CLANNAD has been released on Steam, and so begins the CLANNAD Bookclub!

It's the moment we've all been waiting for! CLANNAD is now available for purchase on Steam! If you backed the digital version on Kickstarter, then you should already have a Steam key in your inventory. If not, you can purchase the game below on its Steam page!

This also marks

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someone gift me it and ill love you forever

But why gift it to him when you can gift it to me and I will love you 5ever. But really I’m a guest podcaster for later and I don’t have enough money for it currently…


Yeah right. I decided I shouldn’t buy it right now seeing how university work and exams are building up, and also it was going to release at a very high price, but then I saw it had a 15% discount AND DIDN’T THINK TWICE. Class was almost starting when I opened the steam app on the phone and saw it -

It’s been out 7 hours and I finally have time to try it out!

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The physical won’t come out until late January/early February* … hmm either I watch the podcast and make conversation there, but then ruining the first experience of Clannad by not playing it through with just what I would do in each situation thrown at me, or, I’ll have to miss the podcast and the discussions altogether.

* (very last sentence)

Has anyone figured out how to install this on Mac? I’m currently working on it and I think I got it.

You would either need to use Wine or a VM or some dual boot program like Bootcamp. Of course the latter two require actually owning the Windows OS. I have plenty of experience with all three if anyone needs any help.

Same, I read all of Little Busters! and a good chunk of Rewrite through Wine. KEY’s VNs work surprisingly well in it.

Just try to run it, read the errors and winetricks down libraries until it launches. At that point, it should run flawlessly.

Yeah it works with wine! Thank you. If anybody needs an easy tutorial for Mac let me know.

It’s been a while but there was an “major patch” update for Steam Clannad and also the Kickstarter edition recently

Wait what? I don’t remember them being horribly wrong…

The images apparently got swapped with the 20160108 version (which was the version the physicals got). Basically it was like, the normal common ED got the credits for After Story, Kotomi’s route got the one for routes that had “Ana”… or something like that.

It was so unnoticeable that no one found that out till last month (and that was only because I decided to redo the subs).

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