CLANNAD PS4 Headed for North American Playstation Store!

As we covered earlier, CLANNAD’S Japanese PS4 release will feature English/Japanese text switching, much like Little Busters English Edition on Steam. But just today it’s been confirmed by Prototype on Twitter that the game will also be releasing on the North American Playstation Store! They note that the physical release will only be sold in Japan if you feel the need to import, but for those in the US who just want easy access to the game, you’ll be able to download it with no strings attached! Pretty amazing that Key games are being made available in English on consoles now, I’ve gotta say! Will other games follow this trend? Who can say!

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I noticed a lot of people want the physical copy or a PS Vita release (people still use this?). Couldn’t they just import the physical one? Or is it region locked?

I already have the Steam version, but that sounds like wonderful news. Congratulations to the CLANNAD development team!

I’ll be getting the Japanese release physical copy pre-ordered from the USA, the shipping takes a while plus adds to the cost, but I understand the game is region free and playable anywhere - although I gather any extra content through codes won’t work outside Japan. It’s possible there might be a European version but that might be download only, and I really want a physical copy of at least one Key title!

The physical copy yes but it would be more expensive. Maybe whoever is releasing this port here (I assume Visual Art’s but might be Proto-type) can look into a partnership with Limited Run Games for Clannad or something. For Vita I’m pretty sure Clannad on Vita doesn’t support English so that’s not really an option.

There are plans to get this at some point, but it may be better to wait to see if some sort of physical version becomes available. At worst case, it can always be bought digitally at a discount much later on.