Kazamatsuri Discord Chat

The Kazamatsuri Discord Chat is our official chatroom, and a place our forum members to get to know each other in a laid-back and informal setting. We have both text and voice channels you can participate in. We’d love for you to join the conversation and start making friends! You can access Discord through Desktop and Mobile apps, or even in your web browser!

The Discord is only available to members with ‘Dango’ trust level or higher.

To request access, make sure you’re logged into the server at https://discord.gg/RdjQsV2, and then fill out this form. It will only take a second and you only need to do it once! Our chanops and moderators will be notified by email and we’ll process your request to grant you access as soon as we can.

Keep in mind that the chatroom is primarily for off-topic chatter. If at any point you find someone getting into a discussion about Key that should be on the forums, please nudge them in the direction of the appropriate topic! It is not meant to serve as a replacement to the forums, but as an accessory. This is important!

Community Guidelines apply here. Keep the three missions in mind, do your best to talk with people who may be making someone uncomfortable, and inform a mod or chanop if you can’t control the situation. Let’s work together to make this Discord a welcoming and fun place to be.

We look forward to seeing you all there!