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Yeah I’m really liking this show. It’s got such a nice aesthetic and theme that is super weird but I like it because of that. Parts of the aesthetic seem Madoka-y which I am liking.
Really looking forwards to where this show is heading.

I am just hating Slaine right now. After the first season I was just confused about him. But now that I see his childish jealousy towards Asseylum (I don’t think Inaho loves Asseylum at all) and what he did simply because he wasn’t patient enough to wait for Asseylum’s awakening, yeah, I’m just hating him now.

I noticed this, too. Inaho is totally unrealistic. But for some reason, this doesn’t bother me at all. I never had any problem with gary stus in animes, like Kirito (I kind of like him). What bothers me the most is the emptiness of most VN protagonists, something Key doesn’t do and I love them for not doing so. Kotarou is SO the best protagonist of the VNs I’ve read.

Everyone hates Slaine now… Even Slaine hates Slaine. But someone has to carry the show, and he’s the one bringing story and development to Aldnoah. Lemrina and Mazuurek kinda do, but no where near as much as Slaine.
He has a mission, and he’ll carry it out, even though it’s not what he wants. He’ll use Lemrina, even though she’s the first person he’s met who understands him. He’ll take advantage of Asseylum, even though he’d never want to cause her harm.


[quote=“sillylittlemelody, post:156, topic:28”]
I don’t think Inaho loves Asseylum at all
[/quote]oh he definitely does. that’s one of the few character traits that he actually has. why else would he be doing all this shit to get her back?

[quote=“Takafumi, post:157, topic:28”]
Everyone hates Slaine now… Even Slaine hates Slaine. But someone has to carry the show
[/quote]yeah, this basically sums up the show at this point.

[quote=“sillylittlemelody, post:156, topic:28”]
What bothers me the most is the emptiness of most VN protagonists
[/quote]what the hell kind of VNs have you been reading? its been quite a while since I’ve ran into that trope.

[quote=“sillylittlemelody, post:156, topic:28”]
Kotarou is SO the best protagonist of the VNs I’ve read.
[/quote]eh, I wouldn’t put him as the best in my book, but he’s definitely up there.

What mission exactly?

And here we have Slaine’s purpose of exsistance in a nutshell. Slaine is a character that exists to be hated both by the audience and the characters in the show. He is the foil to Inaho who gives you nothing to read by the way of emotions, meanwhile Slaine gives you everything under the sun to the point where you just don’t want to understand any more. He is there for you to hate because hate can serve as a hook as well as liking a character can. I know it works for me if I dislike a character enough I will stick around to see them get their comeuppance, and Slaine has backlogged a good bit now. I was fine with a lot of what he has done, but he has went over an edge now that makes me loath him as a character because of the way he has treated the one character in the entire series that has gelled with him on any level.

[quote=“AngelofDeath720, post:158, topic:28”]
What bothers me the most is the emptiness of most VN protagonists
[/quote]Truly the ultimate self insert…if they have no personality there is less baggage to get out of the way for the reader.

[quote=“AngelofDeath720, post:158, topic:28”]
oh he definitely does. that’s one of the few character traits that he actually has. why else would he be doing all this shit to get her back?
[/quote]I would say he definitely has some strong feelings for her, not whether those feeling are “love” (probably) or merely a strong respect for her for being the only Versian willing to reach out to humanity remains to be seen. But can you really call love a character trait?

I think you can call anything a character trait.
I’m the type of person who thinks Inori from Guilty Crown was perfectly executed personality-wise, but most would say she has no character~

So, who thinks Ikuhara saved anime with Yuri Kuma Arashi? I do. That promised kiss was glorious.

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Since I haven’t popped in for a while, I really only have two pieces to mention.

That final Code Geass reference for Aldnoah had to be one of the moments where I laughed for a while. Slaine: “I’ve always hated that color.” Jeremiah will always be better than you… and Inaho… together.

And now for this season. ALL OF YOU. HYPE. SHOKUGEKI NO SOUMA. IF YOU ARE NOT WATCHING YOU ARE LIVING LIFE INCORRECTLY! Sorry for caps, but it’s necessary.

Have you read the manga? I know it’s only episode one but this is being adapted way better than I thought it would, pretty much everything was covered (a couple things changed or skipped but nothing major). I hope it keeps this up.

I have. Originally planned to start reading it and fully went after it when I noticed it had an anime.

I’ve heard a lot of hype for shokugeki even before the anime was announced. Might I ask, what’s the deal? XD

I’m not really sure why it’s popular, personally I like cooking anime because I suck at cooking so I like seeing meals cooked well and in live action shows I can’t help but feel the waste a lot of them put out.
If I were to guess story wise it has a nice cast of characters with the main 3 (Soma, Megumi and Erina) all with clashing personalities. I’ve seen some people compare it to Hunter X Hunter with cooking but the only similarities I see between the two are the arc set-ups and a main character that everyone thinks is weak or underestimates then ends up destroying whatever their up against (and I guess both Gon and Soma have lost and learned from losses).

I’m hyped for Oregairu Zoku. But I’m still on a marathon to read all the volumes until volume 7, only then I’ll watch the first episode of the anime. I’m currently on volume 5.

I think it’s just a well done shounen. It’s not particularly amazing but it doesn’t try to do anything beyond its rather simple setting: battling yourself and others via cooking. All the suspense comes in the form of how the characters will overcome cooking-related challenges/disadvantages. Characters are diverse but lack depth (beyond the mains). The author tends to give a lot of them 1-2 chapter backgrounds which works sometimes but other times feels like a really weak attempt at characterization. The art is pretty good along with over the top ecchi that personally is my biggest annoyance but others love (Tosh is an experienced hentai artist soooo…). I imagine the actual cooking is wrong past a certain threshold if you were knowledgeable (I’m not), but it does a good job of keeping focus on why and how the food tastes so good or why one dish is better than the other. It remains fairly creative in this regard, so really it maintains interest by making you wonder how one will go about winning as opposed to the usual problem of just knowing MC is going to plot armor his way out of every battle. I guess that last point is its greatest strength.

Personally I think it’s only so hyped because it doesn’t have any glaring problems, but I suppose that in and of itself can be considered impressive.

Brace yourselves. Oregairu Zoku is coming.
I’m already pretty damn sure this anime is going to be my favorite this season. I’ve been waiting for this for two years…
Just seeing the first episode of the new season made me extremely happy :slight_smile:

Volume 7 will be covered in the first two episodes of Zoku.

Also, how are you going to read those? I thought that there’s almost no translation for volumes 1-6?

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There is. All volumes 1-10 are fully translated by now. 1-4 on NanoDesu and 5-10 on Kyakka.

So… that Plastic Memories episode 1 ;_; this is gonna be feels every episode, isn’t it?

But yeah, I loved the emotion that comes from it. Isla is fun, but all the other characters are pretty bland. I’m staying in for the heart-wrenching emotions, though! Anybody else watching it? I might make a discussion topic if there’s enough interest



I’ll be watching it, too. The concept itself already has inherent drama and feels, so if the execution is right, this is gonna be real good.

I gotta say, though, I have totally misjudged Isla’s character due the first scene. Thought she’d be the melancholic type. Didn’t expect her to be the klutzy, … (I don’t want to say “dumb”, but I can’t find the right word here), unintentionally funny type. Though some of it might be just an act.

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Yeah I thought she’d be a Rei clone but I guess not. She seems a bit… awkward for a robot that should have emotions :stuck_out_tongue: