Anime Central Meetup!

So in this thread some people were talking about a Kazamatsuri meetup at Anime Central. Anime central is only a week away at this point, so if we are going to do this we should try to get something together sooner rather than later. We are going to need to find a time and place for this during the convention when everyone can meet up ideally. This would also be a good place to post any cosplays you are doing so we will be easier to identify. I will be going as either Riki or Kyousuke from Little Busters!. Let’s start with getting a headcount of how many people would be interested.

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I’ll be arriving on Friday with a pair of friends around noon and intend to cover the convention like I did Anime Expo last year, assuming there is still interest. While I won’t be cosplaying this time around, I’ll be wearing clothing commemorating Shinji Orito and Na-Ga at different times during the convention. I’ll probably pair one of these with a suit on day one, so I should be pretty easy to identify.

I’ll be cosplaying as Kiso Kai2 from Kancolle on Friday, and as Youmu from Touhou on Saturday. I’m planning on lining up early for the vendor hall on Friday so I can get that swag, and I’m also lining up at like 3 PM for the Key panel at 4. Come say hi I guess?