Planetarian Announcement Confirmed for Anime Expo: Speculation Topic

So just a few hours ago, Vava (president of VisualArts) posted this tweet:

A rough translation is “Anime expo will take place in Los Angeles in the US. There will be a Planetarian announcement.” (TL by @Takafumi)

What do you think it could be about? Considering the setting, I’m hoping it’s something to do with a localisation effort. My wild speculation is that Sekai Project is forming a partnership with Key, starting with a Steam localisation of Planetarian. But, I could be completely wrong! What do you think this might be about?


Key gotta new group together. They won’t be working with Sekai.

They’re opening KeyUS.

First thing you’ll be seeing is Planetarian. Followed by all the other VNs.

The storm of greatness will end with a multinational release of Angel Beats!: First Beat. This was the reason for the delay.

-Wakes up from dream-

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Hahahahaha. All you people believing.

It’s gonna be Hoshi no Hito localised on iOS.

Don’t be so hopeful.
It’s a new KSL CD.

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I think it’ll be the Sekai Project localization idea.

I’d prefer Hoshi no Hito though~

Planetarian Collection Drama CD!

Dubstep remix album.

My issue with the possibilities of Planetarian on Steam is that it doesn’t seem like a big enough risk/reward. Wouldn’t they rather do it with something big, like Clannad? Even though that’d be a much larger project… I don’t know. It’s hard to guess. I feel like getting people interested in Planetarian is difficult, and that the best thing is price point and that it’s a very quick read, so you don’t lose much of anything w/ the investment.

Maybe. Planetarian is an easy guinea pig though, it costs a fraction of the amount it would cost to localise one of their bigger titles. I think it’s understandable that they’d want to start with Planetarian before moving onto bigger projects.

Visualarts actually already localized planetarian over a year ago and released it on iOS:
I’m hoping for a physical release.
In my dreams though, they would announce am Anime adaptation of planetarian!

Also, fuck, visualarts is at AX too? Why the hell didn’t I go down there this year like I wanted T_T

Planetarian is coming to Steam!

I expect everyone to be a maximum marketing levels when this drops. Word of mouth is the strongest of tools.

I highly highly doubt the Sekai Project collab. Key is pretty close-minded when it comes to these things and if they ever release it, they will release it themselves (or through their own publishers).

It seems the most logical thing would either be a translation of the PC version or the Android version.

EDIT: Welp looks like I am dead wrong, Key really did work with Sekai Project for this haha.

Dammit, they didn’t say they were releasing a physical copy, only a Steam copy?

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I’d happily pay extra if it means I get a physical copy. Having the VN actually in my possession is preferable.

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