Catching up with Summer Pockets: New Characters, Voice Cast, CGs

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Loving the CGs so far. That artwork of Shiroha in the kimono might be the prettiest key CG I’ve ever seen.


Oh beautiful! I had only suspected done girl had ties to the shrine!


-Beautiful images that look vibrant and inspiring. Really sets the mood for the whole thing. Makes me really excite dto read one day.

-Glad that there are a range of ages of side characters, but I had hoped for more males there’s only a few :confused: I would rather get rid of a few of the female sides. Though the ones they have seem super fun. I like that the male characters always are always fun :slight_smile:

-The kids seem interesting haven’t had many children in Key games, a few but not a lot. The old aesthetic of the town and summer reminds me of Higurashi (some horror I wouldn’t mind one bit) and Barakamon

-The breast obsessed woman, I do not want. I’m so so tired of this trait. I’m not fond of her design either I think her eyes are way too high up or something? Doesn’t look right. She would have major back problems too, just saying >.> Maybe she will be better in the novel.

-I was hoping the Inari would have more of an inspiring look. Too bad he couldn’t look more like a real fox (where is the nose?). As someone said, he looks like a pokemon -_-. But, I wonder if he has another form?? But I think he will be adorable anyways, I love all the Key mascots and I hope he will be a great addition to the group.

-The ever present butterfly in the games really has me curious they appear like ghosts of something, makes me really excited. I feel they have a connection of the shrine somehow.


Like many others already have, I’ve noticed a trend with the way Key presents their characters in their stories. When they first appear, they’ll broadcast a rather one note character trait (eg., a love for breasts, an obsession with fried rice, a tendency to strip at the drop off a hat ((that last one gives me Free! flashblacks))), but underneath the surface, the characters show a more serious, perhaps insecure side that, in Key’s best moments, connect to the quirks they exhibit in the present day. So, I have hope that even Shizuku’s lame quirk will likely be overshadowed by hidden depths in the meat of the characters’ routes. Aesthetically, the character designs are clean and appealing. I like the attention to detail, like how Ryouichi has a darker complexion (the fact that he takes off his clothes a lot in a seaside town would give him a pretty nice tan), and how the colors on the characters’ clothes generally blend in with the colors in a seaside town (white like the glare of sunlight off the sand, blue like the sky, blonde/yellow are similar to the shades sand can appear, and so can brown for that matter). I’d say the same for the hair colors (like how Miki’s green could be the color of seaweed), but I can’t really think of a parallel I could draw for Shizuku and Umi’s exotic hair colors.

Buff Grandpa’s got me excited, and he’s probably my favorite of the supporting casts. I wonder what types of “battle” he was involved in. I’m inclined to say it’s probably a conflict local to this island, and his knowledge of martial arts likely ties in to his physical participation in the fights. I’m not quite sure how to read the line about his most painful strike coming from his wife. Is that a joke about his wife being overbearing, or is that to be taken at face value?


Ryoichi Mitani, voiced by Kentaro Kumagai. Character design by Na-Ga.

Noda-kun, I thought we’d never see you again after that pendulum hammer trap :ahaha:
Almost got you mixed up with that shirtless guy with glasses :ai:

10/10 hair colour on Umi best girl best girl.


She’s literally Ayumi but they took the Ay out.

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Besides the HaruKana hair, that sailor outfit is also cute as shit. I’m a lot more inclined to like lolis when not told to fuck them, though manners and speech patterns are still unknown. Like, name one character with a fang who has a pleasant personality; I hate fangs. Speaking of not fucking the loli, Dengeki had 3 sizes for all the women, but Umi just had adjectives. If I were to paraphrase, it would look something like: Bust - Washboard, Waist - Barely Noticeable, Hip - Nonexistent. It’s funny how she’s voiced by Umaru who has the nice everyday voice and trash chibi voice. Which will it be: no body knows.

I give Shiroha a lot of shit, but that 2-shot is darn adorable. Meanwhile the other CG literally puts me on tilt. Though she does seems to be bringing a tried and true Key story with her now, for better or worse. But the cunt is totally stealing the spotlight from the other girls, literally all of which are better than her.

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Wow, Madd got old

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I like the artwork. Looking forward to it, when it comes out :slight_smile:

Oh this is where the OP ended up. I think it’s a fruitless effort to do a full translation, but I can do some impressions at least.

The song seems to be based on the narrative we’re seeing in Shiroha’s story extracts, not very surprising. From the extracts and the previous teaser, the motifs and phrases surrounding Shiroha and Hairi are: Waiting, Something Lost/Forgotten, Keep Walking, Looking Back (Pretty Key/Kanon-esque). The song also has a lot of this. Temporally, the song is a bit weird: the first half seems to talk about the future while the second half is reminiscing.

Some of the first few lines are like: “I thought I knew what to say,” “I turned my eyes away,” “I looked down seeking courage.” Quite a lot of awkwardness, then it talks of the end of summer building up to a “On that day, I want to wave my hand with a smile.” Okay, seems pretty straight forward about Hairi going back home. After that I’m not sure what happens.

The second half has stuff about needing to keep walking, and searching for a warm hand, but also not being able to reach some place, and then the final line like about looking back on summer memories. It becomes less straight forward. We still have the same motifs, but it’s not as much of a narrative, at least with the information we currently hold. This is completely standard fair though because we don’t have all the cards yet.

Edit: The title is still all Greek to me.





Love the instrumental in the op.
Hoping that the buff old guy is a great character!
Very curious about “whatever we’re missing”. Hoping for a cool twist (not necessarily literal plot twist) on things.

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A fox! ;D I love Foxes so that’s amazing! :slight_smile:

I forgot to reply! That’s true, they have shone through in the past. I hope that you’re right and that more of her personality comes through rather than just that silly trait. I’m just more of less tired of the the cliche boob fetish in anime in general. Key usually has some pretty interesting traits for characters and I was let down by this one. Even the ping pong guy has me way more curious. But again, I’ll have to wait and see what they do.

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That second Shiroha story when you know what’s been taken out of the conversation. Very cool marketing