Rewrite - Anime Pre-Release Discussion & Speculation

Forever? I would not be so sure…
Key and in particular VisualArt‘s are always good for
an unexpected surprise :wink:



hmm, well I love HLH and GDM so this is something that I would definitely get excited for :smiley:

I’m still curios about how they will use it, maybe it will be like a second opening for the darker/action heavy second part of the anime or it will just be an insert song on some particular scene .

I can’t wait to know .


“End of the world” song preview got uploaded to “Visual Art’s Japan” youtube channe!
it sounds great!


Perhaps this might be the second cour ending? Because I can’t really see them not using Philosophyz all the way through the seaosn. One guy on MAL said that the lyrics apply to Akane/Moon/Terra, so that kind of worries me though…

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I think [End of the world] will either be a new OP or ED for Terra or it will be played as an insert song of a particular scence from the untold 6th route. :wink:


I feel it would do some good if people around here watched this.


The Rewrite OP/ED EP can be ordered/pre-ordered if I’m correct.
If I’m right, then I’m guessing it has the full version of both songs, the anime-OP/ED-Length, and the off-vocal version.

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That just looks shady as fuck. There’s no information on the page; they haven’t made any tweets about it, and it’s set for release 3 weeks into the season. OPs are usually release around halfway through a season.

Love Live Sunshine’s OP is releasing July 20 and the show starts July 2 so I don’t think it’s that weird.

That doesn’t invalidate my statement in any way. Of course there are exceptions hence my use of the word “usually.”

Checking the anime I’m watching from the current season, the following shows release their OP around episode 6 or latter: Hundred, Netoge no yome, Mayoiga, Kabaneri, Sousei no Onmyouji, Magi, Haifuri, Flying Witch, Hero academia.

These anime release theirs earlier: Bakuon, Sansha Sanyou, Sakamoto, Tanaka-kun, Kuma Miko.

That’s 9 to 5, yet I still consider the date the weakest of the 3 arguments.

(That was a lot of googling. Fuck this shit!)

I think I misread your post. What I thought was you said Amazon was shady listing it. I’m pretty sure it’s just a placeholder. I looked up a few random summer anime OPs with confirmed names and all are apparently releasing July 27 which seems really coincidental.
(Cheer Danshi, New Game, Shokugeki no Soma S2)

I guess that’s some security, but it still seems like a stupid idea to throw money at something with no information or confirmation.

If it helps any, animate’s online shop also has it listed at the same details:

IMO it makes sense that they’re releasing it fairly early because these songs are already practically complete, so not much work has to be put into them; whereas for brand new singles, a lot more mastering, music videos, etc etc are made

It definitely looks shady, but this kind of thing is more often legit than not, at least as far as the purchasing goes (release date is probably the most variable thing). I know this happens to Nana Mizuki singles all the time where as long as there is information that “it will exist eventually” then it gets listed, even with no known title or tracks or price.

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Yeah the opening/ending single has been officially announced.


Well, took them long enough :stuck_out_tongue: My entire decision to buy or not depends on what bonus items they give out. Would love it if they gave a poster, as they did with Bravely You and Heartily Song. Otherwise, I already own the songs from other OSTs

lol I’d buy it but the shipping is too expensive =[.

We got a new Rewrite visual from this month’s dengeki G issue!

Artist: Masayuki Nonaka


Wow ! Kagari looks beautiful !!! I guess we can assume now that they won’t be adding highlights to the hair, but the details in the hair and dresses are beautiful.

Oh, and the eyes are also beautiful


btw, Next month’s Dengeki G’s issue will have Rewrite in its cover page and will also have feature an article about it.
it will be released at June 30.


:tired_face: Stop ! You’re making me eager for that issue :sweat::sweat::sweat: Now I feel restless for it…

Hopefully we get a beautiful Kagari cover page. Or Shizuru cause, it’s Shizuru.