Angel Beats! - Common Route Discussion

Discussion topic for the common route of the Angel Beats! visual novel. What qualifies as the common route may change with how the following beats change the structure of the game, but for now we’ll define it as anything within the numbered episodes 1-10. Please tag references to any other routes or outside works with [spoiler] tags, providing adequate context for the spoiler in parenthesis. I also advice you to be discreet about certain characters’ backstories available in the common route since it’s material that will be expanded upon later.

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So to the people going into this soon, I’ve been trying to think of wacky stuff to recommend.

  • Getting the manga from the library is definitely a good one.
  • Without a doubt, there is enough homo ufufuing to satisfy anyone.
  • By getting Otonashi to love Yurippe, you can get a scene that I can not describe in words with my self-respect intact.

Words cannot explain how much stupid stuff is in AB!. I have 70% of the achievements, yet I still feel like I’ve only scratched the surface.

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