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Well they are a book store… at least they have it online.

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I knew they sold manga and stuff, but I never knew they sold Heavens Door. Interestingly, I want to buy it. Too bad they didn’t license it sooner.

Hi all
I have tried translating some of Ch38 with my crappy Japanese knowledge (+ lots of help from Google Translate & Japanese Dictionary) but there are still many phrases missing as I do not understood those. Not to mention, the translaction itself might be full of errors…
Only the main dialogue were translated and not minor ones such as sound effects due to my sheer laziness.

I’ve put the actual dialogue in Japanese then English below as reference so if you know Japanese language (even a little!) then I would appreciate it if you could take a look at the script and see what I didn’t fuck up.
Feel free to laugh at my shitty translation as well.

This was my first time actually translating a manga and it took wayyy more work than I expected. I thought the hardest part was fully understanding the dialogue but that did not come close when it came to translating it in English. My English is not even that great to begin with… but to translate a foregin language into not-so-great language was very difficult.
Informality among each other, sentence structures, and grammars and etc were totally different so to be honest I had no idea on how I should have approached it.
Should I have translated the language literally? Even knowing it might sound akward and out of place but kept the “legitimacy” intact?
Or would it have been better if I translated the actual meaning and express it on my own words as if English speakers were talking?

Nevertheless here it is on Google Docs as I cannot upload the .txt file.


It very much does.

This is where translation stops being a science and becomes more of an art. You just have to decide what you want your style to be. Further more, different styles can be good or bad depending on the original writing.

You should allow people to make comments in the document; it makes it a lot easier. Also, am I right in assuming you’re doing this more as language practice rather than actual distribution?

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Great idea! Thanks. For the second question, part of it is for language practice while other part is just for fun. While I was doing this I had fun time imagining and thinking from their perspective. “What would they would be thinking? Why did they react that way? How would I react. What would I have done” and more. It made me think deeper even for a little manga such as this. But no, I didn’t do it to become a fansubber or something like that. I’d say it’s closer to a hobby I guess.

On the cover of the December issue of Dengeki G’s Comic, they advertise Heaven’s Door’s final chapter. The magazine releases on 28/10, as in this Friday, in Japan. This means the manga will end with 77 chapters. We should then get an 11th volume with chapter 69-77 finishing up the series.


I love Heaven’s Door especially since I started following the individual chapters getting released online on Comic-walker half a year ago. They just uploaded #75, and after reading it I guessed that the series most likely would end in 1-2 chapters . There isn’t much more to tell as HD is a prequel story, so I’m glad they won’t drag it out even though they could cram in however many arcs they wanted. HD has given us plenty of setup for the characters’ pasts, and those will be resolved in the subsequent games as they’re released. With that though, I’m still sad to see the series end. It’s really fun, and the art is gorgeous. Hopefully, we’ll hear something about 2nd beat along with this because otherwise there won’t be anything AB! related going on; we’ll just become like those poor people waiting for Spice and Wolf 3.

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Hopefully whatever’s going on at Seven Seas with volume 2 gets fixed so we don’t need to wait until at least 2021 to read the finale in English.

Just a clarification since I am not updated; has HD already revealed all the SSS members in the anime at this point?

I also wonder how Maeda continued to work on HD up to this point, despite the issues he’s been having the past year

Pepe plz, we’ve been over this. [quote=“HeliosAlpha, post:123, topic:304”]
As of chapter 68, volume 10, we’re just missing Sekine and Irie. Since Yui, Takeyama and Otonashi are introduced after the start of the show, they probably won’t get more than a quick cameo.

Edit: Okay, Sekine and Irie are in the next volume. I just won’t be able to read that one for a couple of months.

Irie came in at chapter 71, I think, and Sekine was introduced in 74.

Good question. Maybe Maeda had written out all “storyboards,” and Asami just had to draw all of it.

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I’ve only found up to 35 online! How are you getting as far as the 70s? Are there any websites?

That’s the fan translation most likely. I bought and read the manga in Japanese.

Yeah, they were fan translations. I read them on things like kissmanga, mangapanda, other websites like that. I sadly have never bought anything because I’m just a broke teenager :cry:
Is there any place online I can read official translations? Or maybe I could find them at the library.

Seven Seas Entertainment is the official localizer of Heaven’s Door; they only have one volume out so far, but volume 2 is out next month. You should be able to find it in bookstores and whatnot!

Granted, this is quite a large delay from the Japanese release but, hey, patience is key.

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Ah, thank you!

The Kaza Twitter account posted (sourced from @SuikaShoujo) about this but I thought it should be posted here too. It appears (at least back in August) the reason volume 2 keeps getting delayed in Jun Maeda being hospitalized and being unable to approve the translations

I’m sceptical that this is still the case however.

I am too but I’m trying to figure out what else it could be. Back in August I’m sure they would have known what the sales of volume 1 were like so if they were dropping it because of poor sales it seems weird to use that excuse.
The only other things I can think of are:

  1. Maeda (or someone else who needs to approve) is either not responding or keeps rejecting for some reason and
  2. Yen Press’s deal to publish Kadokawa titles is messing with already existing contracts. Unfortunately this is the only Kadokawa title published by someone other than Yen Press that I know of so I can’t check if anything else is releasing fine.

Did Yui get a cameo yet in the Japanese release? I know she was introduced in the anime, but in episode 2, she was shown, wearing the SSS uniform, so they must have met beforehand.

Not that I saw.

Does anybody think that Seven Seas has just given up on the English-language release altogether? Volume 2 was pushed back from like May or June 2016 all the way to December, didn’t ship, and now Angel Beats! doesn’t show up on Seven Seas’ release dates page at all. Furthermore, the series page no longer shows volumes 2-4 anymore.

I still have a RightStuf order open with vol 2 as the one unshipped item. Sooner or later, I’m expecting them to email me saying “yeah, dude, not happening.”