April/May 2016 Event Recap Podcast: KSL Live, ACEN and more!

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Yeah we’ve noticed that error. We’re currently trying to figure it out at the moment ^^; sorry about that!

I was at the ACen panel and my question in the Q&A was if they’d ever consider doing a KSL Live World in North America. I figured at best I’d get a “we’ll think about it”, but the answer was that they were actually already working on it. That got a few cheers and gasps, IIRC (although nothing like later when they acknowledged they were already working on Angel Beats 1st Beat in English)

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That actually made me really happy to hear, yeah. Makes me wonder if it’ll be a full-fledged concert or just some special panel at a con. Take for example Kitazawa Ayaka, who performed a few songs last year in Singapores Chara Expo

Speaking of meeting at KSL. I’m curious if we as a community will meet up at Anime expo at LA this summer.

I would love to have a chance and talk to you guys in the flesh.

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There was a small quick meet up last year but its was a few handful. I met clannad man I don’t think I got to me any else though.

When the time comes closer then we can probably create a plan to have a more scheduled meet-up haha

The issue with meetups is that, there’s very few conventions which lots of people here can meet up at. That’s the problem with such a widespread international community.
If you can manage to find enough people interested, then by all means, organise a meetup!

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Isn’t Anime Expo like the biggest anime convention in the America ?

Yeah. Here’s an article based off the statistics of last year’s north american anime conventions if you’re interested! http://animecons.com/articles/article.shtml/1484/Ten_Largest_North_American_Anime_Conventions_of_2015

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Refer to the Kazamatsuri World Map


Currently, London is the most likely place to have a successful convention for Kazamatsuri members. Though there are definitely a few people located at LA and SF, but it depends how far people would be willing to travel for it.

EDIT: Oh and for those curious, the extended cut of our Karaoke session can be found here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=my5Lsk8wTfI

EDIT 2: @invalidname We contacted Baba for comment on bringing KSL Live to the west, and his response was basically, “We’d like to it, but there are many issues we need to overcome first, so nothing has been decided yet.”

You can read the response here.

I don’t know if anyone else saw this but ANN posted their own interview with key.

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Ooh what? A new unannounced title in the works? Could he be referring to 2nd Beat or something new?

I don’t think it’s the 2nd beat, noting that earlier, he was asked about the 2nd and 3rd beats and said that they would have to ask Jun Maeda, since Baba has no information about it.

I can’t wait for this :smiley: Though not sure if it’s a VN or anime, I’m still excited.

I wonder who’s doing the overall storyline. Considering Maeda is working on the 2nd beat, Kai was just done with Harmonia and whatnot, I’m guessing that this may be a Tonokawa story.

Hopefully it’s announced soon.

Oh hey ANN can make productive articles after all~

But yeah those were some really interesting questions. I’ve always been curious as to how Baba manages so many different brands and I got an answer. That sneaky announcement at the end tho! Exciting stuff 8D

As for the writer of the new project, Yuuichi Suzumoto pls :’(

lol yeah its exciting they are making a new game, in b4 chalotte vn(jk).

Ahaha… Not that I’d hate a Charlotte VN but I’d really like it to be something new!

I thought it was stated multiple times that Charlotte wouldn’t work as a VN.

Not that it wouldn’t work, but that they had no plans to adapt it into a VN. That was then. Now they’re saying that Maeda still wants to do more with Charlotte, so there’s that.

They said the same about Angel Beats! when it was airing, too.

When did this happen @Totoro_Futaki?

Copied and pasted ~

"AniTAY: I know that Angel Beat’s Visual Novel is being released in parts. With the release of the first part of the visual novel, how are the prospects of the English translation looking, and what does the schedule look like for the other parts?

Baba via Translator: Well, the english release is within our plans and I believe about half of the text has been currently translated. However, as for the progress of part 2 and part 3, you have to ask Jun Maeda (the writer) for that. I’m not in change, I don’t have a grasp of how the progress is."

As for Charlotte, from what i thought Baba meant, from what CLANNAD Man stated…

I think it means that Maeda wanted to contribute more with the series while it was going forward, but he wasn’t able to do that. They wanted to keep the mindset that Jun Maeda wanted to contribute more during that time, but couldn’t (cause 1st beat), because it gives the feelings that rather than saying Charlotte was everywhere because of its story, they want to have the mindset that Charlotte was everywhere because there wasn’t enough dedication towards it.

Oh, but then I was just guessing that you were talking about that specific thing on top. If it’s something else new, then forget about that >.<