CLANNAD Is Coming to PS4 In English This Summer!

Key fans will be excited to hear that Prototype will be porting the classic visual novel, CLANNAD, over to the PS4! What’s remarkable about this release is that it’s the first Key console game to feature dual language support (Japanese/English text with Japanese voice only), similar to Little Busters English Edition! It will feature full HD resolution with support for 5.1ch surround sound (which can be switched to stereo mode). CLANNAD for PS4 is scheduled to be released on 14th June 2018 with the physical edition costing 5,200 Yen + tax, and the download version at 4,600 Yen (including tax), which will likely be available through the PlayStation Store on various regions. Relive the sadness and joys of the characters from CLANNAD on PS4, now available to preorder from Amazon JP!

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First, dual-language support. Soon, all-language support!

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muuussstttt reeesssiiisssttt…

EDIT: and play-asia even offering it for the UK

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Meanwhile the English PSVita release remains forgotten :uee:

image Cute poass case bonus on Ami Ami with Fuko :smiley: I wioll poke around and see what other preoder goodies they have


y’know, seeing all these titles getting more english releases while angel beats 1st beat is stuck at 50% for 3 years now… feels bad man.

It is now live to purchase on the US Playstation Store (digitally of course). Go get it if you wish. :deino:

For anyone who hasn’t bought it physically yet and wants to, the GEMATSU $3 off coupon should work for at least some of us on this website.

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I just found out that cdjapan has a really pretty sticker of Kyou included… If they still have stock of it, that is

Sadly, I don’t have a PS4 so I’m just sitting in wait until they release the Vita version they announced years ago :uee:

Yay! Got my Japanese release PS4 physical copy today from Hong Kong. Can confirm it works perfectly well here in the UK with the English text although I won’t play it properly for a while yet. Great to hear the sound and music through big hi-fi speakers and see the picture on a big screen :smug: