Announcing Crying Games Done Quick 2019!

Kazamatsuri has always been about empathy for your fellow man, and we’re now ready to take that goal to the next level! We’re now announcing Crying Games Done Quick 2019, a 24-hour charity event where we will be collecting donations for AIDS research, treatment, and prevention.

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For some reason the blog wouldn’t embed the Twitch video. @LinkThinks you’re an inspiration to us all.


Now do Umineko 1-8 Skipless%. Only real speedrunners have attempted this.

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God dammit Helios

You would only be able to do Umineko 1-8 skipless with Magic

I didn’t make an orb joke! How could I forget the "Ooooorb"s

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I’m sure there will be plenty of time to fill with callouts during Clannad Skipless 100%.

Really kinda bummed that Rewrite IgnisMemoria isn’t gonna be featured at the event. I guess there just aren’t many active runners anymore. Reroll% was a pretty good speedrun, so it’s a shame.

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Ah man I remember when I used to TAS that. Those were good times.

Oh yeah, I did that too. Got a shared #1 spot in a comp thanks to watching that thing go. (Kinda not a joke, I used a mouse recorder to play the game automatically for like 2 days straight).

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