Show Off Your Goods

Wish they sold Angel Beats here. The company who licensed it is pretty much dead.

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Here’s something a little different: fan-made Key merch. This is a friendship bracelet based off Shizuru made by TomomiFoxes on Etsy. I think they did an excellent job on it. This might have been the last one they had.

Also, on the other item listings they have, they said that they accept requests on bracelets based off characters they haven’t made yet. Maybe later when I have a source of income again, I’ll ask for a bracelet based off Lucia.


New goods set from ZEN, C96. The acrylic figure of Saya is especially neat.


last goods to show before the forum down :’(


Wow those look amazing. Wish I had them.

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luckily, someone in my country going to Japan, so i can request him to buy me some goods sold in Akiba :laughing:


oh nice.

One final update on my part.

Besides that, I also good these items from Zen Market that, for lack of a better description, are a bit on the lewd side.

The mouse pads came in a bundle. However, it was supposed to the whole set with Lucia, Kotori and Akane. I wasn’t that mad, though, since I got the Lucia one. If I had gotten the Akane one, I would’ve been pissed. Don’t even get me started on what would’ve happened if I got three Akanes. I never see the official Lucia dakimakura on sale, so it was a lucky find. Whoever sold it had, like, 3 of them.


Here are some photos of all the Key things I own currently.
It doesn’t reflect what I love the most necessarily, I’ve bought a lot of things because they couldn’t be found in download on internet or because they were on sale but hey, I love Key, so it’s all good to me :ahaha:

Tactics related things:

Tactics poster included in the artbook:

Key related things:

CLANNAD manga and Side Stories (CLANNAD spoilers):

And finally, some photos of the 20th anniversary box I’ve received recently:


Wow thats alot of goods. This is impressive.


Mad lad, you actually got it! :shock:
I honestly thought that the price they charge for it was totally not worth it if you consider just the music, but looking at pictures of the packaging kind of makes me reconsider

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I Only have Kanon OST, Air OST, Clannad ~After Story~ - Toki o Kizamu Uta/TORCH and Little Busters! OST


Latest acquisitions


The Full OST that I have is Kanon OST and Clannad ~After Story~ also as well Clannad OST


My Little Busters Bookclub overall MVP goods have arrived! And dayum, what a bountiful package.

Little Busters and Little Busters EX perfect visual books (they’re huuuuuuuge!), Kurugaya and Kud shikishi, a Kud figurine, a Masato’s dumbbell-themed keychain (they’re pretty heavy for their size!), an LB Glass light (I put batteries in right away. Looks beautiful), a Clannad OST CD, a haruka acryllic stand and three… post cards, I guess? Aspy even wrote me a personal message on the Kyousuke card!

The rewrite anime OST I got for a Dango ticket was in the same package.

But most importantly… tadaaaa! A Little Busters Jumper! Now I am officially a Little Buster!

Big big thanks to @RyuuTamotsu and @Aspirety for sending all of this to me. Now I have even more things to remember the Little Busters Bookclub by!


I wish I had a LB jacket myself. Looks amazing.

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Got my planetarian goods around two weeks ago, just forgot to take a picture of them until a few days ago. :uguu: I should also mention I also have a bunch of goods from the CLANNAD kickstarter as well but I wanted to focus on the rest of the goods for this.

Anyway, here are the soundtracks I own (as well as a shikishi of best girl):

The rest of the planetarian goods:

And the thing I was most surprised about when when getting all this - a planetarian vinyl!!!

A huge thank you to everyone who helped to put this together and send it to me!!! The vinyl in itself would have been enough but all of this will always bring back the happy memories I have of the planetarian bookclub! :happy:


This is my only complete Key Visual Novel OST in my music library.
Alongside Clannad and Clannad ~After Story~ anime split singles.


That Lucia artwork. :amorous:


Also my Key’s anime and games goods

  • Air+Air in Summer (2005) (English Dub)
  • Air (2005) (Indonesian Sub)
  • Kanon (2006) (English Dub)
  • Clannad+Clannad ~After Story~ (2007) (English Dub)
  • Clannad+Clannad ~After Story~ (2007-2008) (Indonesian Sub)
  • Angel Beats! (2010) (Dub)
  • Little Busters!+Little Busters! ~Refrain~+Little Busters! EX (2012-2014) (English Dub)
  • planetarian ~the reverie of a little planet~ (2014) (English Dub)


  • AIR
  • Kanon
  • Kud Wafter Converted Edition
  • Tomoyo After ~It’s a Wonderful Life~
  • planetarian ~the reverie of a little planet~
  • Clannad Side Stories Vol. 1&2