Introducing the Little Busters Bookclub!

Congratulations everyone! See you at Bookclub and have fun ^^

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Congratulations to the winners :smile:


Congratulations to the winners!!


I tried to spread the word as well even after the giveaway. Few people follow me bug maybe someone is interested^^

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Congratulations to our last few winners:

@RazoRTR @Rin @Exalt
@Spooky @DemonShadow423 @Mario3573
@BlackHayate02 @Shimako @Echo

Little Busters Saikou!


This is super duper, no…

Duper duper good!


Can’t wait to play this game again. Imported the PS3 version of the game and I’ve been waiting a long time for the EX version to be translated. Thanks for all your hard work Key!!

Possibly the most miraculous moment ever for me I guess.


Oh, thanks!

This will be the first VN I have ever read while others are reading at the same time instead of being years after everyone else! Looking forward to the Bookclub discussions :ohoho:


Oh this was still ongoing? Oh well whatever. Too bad I’ve to wait until tomorrow to startvas I am with friends right now.

Thank you very much to you guys and VA for the giveaways!

waaah :shock:

Thanks so much! Is there anything more I need to do?

Just message me on Discord to claim it!

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Congratulations! And thank you for the giveaway! :blush:

Congrats to all of those who won the giveaway! I hope everyone enjoys playing Little Busters! I’m certainly gonna be participating in the bookclub so hopefully I’ll get some time around to doing so when I can. :happy:

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@RazoRTR You need to claim your key or else someone else will get it!

Just to give a quick update on the state of the Bookclub! I’m currently in the process of editing the Refrain Podcast, and our next podcast will be the After-Refrain Podcast, which will hopefully be happening next weekend.

It’s a bit detached from the Bookclub forum discussion, but the basic premise is that we’re going to look over all of the Vanilla routes with the renewed context that Refrain provides, with extra attention paid to additional content that’s unlocked after Refrain, particularly the EX Kud Route.

Additionally, we’re also going to be spending some time talking about Bokura no Asa, which for some reason didn’t have a forum topic until now?

Since this Podcast is a bit detached from the forum discussion, I don’t have many expectations from you guys, but if you do want to contribute something to the discussion, feel free to post in the Bokura no Asa, Kud Topic, or even Spoilers General with your reflections on the routes with the context of the 世界の秘密.

That saaaaid, there’s nothing stopping you guys from jumping in to the Saya Route discussion topic and leaving your thoughts on that route in preparation for the next podcast! I’ll be keeping that topic pinned until the Saya Podcast takes place, so if you don’t have anything to add for the After-Refrain Podcast, focus your efforts on that route! We’ll be catching up to it as soon as we’re done with the After-Refrain Podcast.