special actions are to PM me on the matter, and clearly state in no uncertain terms who they plan to single out with their abilities. Name your action and your target in bold, if you could, please.

  4. After everyone with Night actions has agreed on what actions they’ll take, we switch to the Day phase. During the day, I’ll reveal who died overnight, and then all the players may discuss in the thread, out in the open, on what player(s) to kill, putting forth accusations and voting in bold. If the majority of players can agree on killing a single player, they will be eliminated from the game, at which point I’ll reveal what team they were on and what special abilities, if any, they had. …should be getting you guys nice and paranoid. Anyway, try to stick to accusing players first and holding little trials and the like before voting on who to kill. That way, there’s a more or less definite order to the proceedings.

  5. Only live players can post - doesn’t matter if someone grabbed your memory card or whatever, you can’t speak without a voice thing to speak through. Also, because we need to know every single move everyone is making, you can’t edit your posts. However, you can double-post if you need to change or clear something up. Think of it kind of like a court record.

  6. The two teams have different ways to win: if all the Hacked are killed, the Untouched win. However, if the Hacked outnumber the Untouched at any point, they win.

…okay, so I’d at first imagined maybe only the Untouched players who get the special roles should know what their abilities are, but I don’t want it feel like a load of bull when a power kicks in, so let’s go over them. Just don’t reveal them to anybody in PMs or the thread, unless you know absolutely for sure what you’re doing.

Undercover: If you get assigned this role, you’re an undercover security robot installed by a private firm to look after the Hanabishi Department Store. You’re tasked with hunting down hacked robots to completely wipe their systems before they can destroy anybody. It’s dirty, but it’s all you’ve got. Every Night, if you want to, you can kill someone just like the Hacked. PM me with your target.

HR: You’re a robot that’s part of Human Resources, which also means you keep tabs on all the electronic employees, too. In these trying times, your role is to make sure that everyone who works for you actually, you know, works for you. Every Night, if you’d like, you can secretly learn the identity and role of a single player, and can then freely discuss it with the other players in the thread during the Day. PM me with the player you want to investigate.

Security: You’re the equivalent of a mall cop. Well, considering you’re a robot, you’re a mall cop and a security camera. Because the Hacked…and to some extend the Undercover…can’t really work if everybody knows who they are, they’ll overlook an otherwise valid target if the Security is looking over their shoulder. Every Night, if you’d like, you can PM me a player you’d like to protect. That player cannot be killed that night either by the Hacked or the Undercover, although the HR can still investigate them.


This is you guys! This’ll be a list of everyone who joins up, hopefully there’s a lot of you. I’ll be editing this into two lists of active and dead players as we go. I’m looking for 12 players before I get things moving.

I guess if you wanted to flavor yourselves a little, you could always pick a store, or a department, or something like that - didn’t Yumemi also say that the front desk was staffed by newer-model robots, too?


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I haven’t played a forum game in quite some time. I’ll join in on this

Eeey, a Mafia game on Kaza, sign me up~

So, is this game going to start at day or at night? @42Megabytings

It’ll start on Day. That’ll be because of how we’ll start narratively.

Sign me in. While I’ve never played mafia, I’ve played Town of Salem which is basically the same but adding an awful lot of other roles, so I should already be familiarized with the game.

I’ll let some other people play because I was in the last game of Resistance but I’ll be following along.

Yes, yes, yes.

Shit, are all the supermarket bots cute girls in that setting? We only see one example so I’m not really too sure.

If you take Yumemi’s word in both the VN and the animation, they are. She was talking about other robots in the store, like the newer models, and she said they were clearly human, with the ability to shed tears.

…which I always found bizarre, because you’d think because tears are biological wiper fluid, they’d have kind of as standard equipment. Guess technology is just weird.

Ahh what the hey, I’ve played enough mafia to know how this works. Sign me up!