Key Fan Party 2016 - Q&A Questions

As many of you may know, VisualArts will be holding a Key Fan Party with guests like Takahiro Baba and Shinji Orito on July 1st. I figured it would be a good idea if we come up with a couple Q&A questions for them that we can ask at the party beforehand. So keep the questions coming!


Is the author of Kano’s route in AIR, Takashi Ishikawa, in fact a former sumo wrestler?

Dosukoi! Dosukoi!


These questions may sound really stupid, but I really want to know. Since Shinji Orito is there and all. XD

  1. How did the YO-SHI-NO song came about?
  2. Who sang that song? (unless someone has the booklet of Rewrite Original Soundtrack and is actually listed there XD)

One question I’d really like to see answered is:

Has Key ever considered writing a story with a female protagonist? That’s something I would love to see.


Will any of the new localizations be in HD like CLANNAD?


So, how about that Harmonia release…


I can answer (guesstimate) that. I bet its going to come out in summer, bundled with TA’s English Release.

There we go

  1. When a new Key visual novel is decided upon, how does the system work for who will do the character designs, who will do the voice acting, who will write certain routes, who will create the OP, who will create the ED, who will help with the BGM’s, and so on ?
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Any questions about future stories and releases are doomed to get a generic PR answer, so you can give up on all those immediately.


I’ve always actually been interested in Shinji with Koibumi

(To Shinji) When you were creating “Koibumi” from Rewrite (Shizuru’s ED), how did you come up with the idea to have YanagiNagi use her voice to harmonize with the melody for the first few seconds, and last few seconds ? When did the idea occur ? Or was it already planned beforehand ?

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Has Key evern considered to make a Yuri VN?

Wasn’t something like that already answered at ACEN?

Yep, there we go.


oh I forgot about that!
thanks for the reminder!

Why was the ending of Tomoyo After altered in its rereleases?

Tomoyo After Spoilers Cause some kids can’t accept that ending where Tomoya dies and Tomoyo continues living alone.

That’s pretty much the only reason.

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I’ve read that AIR ending wasn’t received and Tomoyo After sort of has the same tone. So I think this is why KEY VN don’t go this route anymore. I wonder of this was BaBa’s choice or if Jun decided not going this way in general for the rest of his works

My questions:

Any ideas for an Otome game? 

Would  they consider a game focusing on Natsume from Little Busters? Since he's one of the top ten most popular characters? 

Question for figures:
Scale figures for: Shiori, Natsume, Planetarian scale figures?
More Key Nendoroids?

Thanks @Aspirety , asking the important questions :wink:

I would like to ask Shinji Orito something, since I’ve only been able to talk with him for like 2 minutes and couldn’t ask much:

I personally feel that a lot of Shinji’s BGMs (such as Sunbright and Sore wa Kaze no You ni) feel like songs that would go very well as vocal tracks (which they actually have been converted to at some point!). So my question is, do you feel any different when composing regular visual novel BGM tracks, as compared to composing vocal tracks? Or do you see them as the same kind of style, just with different usage?


Do VisualArt’s have any plans to sell their updated CLANNAD Soundtrack? And what about a DVD of KSL Live 2016?

“Are the Key protagonists inspired from life experiences?”

When I look at it from afar, our protags were never really in the best shape when we, the audience, are first introduced to them. It could be that they are lonely, unmotivated, or even (LB spoilers) afflicted with a chronic illness, they each share a common trope to them.

This made think that maybe the developers themselves were at this point during their life and decided to vent out their emotions through these stories.

Just a thought

Ok, my question!

Um… Will there be an western realease or localization for the new upcoming Planetarian HD bundle?

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Regarding the English releases of Little Busters PE and Rewrite Harvest Festa, they both have mini games where the characters speak occasionally. Since the lines are in Japanese and originally not shown in written form, will text be added for English readers in some way? It’s very important for Saya’s route after all.