C95 Key Goods Announced!

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This Shiroha is HNNNGG! Just make Fumuyun a main designer for next game, plox.

Coolest thing about the Pocket character songs is track 5, with. That’s a song that Kamome mentions the first time you meet her, and she sings parts of it later in the route, but it wasn’t made as a proper song before.


So while writing this article I realized just how good the visualstyle calendar was that I ended up buying it on amazon. And with the images they’ve been leaking, I don’t think I’ll have any regrets :umu:

As a bonus for those who continue to support the game by purchasing this collection, they’ve added in one of the scenarios that never made it into the game: A special Kanon Collaboration story!

Now I really wish IM had continued. Kanon cards would’ve been amaaazing.

Also I love the Life is Like a Melody and Toki wo Kizamu Uta covers. Wonder why he decided to cover those songs out of everything available…


Never expected Tomoyo After to get any official love at this point.

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I still can’t tell if that’s (After story + Tomoya After spoilers) Tomoyo with Ushio after Nagisa passed away, or a hypothetical Tomoyo’s daughter that Tomoya left behind :dame:

Possible spoilers for Tomoyo After: iirc that girl is Tomoyo’s younger half-sister, Tomo Mishima!