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Ever tried using vndb’s search Fanta? It’s a great resource to find Visual Novels relevant to your interests.;fil=tagspoil-0.tag_inc-134.lang-en.tag_exc-84;o=d;s=rating

Here’s a list of Visual Novels with a female protagonist, with an english release and without any rape scenes and sorted in descending rating. You can look at each Visual Novel’s profile to determine if it has something you don’t want.

I know of the site’s existence but haven’t really used it. XD Thanks though.

Also, mfw there are two Ace Attorney games in the top 5 (and the female protag is only a portion of both of them).

I’ve never actually done that specific of a search there. In fact, I didn’t even know you could filter it to only English translated. I have, however, clicked “random visual novel” for a couple hours as a form of entertainment… there are a lot of odd VNs out there…

So Narcissu just came out on steam. I’ve actually never played it before, so now is as good a time as ever to start.

I just need to find time to do it >_<

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One of my favorites~ That soundtrack~! >A<

On a whim I bought a VN on Steam called ‘Science Girls.’ Looks pretty stupid and funny, but hey, female protags, science, and alien killing! What could go wrong?

Just about everything~

Non-Key VNs?

Well, I only remember Nocturnal Illusion (Oldie but Goodie), Utawarerumono (Got 99% of CGs on first playthrough but the one CG required another 5 playthroughs in higher difficulties. Beside that, and the disjointed H scenes, all is good with this one) and parts of Yume Miru Kusuri (Didn’t got past the common route, though)

And I wanna try the Steins;Gate VN, since the anime inspired me to buy some dust collectors known as “Nixie tubes”. Never got around to build that Nixie clock. Dealing with 170 volts wasn’t too attractive then

So I just finished Narcissu finally. Damn it was heavy T_T

Definitely on my to-play-soon list.

W-what? You haven’t read Narcissu~!?
It’s free, short and amazing! You have no excuse~! =3=

That and Moonshine are absolutely amazing and should definitely be read by everyone >.>

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Any love for Original English Language visual novels?

I’m a big fan of Christine Love’s (website potentially NSFW) works. She’s probably best known for Analogue: A Hate Story and Hate Plus (both available on Steam), but my personal favorite novel of hers is Digital: A Love Story. For an interesting Key connection, Christine Love has said on Twitter that Planetarian influenced the Digital not only because Planetarian got her in to VN’s but also because…well…don’t read the twitter post unless you want spoilers.

edit: Anybody else have trouble with spoiler tags sometimes?

I have Analogue: A Hate Story on my Steam account, been meaning to read it for a while. I’ve heard good things.

If there’s enough demand I might make a thread exclusive for OEL Visual Novels.

It’s really good if you’re interested in exploring gender issues and futurism. I highly recommend taking extensive notes throughout the game. It quickly becomes a proper noun soup, and it’s tough as hell keeping everyone straight when so many people share family names and you only really experience characters in the third-person. But the game does a really good job of establishing mood, and I found myself getting really into the character of the space detective reading through the logs on this derelict ship.

This sounds extremely interesting. I’ll have to look into it. :o

I loved Digital: A Love Story! Really great work. Never got into Analogue because the concept didn’t really interest me. Oh and that tweet is just hilarious :laughing:

Re: OELVNs. Aside from Digital, the only other one I’ve played is Katawa Shoujo. But I am kind of hyped for Exogenesis: Perils of Rebirth

No idea what OELVNs means, but I’m guessing it just means indie stuff?

Anyone remember the name of that VN where you are a guy who can go back in time whenever he screws up? It has an angel in it, and some crazy stuff… I think the name began with an S? Doesn’t cost much.
I just can’t remember the name of it! @A@ I think it was a Japanese word, followed by two english words…

Basically written in English first would be my guess.

Originally in English Language…? haha

Yup Original English Language Visual Novel. It’s supposed to be a parallel to OEL manga.

Yay! Biz intuition, saikou!