Charlotte English Dub Announced!

Oh God the dubbed voices are terrible. I really hope they don’t dub HLHL and ZHIEND songs.

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How often do songs get dubbed? I know Sentai did AB but GDM weren’t plus Bravely You wasn’t dubbed so I don’t think they will.

I remember hearing an anime about music had their songs dubbed so idk but yeah its highly likely that they wont.

I actually really like Yuu’s VA. From the video at least, it sounds like he captures his personality actually pretty well. The others… ehhhhhh.

For me yuu is tolerable everyone else is cringingly bad.

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I like Yuu and Nao’s voices, though Yusa/Misa and Ayumi’s voices are a bit grating. Aside from that, I liked the dub trailer and thought it was decent.

I don’t think they are going to do that. Sentai didn’t do that for the GDM songs in Angel Beats and even though the Charlotte dub is being done by Bang Zoom and not Sentai, I don’t think they’re really going to do that.

This is the first time I’ve ever heard an English dub pronounce a Japanese name correctly. Thank you, Yusa’s voice actress.


I’ve heard abridged anime series’ with better voice acting than this. It seriously sounds like they took random people off the street and put a microphone and script in front of them. Dubs like this almost justify subbed anime elitists.

A lot can be said about this but I don’t want to be too negative so I’ll end this here.


I thought the Kanon dub was pretty good. Especially Ayu and Yuichi’s VA’s. Actually, to be completely honest, the "Key"o-Ani Trinity has the better dub’s compared to the later Key dub’s.

As far as I know, there has been very-little dub’s where they dub the music. It’s not really worth dubbing the music anyways, since dub’s usually won’t ever release the actual English-version of the song, so it’s pretty much useless to dub the songs when they’re better off without dub, and with the very fact that they won’t be selling it.

Even if there’s a chance they do dub the music, they would only dub 3 tracks, and those would be from How-Low-Hello, which played in the anime. The rest are ZHIEND songs and they already have English vocal versions.

There’s also the OP/ED which won’t be dubbed no matter what, and Kimi No Moji, which wouldn’t be dubbed anyways, cause no English singer could convey the feelings that Anri Kumaki put into that song, having a soft-tone, beautiful voice, calming-nature, and very-fitting voice.


It’s too early for me to have an informed opinion, but my first impression is that this sounds like much higher quality than all the other Key dubs I’ve heard. I’m glad we’re finally moving on from Sentai Filmworks and the same few voice actors for everything.

And holy crap they pronounced Yusarin correctly!

Aniplex doesn’t dub all of their series so I am kind of surprised that this one is getting a dub. I guess it ranked higher in the popularity polls than I really want to give it credit for though - I just don’t know if I have talked to anyone who thought it was good or even enjoyed it.

Yeah neither, but I don’t doubt they exist :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve talked to a few who though it was good and enjoyed it; all of them on kaza!

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Sorry, I should rephrase. I haven’t talked to anyone who would place Charlotte above other Key works. Sure, it had good points.

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Really? I don’t watch dubs but my brother does and said CLANNAD was god awful. I also see it brought it in “worst dub” threads on different forums whenever those threads are brought up.

The only Key dub I’ve ever watched in full was the Air movie. I don’t know know if they used the same actors to dub the TV series but it was alright, nothing special.[quote=“kyuketsukimiyu, post:14, topic:2776”]
Aniplex doesn’t dub all of their series so I am kind of surprised that this one is getting a dub.

I find it interesting how AoA isn’t dubbing Plastic Memories which I thought was better received than Charlotte.

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As someone who only watches dubs of Key anime, this look exceptionally good.
I can’t wait to see what happens in this new Key show.

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Ahh, well I watched the dub first, and CLANNAD was the first Key series I watched, so it’s biased for me. I thought Fuko’s, Nagisa’s, Sanae’s, Mei’s, and Kyou’s VA’s were fitting.

I guess it depends on how much dub’s you’ve watched before going into CLANNAD, and how many of them are specifically from Sentai, since they reuse VA’s.

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This is why I never watch English dubbed anime. All the voices are terrible (especially the girls… oh my god… Ayumi…) except for Takajo’s, I kinda liked his voice… But still, those who English dub anime should learn one thing or two from those who French dub…


You poor, poor misguided soul. Come, let us walk you on the path of enlightenment.

That said, I actually didn’t necessarily hate Misa’s VA. Everything else just sounds so… bad. Once I got into subs, I’m very much so not a fan of dubbed shows, with a very rare set of exceptions (most of those being stuff like FMA that I watched as a kid). I’m definitely not a fan of the selections they’ve got here. But hey, someone somewhere has to like it, right?


I will have to dig through the Charlotte thread a bit more - there are various parts of Charlotte that were good, but I can’t look at it as a whole and say I enjoyed it.

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