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Even if I am late to the conversation by a year? Going to take me awhile to do the VN so I am going to take my time and enjoy it.

It doesn’t matter if you’re posting 5 years after the last post! A topic isn’t dead until we are.

Well more accurately, a topic isn’t dead until Kazamatsuri closes down, however many years from now that might be :stuck_out_tongue:


I’ve had a pretty rotten last couple of weeks with various issues, so I decided to watch the Clannad anime again ( went through it first time just last December ). What a good choice - I’m about halfway through the first season and it’s hard to express how much it has given me such a great lift when I really needed something to cheer me up. The Fuko route had me laughing out loud often even though I’ve been thinking nothing could make me laugh at the moment ( well I have cried a bit too!).

The music is so inspirational too. Thank you Key!


Sekai Project has released CLANNAD - 10th Anniversary Artbook and CLANNAD - Anthology Manga on Steam as CLANNAD DLCs!



Clannad deleted all my endings! It turns out that it was not finished downloading, I had gone through 33 playthroughs and one After Story unfinished. Aww man! I had gotten nearly 100%, then boop, when I booted it up, WHAM! ALL DEAD ALL DEAD.
(The version I got was the fan translation from some time ago, not the official one… so sad. ;-; )

This actually happened to me in 2013 (I lost unfinished saves of Clannad, Rewrite and Kanon) and I was so angry I quit visual novels for a few years.

I see Clannad + AfterStory combined is being pushed as an English language Blu-ray release in December (for USA, Region A only?).I suppose they were only available separately before? How about a region B release please?!


Just go with what you feel for the first playthrough and try to get a couple of routes yourself. Clannad does have one or two difficult-to-get-to routes. For those, you can always look at walkthroughs.

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“Yukine’s route… Again?” :ehhh:

So I finally finished the entire Clannad VN, and it took me a long time but I enjoyed it greatly. Having watched the anime before I knew exactly what would happen in After Story, but I still thought it was a very worthwhile experience to read through the Visual Novel version too. I feel like I became a lot more familiar with Tomoya’s character when compared to just having watched the anime. You get to see his thought processes and inner workings a lot more than in the adaptation I think. He’s emotionally unstable which is highlighted in a few routes, and I thought he was a very interesting protagonist.

I also thought the handling of his grief ater losing Nagisa was realistic and it was painful to see how he had to go through that considering how she meant everything to him. Something that struck me as odd in the VN though was that they had Nagisa go through childbirth without any medical assistance despite the clear risks involved, I believe that the adaptation actually had them calling for a doctor but there he couldn’t arrive in time due to heavy snowfall. This wasn’t in the VN at all, and I just thought it was strange. And Tomoya taking Ushio outside for a walk instead of to a hospital after her fever had worsened seemed like a weird move too, but this was the same in the anime. I don’t want to criticize it too harshly for that though, and otherwise I had very few problems with the VN in general. It still remains one of my favourite stories ever.

Having gone through After Story made me realize again what great characters Akio and Sanae are. They are without a doubt my favourite supporting cast. As far as the other routes go I think Tomoyo’s is still my favourite, followed closely by Kyou’s and then Kotomi’s. I have Tomoyo After to read next, and I’m very tempted to read the Tomoyo route again to get the “feel” of it once more, despite remembering everything clearly. It’s just that going through all the other routes and After Story afterwards pulls you away from the feelings you had before if that makes sense. Speaking of which, after Tomoyo After I will probably read Kyou’s route again as well, just because she’s my favourite. I’m probably making this whole experience a lot longer than is strictly necessary, haha.


Man, Akio and Sanae are just absolutely amazing :umu: Probably two of the few characters who, despite not being written as “perfect” could not, in my eyes, be any better than they already are.


Good news! Clannad + AfterStory has been accorded “Shelf Worthy” in this latest review at the Anime News network of the combined blu-ray boxset. Good to know another male adult noob to Clannad was reduced to tears at points!

Pretty much spoiler free review:


Clannad is one of those VN’s that stays with you. The characters and especially the story. Sure, the art is rather unusual, since its dated and all, but, I’m sure it was popular at the time.
I don’t think I have cried so much playing a VN before (except for Little Busters!). Its amazing how emotional it is, and how it makes you think about what’s really important in life. That, no matter what happens, you never give up.
My favourite character is Kotomi. I related to her story a lot, and her personality is kinda like mine.


Y’know how the PS4 release of Clannad has both English and Japanese support. Do you guys think they should add that feature as DLC for the Steam release, either free or paid?

Steam Clannad runs on RealLive. It’s a more advanced version than the original, but we still had things like saves corrupting every time there was a patch. It’s pretty safe to say you can’t have language switching with the RealLive engine; that’s why LB! uses LUCA. So any changes to Steam Clannad has to start with a complete port to LUCA or some other engine. Do I think they should dedicate resources to that? No.


So I just learned from Cloud that if you let the OP play 5 times on the Steam release, the video will actually feature Karaoke-style subs. This is kinda hilarious to me.

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I started Clannad the game. And now I know why it’s as much recognized.
I am especially surprised the difference of first impression for Kyou and Misae. They are much less violent than in the anime.
On the other hand, Tomoya behaves like an ass.

But the most surprising thing is that I was able to start the route of Misae without meet Fuuko or Kotomi.


That’s the cool thing about CLANNAD, it’s very unstructured, in a way. Not like most traditional VNs which introduce all characters then, by a certain date, it stops and puts you on the route for the character which you had the most flags for; CLANNAD routes can start any time and anywhere without any care to who you may or may not have met.

That’s one reason why, for the bookclub, we opted to go for the baseball route first, which ensures you get to meet the most characters from common :wink:


I find that in the principle it is more natural in the development of routes.
The routine is less strong and why your romantic development would always trigger at the same time.

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A few months ago I had a chance to interview Mai Nakahara (voice actress of Nagisa Furukawa) at Anime Central in Chicago. The recording isn’t very long (she was a guest of honor and thusly had a particularly busy schedule), but she does talk a bit about the role, her relationship with the cast, and the type of role she would like to perform next.

If you can spare 5 minutes, I’d encourage you to take a listen!

Note: English and Japanese subtitles can be toggled via the CC button.