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This would be my reasoning for the chance that AB could be the best Key work ever. At least to me.


Visual arts just uploaded a video for AB


At least this mobile game won’t be as static as ABOW was. Though I hope they still have pretty art for us to look at/progression system or something.

It looks more like a proper game. However something tells me PAY TO GET MORE BALLS

My only two mobages have been ABOW and Fate/Grand Order, the latter of which makes ABOW look like they give away SSRs like candy. I’ll be happy with whatever this new one is, as long as they have a free gacha and it’s not insane rates.

Assuming they have some kind of gacha thing. Guess we’ll find out.

Yeah this one actually looks fun, as compared to ABOW. In usual japanese mobage fashion, it’ll probably have a life bar that determines when you can play a game, and will have cards (with illustrations) that give you more powerups or some shit.

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Oh, I heard that Key has planned to release a new Angel Beats! game. And of course I have been waiting for it.

Do you know what kind of game? RPG or is it like the mobile one?

Yay! I’m excited for it; should come out this winter, so shouldn’t be too long…

Look like It become a multiple genre game. I think.

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I’m actually really hyped for the 18 routes, tbh.

The whole theme is about the characters. The whole essence of the world fascinates me: a place where young people who died early are sent in order to find meaning in their lives and be ready to move on to What Comes Next. Reference my other post for more details.

It’s literally centered around the characters. So of course you’re going to want to spend more time with them; that’s the whole point. It’s a series of stories of how people with broken lives and hearts found meaning and happiness. Instead of writing 18 stories set in that world, he writes one episodic VN with them all included. It’s an all-you-can-read buffet of those kinds of stories.

It’s similar to why Umineko had the same story of murder replay itself again and again: people like those stories! People want to read more about people being murdered in locked rooms! So instead of trying to rewrite that kind of story, Ryukishi07 went for a story where he could write variations of it over and over. It was brilliant and satisfying. And yet mystery buffs still want more, even after that.

Speaking of Umineko, I really liked how they did multiple “routes” of the same story, even though it wasn’t a route you chose. They tied the different series of events into the main narrative and made all of them happen (with the meta world and all that). It was really neat; I much prefer that over something where the side routes aren’t canonical and didn’t actually happen. Though it’s hard to reconcile that in other kinds of stories.

Apparently a new Angel Beats manga is starting in Dengeki G in 2017 by Yuriko Asami


I’m not sure if Angel Beats! is going to be my “thing” as I’ve never been attracted to anime with action elements but I’ve just ordered the DVD. The series seems pretty short too…I hope I’ll be pleasantly surprised!

Eh, angel beats had a couple kinda actioney parts but its far from an action oriented anime. For the most part its the same drama/comedy blend as other Key works.

Thanks, @Arete. Well I now have the Angel Beats! DVD safely in my grubby little hands so I’ll give my thoughts ( for what they are worth) in the Anime discussion thread when I get around to watching it…

From the sounds of it I’m unlikely ever to see the VN version.


Just a random thought passing through…

We all know “My Soul, Your Beats” point to Kanade, but what if the song’s name was meant to be read literally? Like “Kanade’s SOUL, Otonashi’s heartBEATS”.


Yes, that’s what is meant by that.

I found an online repository that has Heavens Door in the English translation but I was struggling to make sense of it. I didn’t realise that Manga has a special reading order :frowning:

I have seen “Volume 1-4” on sale, but how many chapters in each volume? I’d rather see it legally but it seems expensive here, imported new at equivalent ~$20+ from USA or some only available pre-owned. I don’t suppose they do an e-reader version?

I see we have a topic for Heavens Door Manga discussion but you’re way ahead of me, having just read Chapter 1.

Unfortunately, only volume 1 has been translated so far, with the rest being in localization limbo :frowning: so that volume 1-4 you saw is proooobably in japanese

Thanks, saved me from trying to get something I wouldn’t be able to read then!