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Same for me I liked lucia shizuru and akane but not in any particular order since I enjoyed them all and i really can’t put them in a order of which is better. For sure kotori’s route was somewhat lacking compared the ot her routes but it was still an intresting story. As for Terra and Moon I would like to keep them as seperate from 5 heroines as Terra and Moon are special routes completly seperate from the other ones. I felt terra did a good job on its route but I would like to know why you thought it wasn’t as good.

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So, today I was thinking about how a Rewrite anime might be structured. I can imagine that it would have to be split into at least two seasons for it to work. One season would have a heavy abridgement of the common route and all five character routes, and have Philosophyz as the opening theme and (I guess) Beyond the Darkness as the ending theme. The other season would have Moon and Terra, have Rewrite as the opening theme and probably CANOE as the ending theme. White Fox has to do the animation.

I don’t know much about anime production, but that’s how I think a Rewrite anime could work.


My personal choice would be To You Who Never Lies, by Yanagi Nagi.

Why not just use the same EDs as the VN?

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[quote=“sillylittlemelody, post:138, topic:37”]
My personal choice would be To You Who Never Lies, by Yanagi Nagi.
[/quote] Isn’t that a Lucia-specific ending theme, though? :confused:

[quote=“Takafumi, post:139, topic:37”]
Why not just use the same EDs as the VN?
[/quote] Having character-specific ending themes play when that character’s arc is finished might work. I just thought Beyond the Darkness might work as the general ending theme played after every episode, because it’s used for at least half the routes.

Or maybe they should just make YO-SHI-NO the general ending theme, so everyone’s happy. XD


Wasn’t it the ED of Akane?

Yes it’s Akane’s ending theme, it is featured in Lucia’s route though at some point.


I kinda thought it would work like Clannad/After Story or Little Busters/Refrain where most character routes are covered in the first season but 1 or 2 are in the second (Misae/Yukine, Yuiko (and I think Rin 2 but I’ve yet to read the LB VN so I’m not sure what each Rin route contains). I think Lucia would probably work as the “separated” as the rest all split at the same point and her route is by far the most different in style.

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With previous anime adaptations the writers just surgically removed the romance from routes and then it was “fine”; doing that with Rewrite would make for one giant cluster fuck and nothing else. Moon I think they would have to make it very clear that the heroine routes are memories/simulations that overlap. Easiest way to do that would be to have Moon Kotarou explain the structure of the world in the beginning. You pretty much have to throw subtlety out the window or it would just be extremely confusing.

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Or they can just go Amagami and simply denote, possibly by episode titles, that those are different routes. I don’t get why more anime adaptations of VNs don’t do that


This. I always thought that if Rewrite will ever get an anime adaptation, they have to do it in Amagami’s way.
No. I think it’s the only way to deliver the message in Rewrite correctly.
The problem is, the routes are very long and they will have to repeat the leaf dragon scene over and over again for each route. Except for Lucia’s of course.
Amagami gives each of the 6 routes 4 episodes (CMIIW). I think Rewrite needs more than 4 to finish a route. Anime nowadays only gets 12 episodes, with the possibility of 24 if the serial is famous (maybe, I don’t quite understand regarding this matter). Therefore, it is still possible if they give each route 5 episodes, since there’s only 5 heroine. But will 5 be enough? I guess it will, if they cut/reduce the common route part in the girls’ routes.

Well if LB can do it, Rewrite should be able too. BUT there’s no way I want to see Rewrite ends up like LB anime. (.-.)

Maybe they can make it like this:

season 1 = common route (heroines’ routes (alternate world theory), each given 4-5 episodes = 25 episodes)
season 2 = Moon + Terra (12 episodes)
season 3 = harvest festa lol
ova = oppai route

Come on KEY, make it happen!

sorry for my bedh engrish =.=
well you get the point. xD

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Yay! I think I voiced some ideas on reddit in the Key/Visual Art’s questions thing. I don’t remember though. Good to see more people thinking about this though. n_n

Oh, Photokano did that. I didn’t realize it at first and it was jarring. “Wait, this is an alternative?” But it does make sense. Especially for something like Rewrite where (completion spoiler) each route is effectively just a parallel universe that was already attempted, or at least that was my understanding of it, lol.


I personally think introducing tiny parts of Moon (for example, while Kotarou is dreaming, or at the end of each episode, etc) would be a neat way to do it. When we switch to a different person’s routes, we see that episode start with (Moon) Kagari making adjustments to the world’s schematics to test out that route, possibly scribbling furiously when something doesn’t work. Like Lucia’s route.

Terra overall would be deserving of its own season… The story feels very large in Terra and there’s just so much of it…


I honestly think that 5 episodes would be a bit too much per heroine. I’m thinking at least 5 for common, and 3-4 per heroine (common is pretty long, so it might take even more time for this)

But yeah, moon + terra, I believe, should be enough to fit in 12 episodes. It’ll cut it tight, but it’s doable. yeah.

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Mmh, I don’t think Harvest festa! really worth a season. That’s because (Rewrite Hf! spoiler) most of the routes in Hf! are AU and I feel like they’re just jokes. Kotori’s and Chihaya’s route is worth for an episode each, I guess. But Akane’s route and Shizuru’s route, I really can’t take them seriously. Lucia’s in the other hand, was okay but unnecessary.(end of spoiler)
They might do for DVD/BD specials like LB!EX though.

Both LB! and Rewrite are quite hard to adapt as anime because of the nature of the storyline, but with skilled writer and awesome budget they’ll do well. I think.

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well it was there for a joke. Haha
I haven’t even read HF.
Coz from what I heard, it’s kinda like After story, if not alternate story.

Just wait until the translation is complete, then you’ll understand…

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How come there’s not a Kagari topic ? I guess she was in Moon and Terra, but she should still get her own character discussion.

That’s an interesting point… Normally, you’d treat Moon and/or Terra as her character topic, but they’re not exactly character routes. So it’d make sense for us to have a Kagari character topic…

Only, things get really weird with Kagari. (Terra) Considering she’s actually two identical twins with the same name…

Nonetheless, we could definitely put up a Kagari topic, and have people incorporate those complications into the discussion.

EDIT: Got one up! Rewrite - Kagari Character Discussion Beware of spoilers if you haven’t finished Rewrite.