Community Event: Osu! Night

OK guys, to accommodate people from Asia/Oceania, we’ll be moving the schedule to 16:00 UTC (4pm UTC). Please state whether you’ll still be able to assist or if you have any problems with the new schedule. Also, in general for all events, if you aren’t able to assist, but would want to, say so and we’ll try to adjust the schedule to fit in as many as possible!

Tagging people who had already expressed interest:
@RyuuTamotsu, @Khsellhu, @Madekuji_san, @bionic, @Whales, @Natsume, @RazoRTR, @VyseGolbez

I’m still there~

With the amount of people we have we might have to think about some form of rotation, osu! only supports so many players in multiplayer. (8 or 10 I believe)

Well, we are still 9 and there are 10 slots in Osu! iirc.
Also, as I’ve said earlier, I am in. 'Cause the earlier it is, the easier it for me to get in.

Should still be good since it’s the weekend.

Yeah, we’re probably going to have a full room here with an additional player. Should we agree on a set of beatmaps to download beforehand so that no one gets caught off guard by slow internet and the likes?

Edit: Actually, as of a fair few updates ago now, the maximum amount of players one can host in a room is 16. We’re still open for a lot of people. :haha:

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Good point. Anyone who wants to play will be able to list up to 10 beatmaps they like (providing a raw link to the download page) for anyone who won’t be able to quickly download them do so beforehand. I’ll copy all the links in the opening post. Those’ll be the ones we’ll play to start off and if necessary we’ll download an extra one or two on the go.

For newbies, the way beatmaps work in Osu is the following:

You go to the beatmap download page I linked on the opening post. At the top left there’s a search bar. The best you can do is to search for Beatmap name. It’ll look like this:

Once you’ve searched something, the result will be the following:

Make sure that you select Osu! as gamemode! You an also use other filters to do a better search. On the bottom part, you’ll have the results. There, if you click on the image you’ll be able to hear the song itself. There are also the difficulty levels that the song has. If you click on the beatmap name, you’ll be taken to the next page:

To download, just click on the giant “DOWNLOAD BEATMAP!” button. To add it to Osu!, simply double click the file that you’ll have downloaded. Note that you have different statistics for the beatmap itself, as well as a more detailed report of the difficulty level for the level you’ve selected. The most representative value is the “Star Difficulty”. 1 star is extremely easy, 2 stars is normal, 3 is tricky (specially for beginners), 4 is difficult, 5 requires quite some experience and anything above 6 is nuts.

However, the best indicator is trying the map for yourself!

Additional advice:

If your PC is a bit on the slow side, you can download the videoless versions of TV-sized beatmaps. It’ll show itself as a blue “without video” button next to the “download beatmap” one.

Furthermore, you can also head into Osu’s settings to try and turn off some graphic effects and adjust some settings. I recommend everyone gives it a shot and plays a bit before Saturday so that we encounter no technical difficulties that could’ve been prevented before. :lucky:

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Sounds fun, I might be able to join too if it’s 3-4 hours earlier (12:00-13:00 UTC). Still can’t play anything more than 3 stars tho…

Unfortunately moving the schedule 3 or 4 hours earlier is too much of a stretch as it will cause American members to be unable to play at all. Schedules will be different for the next big event to accommodate more people who were left out this time, so you can look forward to that.

To everyone assisting, make sure to submit your choice of beatmaps so that people with slower internet connection can download them beforehand!

Sounds really awesome!
Can’t wait for it :smiley:

Maybe add Rewrite to the list?
It’s a really fun map

The beatmap has been added to the first post in the thread, thanks for proposing it!

Now, remember everyone that the beatmaps don’t have to be specifically KEY related even if almost all of the ones I posted are.

So let’s suggest some songs:

Okay, here we go:


How about adding these too?

Here’s a couple that I think are fun
I hope i’m not too late
this one is a bit long

You guys need some linkin park in your lives…

and maybe some Yellowcard:

also this:

Looks like I might be able to join (yay)
Not new but haven’t played that much recently.
I also noticed that we’re missing a few Angel beats! songs:
Lets just add those to the queue :slight_smile:

Event just started.

Room name: Kaza Osu Night
password: kazamatsuri

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