Comic Market 90

Well, now that all the overseas events are over with, it’s Japan’s time to shine with Comic Market 90! Me and some other Kaza members are gonna be there (including @RyuuTamotsu, @Glenn_Irish, and @IkaCZ), but if anyone else is visiting, feel free to post here, and we can maybe hang out or something :smiley:

I’ve also been checking out what Key goods they plan to sell over there, and I’ll be updating this opening post as I find more of them. Of course if you know some interesting stuff, feel free to share the info in this topic, as well!

Industry booths:
planetarian booth: The big one as far as Key is concerned at C90. It’s been a while since we got some nice Yumemi goods so this is nice
PikattoAnime: A bunch of random Angel Beats and Little Busters goods. The Little Busters tapestries look pretty nice!
Curtain Damashii: Little Busters and Kud Wafter goods. Tapestries, phone cases… and lewd dakis :stuck_out_tongue:
Warner Bros: Really nice LB anime shirt they have going on
Kadokawa: Kotori and Shizuru tapestry!
P.A. Works: Naonao and Yuri in a special “ABC Set”

Doujin booths:
ZEN: Compilation of ZENBUs 1&2, plus some other nice goods.
MyYuki: Fanbook with nice illustrations and 140-character length stories.
triptych: Really cool comiket set!
Project Dark: A dango shooting game?!?
Tomoe Tamiyasu: Apparently some solo recordings she did of Natsume Rin voices. Pretty interesting, and I’d love to hear these

(shameless plug) If you can’t make it to comiket, I could also help you out and get some goods for you~ Let me know!


How do you go about finding out what an artist is selling at C90?
I’m using this site for those that have one but I’m not entirely sure if that’s all that they have.
Also been checking their Twitter and Pixiv of course

Well I use the entire webcatalog site to search for which circles are available… Then from there I check their individual twitters or pixiv… But they don’t always have that information available, unfortunately

Other than industry booths that website should have all of the artists, are there any in particular that you can’t seem to find?

I found this also.
Kotori & Shizuru wall scroll
At Kadokawa #1311.

Notice: the corporate area will open 12th and 13th only.

Edit and added
Nao and Yuri goods set
at PA Works #2441


I’ve been trying to find this artist’s work that he’s selling at c90 but when I click on his catalog link it drops me on the home page
He did a Kanade doujin a while back and I’ve liked his work since
EDIT: Nevermind I typed his name into the search bar and it came up