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You make a podcast for your fan-fiction.
That’s genius.

Gotta try that.

I’m not Chika Shirokiri or Jun Maeda either, but a couple users on Kaza gave me inspiration for a Little Busters! fic about little Kudryavka. With encouragement, I wrote a short one-shot with a unique twist. What is this incredibly interesting twist, you ask? Check the link below.

It’s not as grandiose as my earlier Rewrite fanfic, but if you want a short, fun story about a theoretical ‘dark side’ to Kud, look no further. Don’t ask me when it happens, though. I couldn’t tell you. :stuck_out_tongue:


Have you read Messiah, my Rewrite fanfiction that I created a while back? Did you think Imako should have ended up with Chizuru instead of Hitomi? Do you wish you knew more about Chizuru as a character? Look no further!

Messiah+ (written as Plus because doesn’t take symbols for whatever reason) is a direct continuation to Messiah that asks that you completely forget (but not quite) what happened in the original and goes in a new direction. It’s also an experiment for a useful technique I found in a writing self-help book recently, so I hope the result turns out quite nicely. Chapter 1 is currently up, so enjoy~! :smile:

Since I play a lot of games, I’ve started to do screenshot-based Let’s Plays. I use a Planetarian name a lot so that leads to a lot of scenarios, one I’m debating is writing one as a fake biopic of if Yumemi was a revered driver or pilot or something she would be terribly ill-suited for.

Basically, if some people call Yumemi a sort of robot Jesus, when I was first writing stuff I ended up turning her into a robot Ayrton Senna, which depending on your point of view isn’t too far off. Considering the renewed attention Planetarian’s been getting recently I thought it would be appropriate.

There was another one that’s ongoing in which I’m taking robots compelled to follow Yumemi to conquer space, it’s a Master of Orion run…

Long story short I’ve tossed around the idea of putting her in many, many places and I wonder if it’s time to come back to that. And if so, how?

Remember the AIR beach episode I wrote for the AIR Bookclub? I wrote a spiritual successor to it! This time around it’s about a spring picnic, or rather, finding someone who’s supposed to be there for the picnic. There are mild spoilers for Kanon, particularly Sayuri’s mini-route if you haven’t read that, so be cautious.

Enjoy~! :slight_smile:

Although I posted it in the Tomoyo After Fanart thread first, I’m going to place my fanfic here and update it when I write a new chapter.

So far there’s only one chapter up, with four more on the way. I don’t know how many more I’m going to write, if I write any more at all after the Bookclub. Nevertheless, it’s something I can comfortably do while working on my other projects.

Again, Tomo Arc and After Arc spoilers for the uninitiated. Please read Tomoyo After, it’s a great visual novel. And don’t forget to read this afterward! Enjoy~ :3

There’s some supplemental dialogue below with Tomoya and Tomoyo accompanying each letter’s release. Again, After Arc spoilers.

EDIT (09/07/16) - “Oh, another letter? …Who’s Tomo?” 0_o

EDIT (09/09/16) - “Tomoya, this letter is from Tomo, our…our friend.”
“Yes, please read it. Even though she’s small, she put a great deal of effort into it for you.”

EDIT (09/10/16) - “Oh, another letter from this Tomo person…I wonder what she looks like.” ._.

EDIT (09/12/16) - “Tomoyo, what does this Tomo person look like?”
“She’s young and cute. Six years old, I think.”
“Why is a six-year-old writing to me? Don’t tell me it’s because…”
“Whatever perverted things you’re thinking about, it’s not true. Tomo is our friend. That’s all you need to know for now.”
“Uh…sure.” :confused:

EDIT (09/13/16) - “Hey, Tomoyo, what’s a starfish?”
“…You’re joking, right?”
“Yeah, sorry.” ^^;
“I miss Tomo. I really wish I could visit her right now…”
“Then why don’t you?”
“You’re more important right now.”
“Am I really that important to you?”
“You’ll understand soon. I’m sure of it. For now, just keep reading her letters.”

EDIT (09/14/16) - “So many letters…I don’t know where to start. Maybe the most recent will do?”

EDIT (09/15/16) - “Who’s Fuko?”
“…Beats me. I don’t recall seeing any other girls in the village. But it looks like Tomo’s made a friend.”
“Seems so. This Tomo girl really wants me to play with her for some reason. Maybe we should visit her?”
“No, not yet. For now, you need to rest. I’ll go meet Tomo later.”
“Can you give her a message, then?”
“Tell her…I’ll be there to play with her soon.”
“…Okay. I’ll tell her.”
“Thank you…”

EDIT (10/15/16) - “This Tomo girl sure has cute handwriting…”
“I know, right? She’s such a cute girl.”
“I wonder if I really am her father, though…I don’t remember ever getting married and having a kid…”
“…It’s nothing.”
“Come on, tell me. Am I really her father?”
“…No, you’re not. But even if she is not your real daughter, you still chose to raise her until her real mother could take care of her again. And those times were very happy.”
“I wonder about that…I would like to meet her sometime soon.”
“You will. We promised we would.”
“Is that so? Then…I look forward to it.”

EDIT (10/18/16) - “Does this kid seriously think General Winter is a person?”
“Hey, don’t make fun of her. It’s like Santa Claus. She’ll learn to grow out of it eventually.”
“Brr…I doubt that…”
“Are you cold? I can turn the temperature up if you want.”
“N-no, I’m fine. This is nothing compared to losing my memories.”
“I can get you something hot to drink later if you need it.”
“Thank you…hopefully I can see Tomo before I catch a cold.”
“…Yeah, hopefully.”


A friend outside Kaza and I have done a thing where we’re writing more stories of an alternate world where there’s a future ahead for Yumemi, and we give the Junker a name…I’m wondering, if the mood ever strikes us to create some vignettes, if anyone here would actually be interested in reading them?

…boy, the story behind how this comes about is pretty outrageous, too and would make crazy fanfiction on its own…to preview the thoughts behind it, consider this.

In a world where the stars are in reach, but held out of the hands of many, can a dreamer still reach out to see them as more than pawns of the powerful?


I also uploaded my Air fanfic Misuzu After Stories at Archive of Our Own.

So I suddenly had a Rewrite fanfic in mind. I wanted to make a scenario based on this:

(all spoilers in this post is on Moon)

So my fanfic idea here is set in a dystopia centuries after a route like Kotori’s, but I also like to include in the story that the world is running extremely low on aurora here, which is causing premature deaths everywhere. The protagonist is among them – in a very Key-like fashion, he’s terminally ill. Like Kotarou, he is simply looking for a simple yet fulfilling life, and somehow he ended up meeting and falling in love with a Holy Woman.

I still have yet to get to the specifics of how the story will go, but right now it’s just a matter of whether or not I’ll actually write it. XD (It would also help if someone could point out if I’m getting outright inconsistent with the canon.) Let’s see. :))


I began writing a Kanon fanfiction a while back. It focuses on the character arcs but makes them have much darker endings. I’m nowhere near a professional writer, so the writing can sometimes seem a bit “meh”, haha, but I wrote it to show my passion for the series.

So far there are three chapters, focusing on Makoto’s, Shiori’s, and Mai’s arcs. I have been working on Nayuki’s chapter, but I’ve been going through major writer’s block with the story, and I’m not sure if it’ll ever be completed. ^^

But ye, I would really like constructive feedback if you’re feeling kind. ^^

You can read it here:

Just a warning that there are some spoilers for the Kanon series, and that there is some violence; particularly in Mai’s chapter.

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Good idea!:yahaha:
Sakuya isn’t very developed in Rewrite.We only know that he was a rewriter, that’s all. A fanfiction like this could add a real depth to Sakuya.

I know this will sound condescending, but I am asking out of curiosity. Why would you write fanfictions? You’re not adding to the work itself.

Personally the only times I’ve done so are in academic settings — Capturing a type of story, or capturing an established setting, and imagining how it would be if alterations were made or if the scenario progressed. In this way fanfiction is not the study of literature but the study of a writer. It’s an analysis.

An example I enjoy would be taking a rarely-mentioned character from a story and re-imagining said story in that character’s mind. How would the writer alter his style to present the mind of this character? The world would still be the same in many ways, but the outlook would no doubt be changed. There’d be common ground and there’d be differences. How would this outcome differ from if you wrote a similar scenario from scratch as yourself? What can those differences tell you?

While many authors follow this approach (explaining why many recognized authors have worked on what could be called fanfiction) it is hardly mainstream. I imagine most of the fan-fiction out there stems from a simple set of things: A lack of originality, a burst of inspiration, an ideal, and a love of a story. They just like headcanons.

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If I were to do it, which I’ve considered some times, it would be just cause I have fun writing, and if I already like a universe but think that it still has more potential than the one that the original writers used, why not give it a try? It similar to musicians writing arranges. They won’t add many new things, but it still creates something slightly different and the arranger or other people that might come across the score enjoy it.

I do agree with Takafumi on the lack of originality though, although sometimes you just want to write a short story and can’t spend a lot of time explaining the world that it’s taking part in in detail.

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I don’t write fics that often, but there’s a certain kind of fun in wanting to explore on some aspects of the story that it didn’t expand that much on. Like if I like a story enough, I’d start having ideas on “what-ifs” that I’ll have an urge to write about. For example, what if Riki also had a route with Suginami? It’s an interesting idea that LB! didn’t explore about. So there might be fans who would want to write fics about them, and other curious fellows would actively seek fics about them.

Also, ideas can also spark more ideas too, and I guess that’s how it starts for most people.

Also, Rule 34.

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This is a Kurugaya origin theory. (it kinda got long).

Kurugaya had two parents, both brilliant. Her father was a champion martial artist and the her Mother a world renowned musician.

Her mother and father wanted Kurugaya to be the best so they persuaded her to do her best in everything. From her childhood Kurugaya was expected to be perfect in everything. Her parents only showed two emotions to Kurugaya. Whenever she did something disapproving her parents showed disappointment and whenever she did good they merely acknowledge it with an okay or a nod of head.

These robotic expression of yes and no was all she had in her childhood. She never interacted with other children and never understood them. Due to this she became emotionless.

One day she and her parents came to a small town when she was 10. There was a carnival nearby, her parents left her there while they attended some business.

She was loitering around for a while to pass time when she found someone. A boy was trying to climb a tree.

“What are you doing?” she asked him while being expressionless.

“Oh… Waaaa!” the boy fell as he turned “You surprised me.”

Seeing as there was no expression from her the boy replied to her question “When i was counting my money and fell my wallet flew from my hand and got stuck up there”.

Kurugaya looked up. Surely there was a wallet there.

“I was finally going to the carnival but now…” the boy looked dejected.

Kurugaya didn’t know why but she had an urge to help him. She jumped up and broke the branch holding the wallet. The wallet fell and the boy grabbed it.

“Thanks. You really saved me,” that was the first time someone thanked kurugaya. A smile threatened on her face. She felt her first emotion happiness that time.

“Hey do you want to go to the carnival? It’ll be fun,” the boy asked her.

“Me I’m not sure, my parents are…”

“I can pay for your rides too. I have enough money and this way i can pay you back, after all i wouldn’t have been able to go if it hadn’t been because of you,”


“Come on…” the boy pulled her hand but for some reason she didn’t show any resistance.

They road many rides any played many games on the stall in the carnival. It was the first day kurugaya had any fun. Soon the evening came and so did the time for Kurugaya to leave.

“I had a lot of fun with you today, thank you,”

“Um… yes” Kurugaya was feeling strange, she didn’t feel like this any other time.

“Hey. You look bad is something the matter?” the boy asked her.

“Nothing, i was feeling very good before but now that we’re separating i feel… odd.”

The boy stared at her for a minute and then said “wait here for a moment.” he said and ran off. He returned in a few minutes with something.

“A ribbon?” in his hands lay a yellow ribbon.

“Yeah, you know you looked sad at the prospect of us going away so i brought this.”

“Because i looked sad?.”

“Yeah, my mom told me that yellow colour is for happiness and hope. I am giving you this because i want you to become happy again and also you can hold hope that we meet each other again.”

The small act of kindness. It was something foreign for kurugaya. She didn’t know how to react.

“Should i tie it in your hair?” Kurugaya just nodded. The boy clumsily tied it on the left part of her hair.

“Sorry I’ve never tied a ribbon in a girl’s hair before.” it was time for goodbye now “I’ll see you again bye-bye.” his words were like a promise to kurugaya.

The boy said and ran away in the drowning sunset.

That day kurugaya felt happiness when she helped him. Fun when they spent time together. Sadness when they separated and… an unknown emotion.

Those emotions were now only left in Kurugaya’s memory. She tried to replicate them but she couldn’t. So she put on fake emotions and tried to recreated them with other people, but they were always either kids who saw her as odd or those whom she didn’t had interest in.

A desire was born in her heart now, That she can put away these fake emotions and once again experience the real one’s. It was only fulfilled when she met the Little busters.


After reading this post, I’ve decided: this isn’t a ridiculous theory! This is actually some pretty decent fan fiction!

And so I’ve moved it here, where it belongs :umu:

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So, I decided that I ought to release chapters of this as I work on it.

It’s chapter 1 of Yumemi And Friends, my big wacky science fiction take on Planetarian skewed slightly sideways. Welcome to what happened when I and a friend decided that Yumemi would be a dead ringer for the Abh from Crest of the Stars, and it went from there…