Angel Beats! Fanart

It’s representative of the mood. I love it. Like it shows just how powerful color palette can be. Dark and drab vs. bright and lively.


Oh wow, is that a recent upload? It’s hard to find art of pre-Kanade intervention Yusa.

Yep! It was uploaded a week ago iirc. I keep on top of muh Beats. Rare you see good art -3-

My heart…


God bless based ZEN

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That’s a very oily bunny girl.

Here’s a small drawing of mine, back when I had a power cut two years ago.

The proportions aren’t exactly the same as the original drawing, but keep in mind that I draw almost every two years x)


I drew a punk-ish Iwasawa! This is what I think she would look like if she was still alive and still made music.

Plz give reblogs --> :3

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I drew another Iwasawa! This is what I imagine a poster would look like if GirlDeMo played a basement show. There’s a basement concert venue at my old college where people can draw on paper plates and stick them on the wall, so I drew this. I’m so proud of this. I drew it in like 15 minutes, which is one of the fastest pictures I’ve ever done. I felt like I was IN THE ZONE. And I gave you guys a shout out :3 Hopefully someone will see it and come to the site.


Realtalk I’d pay good money for that sort of concert. and only 500 yen, sweet!

[ Arigatou ]

After watching Hell Kitchen and playing First beat for a bit
I Feel a strong urge to draw her

Kanade is too kyut to resist haha


full size :

I hope you enjoy it!
Drawn by : me


Very nice! Thanks for sharing!

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wow, amazing talent. I’m really interested to see more of your work :smiley: thank you for sharing.

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I used the second pic as my Twitter header pic and desktop background last year. The memories. :blush:

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After rewatching angel beats for the 5th time, I’m trying to make Angel beats fanart per episode
This one based one ep1 where yurippe ask otonashi to join SSS
I pretty like this scene, It’s warm~~


That looks beautiful ;w;

Would love to include this in The K.E.Y.!

What’s up with Matsushita’s eyes though?

EDIT: Oh it’s his hair looking like a pupil, ahaha…

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I forgot to draw takamatsu’s uniform if you dont notice ahaha

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That’s very much optional :wink: but yeah, great art! I’m excited to see you complete these series :smiley:


Thanks! Glad you like it OuO

Indeed ahaha

I know it’ll take long time, but I will complete it! OuO

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