Artwork Inspirations To Celebrate The Release Of Clannad On Steam

Hello all. I’m thinking about about having our own Clannad banner fanart for my launch group announcement on Steam & I want to ask you guys as a huge favor if u got any ideas & suggestions for one.

If u ever wanted Clannad wallpaper dats based on ur imagination, this is the great opportunity to do so.

So atm as a group, we are looking into a 21:9 aspect wallpaper with ability to be able easily crop to 16:9 widescreen & it doesn’t have to be Valve related.

Why you ask, cause Clannad doesn’t have true 21:9 wallpaper out there & its 2015. Why not :smiley:

The artist we are looking to work with

She nailed it with Rin Natsume fanart dat I’ve commission with her, so I’m willing to give it a another shot. We are open to other artist too if u got other suggestions.

If we get a lot of inspirations, I could turn this thread into a poll to get the best picture. Dunno if dat possible lewl

I plan on finalising the idea by this Monday morning on Australian time.

I know my way to explaining stuff in this post kinda sounds off since I haven’t been lurking around here & also haven’t made major threads like this for quite while.


Let get started with my idea. Gordon Freeman chasing Kyou with crowbar while she’s on scooter. Dat just HL2 + Clannad crossover joke but I don’t think dat appropriate although lewl.

Since the steam machine was recently released, how about having a group of the clannad characters huddling in front of and playing on a steam machine? :smiley:


Actually, dat perfect idea. Couch potato gaming while bring the true meaning of Clannad in one picture. Great advertisement for Visual Arts & Valve. Its win win for everyone :grinning:

Key & PC Master Race Is Happening lewl.

Btw, I pushed by the deadline backward so dat I can give her more time since now we finally got date for Clannad

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