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I wrote and finished contribution to the AIR Bookclub and contains some spoilers of anime or manga editions.
I enjoy studying in university
Even it could not do us part
We had a New Family Member

This is really bad, but…

I wrote this like last year owo
was gonna make it a serial work but i might just rewrite it

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This isn’t bad at all! It’s pretty much how I imagine a prologue to Little Busters! would play out. The only thing you neglected to mention is the girls’ regrets (though you did hint at it).

The End of Infinity. By Aspirety.

Major AIR spoilers below.

It’s summer. The sound of the tide resonates through my ears as I watch the sun begin to set. To my side, my childhood friend is quietly playing in the sand. We have been together for a long time, longer than I can even remember.
“What are you looking at?” my friend asks me.
“The sky.” is all I’m able to respond with. I can’t help but think that the sky looks so sad today. “What are you building?”
“A sandcastle!” she responds enthusiastically.
I suppose this is the first time she’s been to a beach, so a sandcastle is to be expected. “The tide is rising up pretty quickly. Aren’t you worried that the sandcastle will wash away tonight?”
“Don’t worry.” she responds calmly. “I don’t mind if it washes away.”
I take a moment to consider her words, before returning my gaze to the horizon. Suddenly, I remember a dream. It was a very, very long dream. I’m not sure when I remember having dreamt this dream. Are these really my dreams? It all flashes to me in an instant of realisation.
The planet’s first memory.
My happy memories of living with her.
My mind fills to the brim with memories which don’t belong to me. And then, for a brief moment, I understand everything. I remember the story of a long, long journey which lasted thousands, no, hundreds of millions of years. The story of a girl in the sky who was burdened with an unending sadness, and the boy who strove to save her.
There were many people trying to save the girl, but the girl wouldn’t allow herself to be saved, because she couldn’t let go of her attachments to the world and find peace. But one day, there was a girl who learned the value of seeking her own happiness. She was the strongest of all of them, and through the wishes of everyone who loved her, she was able to survive until the end of the dream, and gain the strength to say farewell with a smile.
But the dream went even further beyond that. I remembered a scene of a girl and a boy playing on the beach. I recognised the two as myself and my friend. That night, we would each part ways once the sun set, and wouldn’t meet again for a long time. When she arrived home, the girl became very ill. She was submitted to a hospital in the hopes that they may be able to determine a cause of her sudden illness, but nobody would be able to provide an answer.
I wouldn’t know this, but the girl would continue escaping the hospital in the middle of the day to run to the beach, hoping to play some more. Her illness would cause everyone to be worry about her while her family prayed for her recovery, but she would continue smiling energetically like nothing was wrong. During the time I waited, our nursery school would receive a new teacher: Miss Kamio.
“Why are yer playin’ alone?” she would ask me.
“I’m waiting… For my friend to get better.” I would respond.
“Is yer friend unwell?”
“Yeah. I haven’t seen her for months now.”
“I see. Yer young and yeh already have lotsa’ problems.” She would sit down next to me. “Yer have all this bad luck, and there ain’t nothin’ yer can do ‘bout it. I know the feelin’. But it ain’t like there’s nothin’ yer can do.” I would look up at the teacher. “You can pray. It don’t matter who yeh pray to, as long as it’s from the heart. Even if it don’t feel like nobody is listenin’, yer never know. Maybe somebody in the sky is listenin’ to yer prayer.”
“In the sky…?”
“In the meantime, yer can rest assured tha’ Miss Kamio will stay beside yeh while yeh wait. That way yer don’ have teh feel like yer alone. Okay?”
Somehow, the woman’s words would give me hope. She’d continue to spend time with me every day and make sure I wasn’t left alone. I must’ve remembered that being alone is painful, so her presence was comforting to me in that time. As I waited, I continued to send my prayers to the sky, in the hope that my friend would recover soon.
Summer turned to Fall as I continued to pray, and finally, my prayers were answered.
“I’m sorry to make you worry. I’m all right now!” she assured me with lots of energy.
A part of me must’ve been afraid to accept this blessing, but I wanted to believe in her. “So you’re really okay now?”
“Yep! Summer may be over, but we have all the time in the world to have fun together!” And from that day on, nothing would be able to separate us anymore. Miss Kamio would become frustrated as my grades would begin to fall as soon as my friend returned to school, but in the end she could never stay mad at us after seeing us have fun together. Then, once we graduated from nursery school, the dream ended. I can’t remember what happened after that.
Whose memories were these? Why could I remember things that haven’t happened yet? I didn’t fully understand the details, but seeing this dream taught me how fortunate I was.
“What’s wrong?” A voice makes me turn around. Standing there was a lone girl. I know her name and face. She’s my childhood friend, Saika. “Look, I did it.”
She’s finished her sandcastle, and she’s proud of it. “It looks good doesn’t it?” I praise her.
“Yep, it turned out well.” She seems satisfied with it.
“The sun’ll set soon…” I look at the sea and squint. Watching the setting sun should make me sad, but knowing it’ll rise again gives me strength.
“Yeah…” she responds.
“Then should we take a look before we go?”
“Mm? Take a look at what?”
“What’s at the far end of the beach. You’ve always said you wanted to know what was over there.”
“Did I say that…?”
“Maybe you didn’t, but I think you were thinking it.”
“Yeah… Okay, we’ll take a look.”
Now I know what awaits us there. We can see people sitting on the embankment when we turn around. A man and a woman. The man might be sleeping, because he’s hanging his head. The woman sits upright next to him. As if waiting for him to wake up. The woman notices us, and waves. I wave back. They were given cruel days, while we were given a beginning. I clench my fist.
“All right, wanna get going?” She’s waiting for me up ahead.
“What lies ahead… The end of infinity.”
I’m no longer afraid of what lies at the end of the beach. Even though there may be many more painful sunsets in the future, I am hopeful that the sun will always rise again in the end. That is their final gift to us. I turn back just once to say something. My words are carried away by the sea breeze before they disappear.


Oh,I really liked that!

You guys have inspired me to put together one of my own.

This isn’t necessarily for the commemoration project (which I’m certain I’m late to), but it is AIR related. This fan fiction tells a story of a generation not too long before Yukito and Misuzu’s story.

I’ll be moving this to once my account is verified.

Maybe I’ll supplement it with pictures as well, since I didn’t really describe what anybody looked like in this. Also, some of the developments were a bit rushed. I’ll likely edit it later to fix up some of the issues. This is somewhat long… “Print preview” from Wordpad tells me about sixteen pages or so. Sorry if this is unreasonable for fanfics.

Despite its problems, I hope you’ll enjoy this.

A curse. That’s what she has. But it’s not just her curse. I know it’s selfish, but it’s my curse too. So please… let me share it with you.
[Three months ago.]
I’m a musician. The outside world is… it makes me anxious. There are so many people. I need an escape. The sounds of these notes hide the world outside. No, they create a new world. One that’s comfortable. One where nobody can hurt me. One where nobody else exists.
But… it’s so lonely here.
The outside world is big. Can I take a step out?
“Yes Yuu. You can’t be afraid anymore. It’s time to experience the world.”
My mother, Kuroki Ayako. To put it bluntly, she’s probably tired of me being a shut-in.
“I’m not ready yet,” I told her nervously. “Let me… umm. Maybe tomorrow, okay?”
She sighed in an exaggerated manner. Suddenly, a mischievous smile appeared on her face. I have a bad feeling about this… “Then, play me a song in exchange for letting you stay inside today.”
What!? No, I can’t… If it’s in front of other people it’s no good. I mean, that makes me way too nervous! My fingers get all shaky and I can’t keep my timing right. Plus my heartbeat increases to critical levels and I get all sweaty and then I can’t… I just can’t.
“Then I guess you’ll just have to go outside,” she let out with a smirk. Are you trying to kill me, mother? (Well, not like I’d ask her that.)
She picked me up!? Just how strong are you? Ah! No no no no no! F***!
It’s bright. I’m on the ground. Run for the door! … It slams shut in my face. I try to open it, but I hear it get locked. This is it. This is how I die. Mother, why?
“Oh don’t be so melodramatic. Here, I’ll bring you your guitar.”
… How’s that supposed to help, exactly?
No wait. Chance! I can barge through the door as soon as she opens it and-
The guitar gets swung at me. That’s dangerous! Oh no, don’t scratch it- Aha! Catch! … The door is closed again. (When did it even open?) … I give up.
“I’ll just sit here until you open the door mom.”
“If you do I’ll pour water all over your guitar~”
“Then I guess you’d better move, huh Yuu?”
Ring ring ring.
“If you’re not gone by the time I’ve answered this phone, I’ll do it~”
… Fine. I get it. I’m going. I barely hear her answer it as I’m walk away.
As soon as I looked up I noticed there were so many people gathered around. Oh no, this isn’t good. Dash!

Huff, huff.
I catch my breath and take in my surroundings.
Nobody is around… good. There are trees all around, and a small lake in front of me. It feels comforting here. Maybe, maybe I’ll play.
I look at my guitar. It’s an old off-brand acoustic, but it sounds well and feels comfortable when I play it normally.
So let’s play it normally for now. I play a small peaceful phrase and repeat it a few times. I move on and try something more energetic. My fingers start to hurt though.
There’s nobody around so it’ll be okay if I play it that way, right? I let go of the guitar but it doesn’t fall. My mother explained it to me before, but it’s still hard to believe. Just holding my hands over it, I think of what I want to play. More specifically, I think of which strings to pluck and which frets to restrict vibrations on.
When I do it like this, it doesn’t hurt anymore. But it does drain me a little bit. Regardless, I keep playing, mesmerized by my own performance. It’s magic, I guess. Mom called it Houjutsu. Same difference though.
I’m improvising now. I’m playing just whatever comes to mind. It’s calm, but sometimes I show off to myself a little bit.
I hear the wind.
(Step, step…)
The image of the sky comes to mind.
(Step, step…)
Hmm… I have this indescribable feeling. But I keep playing.
“Woah, that’s really pretty.”
“Oh, thank you.”
“How are you doing that?”
“Hou ju tsu? What’s that?”
“Magic, I guess.”
“Woah! Does that mean you’re a magician?”
“I wouldn’t say so. I’m playing guitar so ‘musician’ seems like the better term to me.”
“Hmm. Wouldn’t guitarist make more sense?”
“I suppose, but it didn’t have to be guit- wah!?”
Wh-who the hell is that!? When’d she get here!? No no no no no, what have I done? Agh!
“Oh my, that’s a really impressive response.”
“… Thank you,” I said while trying to convince my heart not to run away from my chest.
Just as I was worried about how I must’ve looked, I noticed that the girl was shaking.
“Are you okay?” I asked, in a strangely calm manner.
Actually, she looks frightened. What’s wrong?
“To tell you the truth,” she said with a slight tremble in her voice, “I’m actually really nervous right now. I just… I heard your playing and thought…”
She’s starting to back away.
“Umm, sorry! I gotta… Sorry, bye!”
She took off running.
… She tripped.
“Hey, are you okay?” I asked while running up to her.
“Ah!!!” she let out a scream. Do I look dangerous to her? I instinctively backed away as well. She went to get up by herself. I walked closer to her, slowly.
“Here, let me help you up.”
She looked at me immediately with an anxious expression. Then she looked away and timidly said “Please.”
I reached out and pulled her up. She just stood there, looking off to the side somewhere.
“Weren’t you in a hurry?”
She looked a little further away before looking back at me.
“No, I was just nervous. I’m not good around people. I just… I heard your music and I thought…”
“I thought that maybe we could be friends.”
… Huh?
I can see tears in her eyes. Could she be like me? Was she a shut-in too, inexplicably thrown out into the world like I was? Just someone else looking for refuge in a secluded place?
Despite the strangeness of the situation, I felt that maybe… Yeah, maybe we…
“Le-… Let’s be friends!” I shouted unintentionally, and deeply bowed my head. I stayed that way for what felt like forever. Why am I feeling so nervous? What if she had a look of disgust on her face? How would I deal with that? Well, I’d have to run away.
“Really? You’ll really be friends with me?” she asked. I looked up and saw a kind face decorated with a bright smile.
That’s the day we became friends.

“And then she asked if we could be friends!”
“And of course there was no way I could refuse, so I said ‘of course!’”
“So then she asked if I could play something on my guitar again,”
“because she said it was really soothing and nice to hear.”
“And you know, it didn’t bother me. I don’t know why, but I was able to play for her.”

We’re eating dinner. Normally it would be something homecooked, but it’s just convenience store food tonight.
I only just noticed, but… What’s wrong with mom? Her eyes look clouded and she’s barely touching her food.
“Are you okay?”
“Mm- huh? Oh, I’m sorry I’m just…”
“Are you sick?”
“Ah, no, it’s just…”
“That’s no good mom. Go rest. I’ll tell you more about what happened when you’re better, okay?”
“I’m sorry Yuu. Yeah…”
She got up and went back to her room. I hope she gets better soon.
It wasn’t long before I started thinking about the day again though. We’re supposed to meet tomorrow. Have I been cured from my shut-in syndrome just like that?
The next day.
I walked outside. Woah, that’s a lot of people… I’ll do my best to walk there at a normal pace like a normal person would normally do!

Huff, huff.
(I’m not completely cured yet.)
“Huffff, … hahhhh, … huffff…”
I see the girl from yesterday.
“Did you run all the way here too, Miu?”
“Hahhhh, … huffff, … hahhhh…”
A couple of moments later.
“Yes… I did,” she said, still slightly short on breath.
“You sound like you don’t run much…”
“I got nervous.”
“Oh. Umm, do you want me to play you something else?”
“Yes please!” she said through a radiant smile.
Smiling back, I took out my guitar.
“What would you like to hear?”
“A song about flying in the sky!” she said happily.
“Like the song you were playing yesterday. It’s like the musical version of my dreams.”
She dreams of flying in the sky? Well that doesn’t sound too bad. I smiled again and started playing a tune similar to what I played before. (I’ll be honest though, I don’t really remember it. I’m also not really sure what she means by a “musical version of my dreams,” but I’ll do my best.)
Shortly after starting to play (using my Houjutsu), I had the image of the sky in my head, and I could almost feel the wind blowing against me. Before long, I finished the piece (though it was mostly an improvisation).
I heard the sound of clapping and looked up at Miu. She was smiling but…
“Why are you crying?”
“I’m not…” she said in an effort to deny what was plainly visible. I could see tears roll down her face as she tried to keep her smile.
“Did I do something wrong?” I asked dumbly.
She shook her head and managed a smile with tears rolling down her cheeks. “No, it’s… it’s fine” she said with her voice breaking slightly.
I don’t know what to do. What do I do? She’s crying. It’s silent but I see her crying… I reach out to her, but she says. “Will you play something again?”
If I would’ve looked at the reflection in the lake, I’d have gotten to see what I look like when I’m dumbstruck.
“Please?” she pleaded. I fixed my expression into a half-hearted smile, unsure of myself, and nodded my head.
And so I decided to play something that I thought might make her happy. After a little while she was fine again.

This continued for several weeks.
Each time I played for Miu, she would cry. I’d play again, and she’d feel better. Sometimes she would dance. (I think you’d call that dancing anyway.)
She once asked me “Is it really true that I’m your friend.”
“No. We’re friends,” I said with a smile. She smiled back with tears in her eyes.
Sometimes she would explain her dreams to me. Then she’d ask if I would play something that sounded like that dream. While the requests always seemed difficult, they’d always turn out a bit easier than I expected.
One day, I asked her… “Is there something I can do to help you?”
“Huh?” she said with a look of confusion.
“I mean, when you cry like that…”
She gave a sad smile.
“There’s nothing that can be done. I… I always cry like this when I get close to someone, or when someone gets close to me.”
“But then, what can I do to help you? I don’t want to see you like that. And they’ve been getting worse lately. You look like you’re in pain… Isn’t there anything?”
She shook her head with the same expression.
“Just keep playing your guitar, Yuu. Please,” she said with a somewhat happier tone.
Maybe there’s something else I can do. I want to do something else to help her.
“I’ll find more ways to make you happy!” I said, determined to make sure she would be happy forever. She seemed surprised.

I found an old doll. It had been in the family for years, I think. Something seems comfortable about it. So I started to think of ways to make Miu happy. What if I have the doll walk around? Oh, it would be a puppet then, right? A puppet without strings. Ha… maybe I am a magician.
After practicing for awhile I gained confidence in my ability to use the doll. No, the puppet. I was pretty proud of myself. As I was thinking of Miu’s smile, a sudden pain came to my back. I fell down and passed out. I couldn’t take that pain.

When I woke up again, I was alone in my room. Did mom bring me here? The puppet was by me.
“You’re finally awake, Yuu,” my mother said to me.
“How are you feeling?” she asked.
“Ah… I’m okay now,” I said honestly.
She gave a displeased look. Shortly after, she smiled and nodded. “Okay.” Mom left the room, leaving behind some advice to rest.
It’s pretty late anyway; I might as well.

Miu was at the lake earlier than I was. She was standing there looking at the water.
“Miu! Hi Miu!”
She turned around and smiled. “Yuu!” she called out to me while waving. “I had a new dream!”
“Oh, really?” I asked, suddenly curious. All of her dreams prior to this had been of her flying in the sky.
Miu explained to me how this time she was watching a festival take place from a nearby hill. She had some friends with her, and they watched the fireworks go off.
This sounds like a good dream.
“No,” she gently refuted. “It’s a sad dream.”
“Why’s that?”
“We couldn’t go to the festival.”
I smiled and told her “That’s not a problem.”
She looked surprised. Before she could ask why, I explained: “You were with your friends, and you got to see fireworks. What is there to be sad about?”
Her response was a smile. The kind that’d make you a millionaire instantly if you could sell it. But I’d keep this one for myself.
Satisfied, I took out the guitar (as was our usual routine) and asked her what she’d like to hear now.
Completely expecting to hear something related to her dream, I heard “A song about the ocean!”
“The ocean! Before you got here I was looking at my reflection in the water… and I thought that it would be really fun to go play at the ocean.”
What are you, six? Not that I’d say that, of course. Actually, isn’t that what I… like about her? Oh crap I can feel my face getting hot, I must be blushing.
Looking away quickly, I nodded and started playing the first thing that came to my mind when I thought of the ocean.

She cried a bit, and I played some more. She was better by the time I was done.
“Okay, now I’ve got a special surprise for you.”
“A surprise? For me?”
“Yeah, it’s a surprise just for you, Miu.”
I took out the puppet. Her eyes went wide.
“Ehh? What is that?”
Ouch! I’m not sure why, but that hurt.
“Anyway… just watch.”
Tap. Tap tap tap. Jump. Spin. Tap. Tap tap tap. Jump spin. Tap.
She started clapping with a mesmerized look. Naturally I continued.
Tap. Tap tap, jump. Jump. Spin. Tap tap tap, slide! Jump. Tap. … Flop.
I lost control of the puppet, from the pain returning to my back. I’m in pain again… Why?
Miu looked up at me. “What’s wrong?” she asked.
“It’s nothing,” I said. “Let me just rest for a moment.”
“Wait, let me -”
She fell over. What are you doing, Miu?
No, something’s wrong. Ignoring my pain, I went over to Miu.
“Miu, are you okay?”
“I… I can’t move,” she said with a frightened expression.
This is bad.
“I’ll carry you to a doctor, just hold on!”
She looked like she wanted to protest, but soon looked away and blushed.
“… Okay, Yuu,” I heard her say faintly.
This pain is killing me. I am, in part, using my Houjutsu to help lift her up to reduce my pain. But if it keeps up much longer I might pass out here.

We made it to the doctor’s office safely.
“Oh my. But, Dr. Tenma is seeing a patient right now…” the receptionist responded after I explained the problem.
“If there’s a free room I can see the patient.”
“Dr. Kirishima, are you sure? Sir, aren’t you on vacation right now?”
“I’m a doctor dammit; this is my duty. Come on, bring her with you. Let’s go.”
The man (apparently a doctor) lead us to an empty room. I was still carrying Miu.
“Please wait outside,” Dr. Kirishima said.
I complied, not really sure what else I could do. Although I was worried about Miu, I decided to ask the receptionist about Dr. Kirishima instead.
“He’s a friend of Dr. Tenma. It seems Dr. Tenma has a son, also a doctor, in Germany who has gotten into a bit of trouble it seems. Dr. Tenma was asking Dr. Kirishima for advice. They normally communicate by mail, but Dr. Kirishima was on vacation anyway and decided to stop by. Dr. Tenma was just seeing a patient, so Dr. Kirishima decided to wait.”
I don’t really need that much detail. You could have answered that in one or two short sentences. Not that I told her that. Maybe I’m just feeling anxious.
“Anyway, your friend will be in good hands with Dr. Kirishima,” the receptionist said assuringly. I’m not sure how she knew so much. Just as I was about to ask her, she changed the subject.
“Meanwhile, I’ll need you to fill out these forms as best as you can…”
… Sigh.
Oh, but my back isn’t hurting anymore. Well, I guess this is fine.

As I was filling out the forms I heard a door open. Miu?
That wasn’t Miu.
“What’s that Mrs. Kuroki?” Dr. Tenma said to my mom.
Mom didn’t respond, she just looked at me.
“Mom, why are you here?”
Suddenly the doctor asked with a face full of shock, “Yuu? Your child! You haven’t told your child yet!?”
Tell me what? What’s going on?

In the end, Dr. Kirishima wasn’t sure of what the problem was with Miu. She was still able to walk, but the doctor recommended a wheelchair just in case. Dr. Tenma had given her one in response.
She told me that she’d go home now. If her aura could talk it would have said “Don’t follow me.” In hindsight, maybe it was saying “Please, don’t ever let me go.” I was too confused to hear it though.
I haven’t seen her at the lake since then.
I haven’t played my guitar since then.
I haven’t moved the puppet since then.

[Two weeks ago.]
My mother is in a hospital bed. She’s telling me about a journey, to find a girl in the sky. Miu came to mind. Crying alone in the sky, where nobody can reach you. What should I do? My mother is explaining, with painfully strained breaths, that the girl has always been there. That she has been cursed, since nearly 1,000 years ago.
I’m just one girl. How can I help her?
What can a worthless daughter like me, who can’t even help her own mom… what can Kuroki Yuu do?
My mother’s final words were “Save the girl in the sky, Yuu… or forget about the girl in the sky and find your own happiness.”
Her final words…
I got up and walked away. Nurses rushed in. I just kept walking. There has to be something wrong with this reality.

Fifteen minutes later I found myself at the lake, enclosed by forest.
I sat down, and stared at the water.
Miu. If Miu were here, would I feel better?
My vision blurred as I saw ripples in the water.
Hot tears streamed down my cheeks. I could feel them. My throat was now swollen, and I couldn’t hold it back anymore. Hugging my knees closer, I lowered my head. Somehow even the small world of this lake was too big.
[One hour ago.]
I’m now living on my own, looking for Miu. I’m convinced she’s the girl in the sky that mother told me about. And… I’ve found her. Completely by chance, but… I can’t say that these are good circumstances.
“Can you feel the breeze, Yuu? It’s like we’re flying…”
“It feels nice, Miu,” I said while playing my guitar. “But, why don’t you come closer? You’ll be able to hear it better,” I continued nervously.
I realized the reason for the pain in my back. It was Miu. She’s inherited something powerful that affected both of us. It prevented her from making friends. And now, she’s feeling impossible pain…
[Two minutes ago.]
The sea breeze hits our hair.
“Please Miu… you’re too close to the edge.”
Miu is crying. She’s in pain. She moves her wheelchair closer to the edge. It’s a cliff. Below us is ocean.
I dropped my guitar and ran toward her.
A curse. That’s what she has. But it’s not just her curse. I know it’s selfish, but it’s my curse too. So please… let me share it with you.
She turned her wheelchair around to face me. The sun is setting behind her.
“Thank you, Yuu, for everything. But… I can’t let you share this with me,” she said with a smile and tears in her eyes.
“Miu… don’t!”
“Farewell,” and she rolled backward.
Run! Catch her! Go! I reach my hand out and…
[Ten years later.]
Since then I had met a man. I had a boy. The man wanted to name him Tabuchi, but I told him a name like that wasn’t fitting for a man. He disappeared after that. I can understand his irritation though. Kunisaki Tabuchi was his name after all. We didn’t really get along together anyway, so it was for the best.
I left the boy somewhere, so I could go and look for Miu. Rather, so I could find the girl in the sky. But lately I’m missing my son. Lately I’m thinking that maybe I should find my own happiness. I wonder if… I wonder if you would forgive me, Yukito.

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Eh, I’ll do a short one I guess. I’m more suited to poetry nowadays, but a story is always fun.

The doors open.
The sun greets my back.
I look around the area for some directions. A notice board, a tourist office, a bookstore. There has to be something…
And yet, all that meets my gaze are adverts and shops. Cars zoom by. Rows of footsteps head left and right.
“Why did I come to a city exactly…?”
I think back. It’s not like I planned to come here… This is just where I ended up.
I passed through towns, earned some coin, and continued my travels.
I’ll do the same here. Pass through the city, try to find my place, and when nothing else is to be gained, I can move on.
I can find a smaller place, with less people. No hotels or expensive transport. An open sky, with a strong breeze to blow away the Sun’s rays.
Maybe… I’ll get to stop.
But… Can I stop?
What does that even mean?
Would that even work?
Will I ever find time to seriously question that?
I don’t know…
Maybe I never will.
For now, that doesn’t matter. I don’t have to think about those things yet.
I should just focus on finding my route forward. Maybe I should find a Taxi. I’ll ask for tourist locations, or find out if there’s anywhere for performers to do their work. I might even get a lucky break here! I might even…
“So where ya headed?”
“… Know anywhere cheap to eat?”

Forward… Forward…
The world beneath my feet moves so quickly.
Does it ever stop?
Do we ever stop?

I wonder… how long have we been doing this?


I tried write an after story that seen from Minagi.
Title:My Thoughts for Miss Kamio

I went your house today. Ms. Kamio and me stood talking for minutes before entered the house and we entered your room. The room has memorial table, it is quite a size larger than ordinary TV stand it looks suitable for 60 inches of it.

It was put on full to overcrowding with photo flames of you and plushies of dinosaurs these your favourite and used them all the time. A door of it was closed usually, but it was already opened at that time, it seems Ms. kamio told to you about it will come to see me.

I said you “Hello” while I saw your face. You are looked only asleep but neither wake up nor reply anything. You are placed inside of an airtight case that embedded on the memorial table and wrapped in a invisible blanket named nitrogen.

Even though I really wanted to say you “You’ll call me Miss Tohno, that is too formal, please call me Minagi”.
I deeply regret it that should have talked to you it earlier. I had a lot of things that I want to talk and ask you!

I think it was bit unusual when I saw this first time but I understand now Ms. Kamio’s situation very well because I have the experience of losing Michiru, the my dearest friend. I still feel lost even it was about 15 years ago and I am more than 30 years old. You are the important anchor for Ms. Kamio, she talk to you face to face almost every day.

Your premature passing left Ms. Kamio had overpowering grief and asked to Dr. Kirishima to preserve you eternity and by the doctor’s embalming process worked perfectly.

It is sad that you will never got old and be a teenager forever. And you are a beautiful girl, still are. I imagined if you would have turned 30-ish now.

I had tears in my eyes when back to home that you and Michiru still on my mind.

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Title: I enjoy studying in university

What happened around five Years later of “Air” MANGA EDITION later that I believe. Please careful, it contains some spoilers. This story based on manga version.

I’m going to Department of Geoscience, University of Calgary, that introduced from a professor of a university of Osaka where I used to go because he said there are still vast untapped reserves of fossils of dinos. We had many overseas student, they are very difficult to recognize to local one, also seen adult student, there was rarely seen at Osaka.

I got used to life in here and the people are very kind. I’m talking to my mom over Skype from my laptop everyday. I found squirrels and rabbits easily at front of my house.

I went to Drumheller as a practice usually for excavated that fossils. When we found very large one, it took about ten people to carry it.

I’m absorbed when my professor talk about that found fossils of good condition or new species, he was all smiles when he talk us. We really got excited when presenting papers on the seminar too.

I can’t bear the pain when that Summer and very difficult that I moving bedroom to living room for several days and my mom attend me all the time. I went a hospital for rehabilitative exercises from late in Summer. I tried to walk with parallel bar, but I can’t to walk even a metre on first day.

Some days later, I can walking around 500 metres to walk on crutches with a nurse. It took me another days that I tried and able to walk on stair myself.

I went out for the first time in a while when leafs that has changed their colour. I heard radio seminars on hospital used a MP3 player and I see courses of online school at the bed. I came back to school late December when I leave wheelchair.

I attend to a university at Osaka at twenty, There had geology department and I can study about dinos. I take express train from my house because We are also lonely if I using a dorm.

I’m hesitating about the choices that my professor recommend to exchange student program in sophomore year, It is tough for me to leave, but mum and Dr. Kirishima gave me a push on my back for me.

They have been to see her off at Kansai Airport when I take the plane. I looked out of the window vacantly for the girl who had wings. My host family picks me up at airport. They are distant relative of mine and mom asked it. The room for me was decorated by some antique furniture add It’s so fantastic.

I lived there around a year and my professor recommend to stay here until graduate, he said my grade was good.

I had a e-mail recently from Miss Tohno and she lives a apartment with Michiru, her closest friend. She works for the train company like her father. She is glad she had stopping Michiru going up the stairs, she wound her arms round the Michiru, and held her back several years ago. She wrote also, I call her Miss Tohno, but that is too formal, call her Minagi. I’m happy to build a good relationship with her.

I had some term papers these deadline is almost here and I should be close now.

I really wanted to share my thoughts and things I really wanted to see.
first of all
rewrite spoilers!!!

I really want to see a well made story about the previous rewriter, Sakuya, and his life till he met Chihaya. well I thought a lot about it, might share my ideas later on


I have prepared to make a fan fiction named Angel Beats!: The Armored Core wars and the new Ambition of Raven. About the story of this fanfiction is
-Introduction: The Raven who is the strongest young mercenary and control the legendary AC, White Glint has been fell down from the sky by AC error system. After that, Yuri, Otonashi and other members has founded The Raven and His AC, The Raven has been saved by them and His AC was kept into the SSS underground base (Guild). After The Raven got up in the unknown place (SSS Base), He was confused that where is he now? Meanwhile, Yuri has no idea about him because she never found him before. So she granted The Raven to become the SSS member to keep watching him. And now the Story between The Raven and SSS members has been begun.

  1. Otonashi is still being a protagonist, but The Raven, The protagonist of Armored Core will become the main Protagonist of this story.
  2. All members of SSS have Giant humanoid weapons called Armored Core to fight the enemies in the story.
  3. All members of SSS are still alive on the real world! (Yay!)
  4. All of Character are same as the original unless There is a new character from Armored Core named Raven (Some of Armored Core’s character will appear after The Raven.)
    That’s all of my Fanfic project. :smile:

This oneshot is one of my faves. It’s KyouRiki with side KomaRin, and it’s super fluffy and in-character.

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So I came up with the idea of a fanfiction for Rewrite a while back, using characters that were briefly mentioned in-game but never show up at all. So, I thought, why not put these characters on the spotlight? Just a fair warning: mild spoilers for Rewrite.

Now, I’m not Romeo Tanaka, but I gave this project my best shot. Currently the prologue and first chapter is up, but there’s more to come soon!

EDIT - 10/31: Second chapter is up! Enjoy! :smiley:

EDIT - 11/2: Third chapter is up! That’s the last chapter for a good long while, so enjoy!

EDIT - 1/16: Project was finished a short while ago, so I’m bumping this up for people who want to read the finished product. It didn’t come out exactly the way I expected, but I’ll let you all be the judge of my work. Hopefully I can make another Key fanfic somewhere down the line! :slight_smile:

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You make a podcast for your fan-fiction.
That’s genius.

Gotta try that.

I’m not Chika Shirokiri or Jun Maeda either, but a couple users on Kaza gave me inspiration for a Little Busters! fic about little Kudryavka. With encouragement, I wrote a short one-shot with a unique twist. What is this incredibly interesting twist, you ask? Check the link below.

It’s not as grandiose as my earlier Rewrite fanfic, but if you want a short, fun story about a theoretical ‘dark side’ to Kud, look no further. Don’t ask me when it happens, though. I couldn’t tell you. :stuck_out_tongue:


Have you read Messiah, my Rewrite fanfiction that I created a while back? Did you think Imako should have ended up with Chizuru instead of Hitomi? Do you wish you knew more about Chizuru as a character? Look no further!

Messiah+ (written as Plus because doesn’t take symbols for whatever reason) is a direct continuation to Messiah that asks that you completely forget (but not quite) what happened in the original and goes in a new direction. It’s also an experiment for a useful technique I found in a writing self-help book recently, so I hope the result turns out quite nicely. Chapter 1 is currently up, so enjoy~! :smile:

Since I play a lot of games, I’ve started to do screenshot-based Let’s Plays. I use a Planetarian name a lot so that leads to a lot of scenarios, one I’m debating is writing one as a fake biopic of if Yumemi was a revered driver or pilot or something she would be terribly ill-suited for.

Basically, if some people call Yumemi a sort of robot Jesus, when I was first writing stuff I ended up turning her into a robot Ayrton Senna, which depending on your point of view isn’t too far off. Considering the renewed attention Planetarian’s been getting recently I thought it would be appropriate.

There was another one that’s ongoing in which I’m taking robots compelled to follow Yumemi to conquer space, it’s a Master of Orion run…

Long story short I’ve tossed around the idea of putting her in many, many places and I wonder if it’s time to come back to that. And if so, how?

Remember the AIR beach episode I wrote for the AIR Bookclub? I wrote a spiritual successor to it! This time around it’s about a spring picnic, or rather, finding someone who’s supposed to be there for the picnic. There are mild spoilers for Kanon, particularly Sayuri’s mini-route if you haven’t read that, so be cautious.

Enjoy~! :slight_smile:

Although I posted it in the Tomoyo After Fanart thread first, I’m going to place my fanfic here and update it when I write a new chapter.

So far there’s only one chapter up, with four more on the way. I don’t know how many more I’m going to write, if I write any more at all after the Bookclub. Nevertheless, it’s something I can comfortably do while working on my other projects.

Again, Tomo Arc and After Arc spoilers for the uninitiated. Please read Tomoyo After, it’s a great visual novel. And don’t forget to read this afterward! Enjoy~ :3

There’s some supplemental dialogue below with Tomoya and Tomoyo accompanying each letter’s release. Again, After Arc spoilers.

EDIT (09/07/16) - “Oh, another letter? …Who’s Tomo?” 0_o

EDIT (09/09/16) - “Tomoya, this letter is from Tomo, our…our friend.”
“Yes, please read it. Even though she’s small, she put a great deal of effort into it for you.”

EDIT (09/10/16) - “Oh, another letter from this Tomo person…I wonder what she looks like.” ._.

EDIT (09/12/16) - “Tomoyo, what does this Tomo person look like?”
“She’s young and cute. Six years old, I think.”
“Why is a six-year-old writing to me? Don’t tell me it’s because…”
“Whatever perverted things you’re thinking about, it’s not true. Tomo is our friend. That’s all you need to know for now.”
“Uh…sure.” :confused:

EDIT (09/13/16) - “Hey, Tomoyo, what’s a starfish?”
“…You’re joking, right?”
“Yeah, sorry.” ^^;
“I miss Tomo. I really wish I could visit her right now…”
“Then why don’t you?”
“You’re more important right now.”
“Am I really that important to you?”
“You’ll understand soon. I’m sure of it. For now, just keep reading her letters.”

EDIT (09/14/16) - “So many letters…I don’t know where to start. Maybe the most recent will do?”

EDIT (09/15/16) - “Who’s Fuko?”
“…Beats me. I don’t recall seeing any other girls in the village. But it looks like Tomo’s made a friend.”
“Seems so. This Tomo girl really wants me to play with her for some reason. Maybe we should visit her?”
“No, not yet. For now, you need to rest. I’ll go meet Tomo later.”
“Can you give her a message, then?”
“Tell her…I’ll be there to play with her soon.”
“…Okay. I’ll tell her.”
“Thank you…”

EDIT (10/15/16) - “This Tomo girl sure has cute handwriting…”
“I know, right? She’s such a cute girl.”
“I wonder if I really am her father, though…I don’t remember ever getting married and having a kid…”
“…It’s nothing.”
“Come on, tell me. Am I really her father?”
“…No, you’re not. But even if she is not your real daughter, you still chose to raise her until her real mother could take care of her again. And those times were very happy.”
“I wonder about that…I would like to meet her sometime soon.”
“You will. We promised we would.”
“Is that so? Then…I look forward to it.”

EDIT (10/18/16) - “Does this kid seriously think General Winter is a person?”
“Hey, don’t make fun of her. It’s like Santa Claus. She’ll learn to grow out of it eventually.”
“Brr…I doubt that…”
“Are you cold? I can turn the temperature up if you want.”
“N-no, I’m fine. This is nothing compared to losing my memories.”
“I can get you something hot to drink later if you need it.”
“Thank you…hopefully I can see Tomo before I catch a cold.”
“…Yeah, hopefully.”


A friend outside Kaza and I have done a thing where we’re writing more stories of an alternate world where there’s a future ahead for Yumemi, and we give the Junker a name…I’m wondering, if the mood ever strikes us to create some vignettes, if anyone here would actually be interested in reading them?

…boy, the story behind how this comes about is pretty outrageous, too and would make crazy fanfiction on its own…to preview the thoughts behind it, consider this.

In a world where the stars are in reach, but held out of the hands of many, can a dreamer still reach out to see them as more than pawns of the powerful?