AIR Fanart

Nothing wrong with Minagi but here’s a really nice Michiru


Woah yeah, that’s really really nice o_o

I was too late for the Oekaki gah. But anyway~

Minagi and stars and bubbles!!


this is beautiful :smiley:

Once again, I really like the style you made on this piece of art. The wavy pattern you put for the stars, her hair, and the rest of the background contrasts so well and highlights the personage of Minagi

I’m not so sure of how it turned out since I used a different style from usual, but I drew Minagi. (Link to the image on my Pixiv)


We Kano Route now! Looking forward to your Kano, Potato and Hijiri fanart!

With Yukito’s absolute belief in Potato’s ability to speak this joke needed to be made. (Spoilered due to a potential joke not inclusive to family friendly environments. read it has a naughty word scribbled out)


Artistic rendition of Kano’s attempt to help Yukito make money. (Subject to interpretation)


Friendly reminder that Kano Kirishima has been chosen as the topic for tonight’s Key Oekaki! To enter, you need to start drawing at 11pm Japan time, and from 12am til 12:45am you can submit your drawing. To submit, just tweet it out using the #key版深夜の真剣お絵かき60分一本勝負 hashtag and avoid including any roman characters in your tweet, as the bot doesn’t seem to like it.

Looking forward to seeing some submissions tonight! 8 hours to go!

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Kano & Poteito 60 minutes draw


My art for tonight oekaki

Potatohh—W U SO FAT IN MY ART T_T ?!


It isn’t entirely related to Kano, nor is it fanart in the literal sense, but I have completed a small side project that I thought up and wrote in less than a week. Definitely not my magnum opus, nor is it particularly story-heavy, but do check it out if you’re interested and let me know what you think. :slight_smile:


Here’s the Kano art that appeared from Japanese users for the oekaki~


That first one is pretty amazing. The different styles mesh well together.

The Misuzu Route segment has started, so we’re now looking for your Misuzu route art submissions for the next two weeks! Please keep in mind that we will NOT be submitting a Misuzu topic to the Oekaki due to potential for spoilers, so please produce art whenever you feel like!

*>_< I may or may not destroy this thread.

First batch:
~artist credit: かいがらぼうし
I actually really like a lot of the line art on Pixiv and this one, unlike a lot of fanart I see of Misuzu really captures her eyes right.

~artist credit: せっと
I thought this was just gorgeous, it really captures Misuzu’s positive nature and has a really great sense of design with the colour scheme.
~artist credit: みやと
This one’s a little different in style but I really like it nonetheless, the flow to her hair and sparkles of ocean spray are really nice touches.
~artist credit: かゆね
I like the simplistic style of this one, really nice lighting and expression on Misuzu’s face.

I’ll leave it there for the moment but I’ll definitely be back with more from the archives :3


I can’t see any of those… Are you hotlinking? You need to upload the art to the forum.

Oops, my mistake, I’ve fixed it.

Found this on DA.
Really amazing piece.