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Having just picked Jun Maeda’s little manga series here myself (Localized partly in 2007 by TokyoPop), as well as the series itself picking back up in the past 2 years- I figured it’s time we go ahead and make ourselves a place to talk about it!

So far, Hibiki’s Magic (first coming to be in 2005) has proven to be quite a different kind of Maeda with its full blown fantastical setting. I’m looking forward to reading more and talking about it with you all! Here’s to hoping the localization picks back up~


I’m halfway through the first book…
I have to say I’m pleasantly surprised by the universe here, seeing as this is a story that originated in Maeda’s school days. I’m finding myself getting really into this. o.o; He planned on just leaving it as a short story, but it ‘ballooned’ in his mind and he chose to keep it rolling up to… Today! I wonder if he plans to reach a conclusion or not. At any rate, the characters so far have been really fun and Hibiki is a great little protagonist.

I’m feeling that ‘magic’ in this story is supposed to be representative of something, but what that is I can’t really say. Perhaps that’s just up to the reader. With the introduction of the character Ahito we (Spoilers!)REALLY(Spoilers!) start seeing what magic is to everyone. It’s affected all these characters in various ways and is used in a multitude of fashions by who knows how many groups of people for different reasons- While a large amount of people refuse to even acknowledge its existence in a machine run world. You can’t, at least not me, place a time to this story- Which works because the messages it could hold are then timeless.

Excited to read more and pick it apart! Here’s to the localization picking it back up. :frowning:

I read the two volumes that got an official release, but the other two are sadly still in my backlog. I really like it though. The characters are just too cute, and I can’t count how many times it brought a tear to my eye. Ahito’s story in particular was just too sad… you can tell it’s a Jun Maeda story, for sure.

Oh right I was supposed to post here.

I didn’t like Volume 1 at all because I was seeing it wrong, I was looking for an overall solid story and not what it is, a bunch of ‘problem of the week’ for the perpetual O.O face herself to go solve with the title. I liked it a fair bit more once I came to the realization that that was what it actually was. It’s just a bit of cute fun that I unfortunately looked at the wrong way for most of it.

Also ‘Demon’-san best girl.


Okay. So just last night I finished reading both of the English volumes. I was curious, so I looked up when the third and fourth were released. I’m not sure if TokyoPop (or someone else) is planning to do English releases, but it took three years for the first volume to get localized. So, there’s still hope!

I liked both volumes a lot. The stories definitely give off a sort-of “happy” vibe, similar to something like K-ON! but in a fantasy setting. The ending of volume one, regarding the master explained a lot, and I could see some particularly empathetic people crying from it. It makes me wonder if, in his gusk form, he’ll forget about Hibiki too… That’d be sad.

The bonus page(s) with Jun Maeda and Rei Idumi was very entertaining. Hell, I’d pick up the volumes just for that. “Vrooom.”

Volume two didn’t feel like it really went anywhere, which is a bit unfortunate, but that’s perfectly fine. It was very enjoyable regardless.

One melon bread for you.

PS, I wouldn’t have known Hibiki’s Magic existed if it weren’t for this topic… So thank you @Bizkitdoh!

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So far, my favorite chapter has been the story of Ikko-san’s past, “The magic of a single night.” I can’t quite put a finger on what makes the story so special for me, but it definitely has a different ‘feel’ to it compared to the other stories. A wonderful story, created with only two characters.

^ also this

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Hibiki no Mahou is a beautiful manga, with a hint of a slow plot, that is slowly brewing, like a mix between Clannad routes with Rewrite.
My favourite chapter so far is the past between the teacher and his lover, oh god, it almost killed me when she said I am just a stupid girl who loves you more than anything in the world.
This is one of the only Key work that wasn’t a VN from the start that really has a Key cutting onion ninja specialist.

Is Key actually credited in it? I thought Jun Maeda was doing it separately.

I agree with the favourite part though. I also really liked the melon bun event.

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I haven’t read and am kind of sad to see that it is a Tokoyopop series. Though it looks like you can track it down used easily enough.

I haven’t seen this mentioned anywhere (aside from a press release that no one seems to have read), but I randomly stumbled across this today: Hibiki’s Magic was licensed by Viz! It’s digital only, came out on October 20th, and you can get the first volume for $5 here!

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Interesting. I wonder why they only mention the artist and didn’t have “and the author who brought Clannad and Angel Beats!” or something.

Yeah, it is odd. Though, Viz’s description is suspiciously similar to the one on ANN, which was presumably written around 2005-2007, before Maeda got super famous in the West.


From the artist behind the .hack manga comes an inspiring tale about a young magician's assistant named Hibiki who's only magical talent seems to be making a perfect pot of tea...


From the artist of .//hack the manga comes a heartwarming fantasy tale of a young girl by the name of Hibiki whom when it comes to magic is far from the estemed magician. As a matter of fact, it seems as though she isn't estemed at ANYTHING but brewing a delicious pot of tea. Yet fate has other plans for this innocent young magical assistant. Hibiki’s Magic introduces a story of bittersweet friendship and innocent trust. A delicately written comedy about companionship as a very unlikely magical protégé turns The Royal Kamisaid Magical Academy upside down.

Their description for Volume 1 is lifted straight from the Tokyopop release, too.

Wait, I thought Hibiki’s Magic was already localised years ago.

They’re just re-releasing it on a digital platform now, it seems.

It’s good for me, because I now don’t have to import a book half-across the globe just to be able to legally read this thing.

It was done by TokyoPop who I think went out of business in NA so only volumes 1 and 2 were released. I wonder if Viz just used their translation or if they redid it.

I’m hoping @Bizkitdoh can prepare an article~ Hibiki is pretty much his thing, after all

I cross-referenced several pages, and seems to be the exact same. Same words, lettering, typesetting… all of it.

Hopefully that means we get to volume 3 and 4 quicker!

Same as well. Just finished what I think might be volume 3. I’m really glad that read it cuz I really like it. I might actually see if I can buy it if I see it in a store.

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