Baba, Na-Ga and Orito Coming to Anime Central

Lots of interesting tidbits in there. Perhaps the most interesting of all to me is that 1st beat is already half translated. That’s impressive, and means we might be getting it quite soon… Also, we finally have some kind of reason why Harmonia has been delayed. Sound quality? I wonder what that refers to…


Thanks for the recap Clannad Man! Helps a lot :smiley:

Oh was Yoshikuni Toyoizumi there? I remember he was at AX last year, but I’m not sure if he was at ACEN.

Yeah it was a shame they lacked advertising this time around… I tried to help by making a detailed explanation of all the goods on our blog but I don’t even know if that helped any x.x

Wow goodbye salary for one month hahaha

Makes sense, since most of the overseas crowd is familiar with Key through their anime, after all.

Wow that’s amazingly sad :’( But what do you expect from Japan and its reliance with physical goods.[quote=“Clannad_Man, post:16, topic:2558”]
Baba acknowledged the popularity of Rewrite in foreign markets, though he admitted, “I’m not sure why, though…”

Because REWRITE OF THE LIFE MUTHAFUCKAAAA-okay I’m gonna stop now

Oh wow, here I thought they’d be a lot bigger, considering they have products sold nationwide and heck internationally now.

This is a bit of a strange wording thingy… “Hoshi no Fune” is being advertised as the theme song, but in KSL Live they pretty much specified it as the ending of the hoshi no hito movie so… I guess in this context they mean the same thing?

Gee I hope you didn’t sweat too much on the first day, then :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah that sounds about consistent with what I’ve heard from him back at character1. It’s a bit sad, but it’s a lot better than releasing it early only to have an inferior product :x

But hey, looks like baba is really stringent about quality, which I find impressive.

Yeah like all those people who up to this day think Rewrite has an “environmental” message coughcough

Wait wait wtf half?!?! That’s an absurdly high number for something that only just got announced in passing holy shit.

After hearing stories about 1st beat, I’m inclined to disagree with there being no homosexual characters :kyogrin:
But yes, about the new engine, that is very much true. 1st beat is proof enough.


Question! How did you gain access to the press conference? @Clannad_Man

@Aspirety: Glad I could elaborate in some areas. Regarding Harmonia’s sound quality, I do not have specifics beyond the vagueness of Takahiro Baba’s statement.

As for how I received access to the press event, I applied and was granted press credentials through my involvement with the International Anime League’s network of social media sites. (Does this constitute free advertising here? Haha!) This is the fourth year I’ve earned/maintained press credentials for anime conventions.

@Pepe: I have not seen Yoshikuni Toyoizumi here, though Tomotaka Fujii was present. He continues to serve a role as a marketing/sales representative and is directing all sales activity at the VisualArt’s booth.

“Hoshi no Fune” is being advertised as the theme song, but in KSL Live they pretty much specified it as the ending of the hoshi no hito movie so… I guess in this context they mean the same thing?

Probably. Unfortunately, I can’t say I have any additional insight; I can only confirm that the phrasing used at the event was ‘theme song vocals’.

Hm, interesting. Considering that Toyoizumi is kind of the head of marketing (or publication section, whichever you’d like to call it), I wonder if Tomotaka Fujii is heading that field for the overseas events.

@Clannad_Man Oh hi! I thought you looked familiar. I was the rhythm game nerd who was cosplaying Kiso from Kancolle and stood behind you in the line for questions. Sorry I don’t like talking very much.

But seriously though, it would be amazing if they added Girls Dead Monster songs to Rocksmith :3

Acen has been gr8 so far. Just 1 more panel, maybe browsing the vendor room a little bit, and then braving the arduous lines at ORD D: I’ll post some pictures of my loot when I get home.

Wish someone would’ve mentioned HD Little Busters ^^;


Me almost every time.

Being quite a fan of Shinji Orito, I find these two tidbits of info to be quite amusing. I like the art. It’s cute. :>

And I was pretty sure that Riki and Komari are bi. :stuck_out_tongue:

In any case, thank you for your recaps! I find it really fun to read, your adventures of getting to know Key staff. Looking forward to the Day 3 recap!!

Give this man a medal for this recap !

Would be a very interesting topic for Key, or Visual Art studio’s to handle (with Plot involved. Not just BL stuff).

This is interesting. So the Kagari route is to make people appreciate the true meaning of Rewrite.

Never thought about a live-action Key work before ! It would be very nice. Do you have the sources for the Chinese Studio’s proposal ?
My guess is that they proposed CLANNAD, Kanon, Air, Tomoyo After, or Little Busters!, is that correct ?? I can’t see the other stories being put into live-action without looking cliche.

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Sorry if this sounds rude but did anyone ask Baba about the episode count of the Rewrite anime and if no then will anyone do ^^; ?

@Zaydgh98 Stop being such a scavenger for Rewrite details. Seems like you’re asking for more info on the anime in every other post you make on this forum. Key will reveal more when they’re ready, and we’ll be right here ready to report on it. Just sit tight, it’s not long until you can watch it for yourself :stuck_out_tongue:


sorry bro, I gotta wait for the BD listing I guess, I’m just too worried T^T

also I wouldn’t really call the episode count “details” since its one of the most important parts :stuck_out_tongue:

That’s why they don’t reveal it, duh. And people know they won’t reveal it, so they don’t waste time asking stupid questions because the panel obviously expects it and has prepared a vague answer to make people shut up.

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I see, but mostly the episode count is indirectly revealed, like Aniplex would post the BD listing for the anime after the 3rd or the 4th episode is out and the number of the BDs will indicate the ep count, there are some rare cases where the creators themselves reveal the ep count very early(like they would say that the anime will air for a half year which means it will be 2 cours or if its a year then 4 cours etc…)

I see why they are leaving it for later but for me personally the waiting for the episode count is making me very anxious rather than excited.

Most of my friends who love Rewrite feel the same, I don’t think that anyone would go like “OH BOY I CAN’T WAIT TO KNOW THE EPISODE COUNT”, fans would be excited while waiting for a new PV or a new visual but not the episode count, because its the thing that would make or break the show, this is not something to be excited for, its something that makes everyone worried.

I’m terribly sorry, Rewrite is a story that changed my life in many positive ways and I love it so much, and I want the anime to be great so I can’t stop worrying, I apologize if I’m troubling you with my stupid rambling.

ACen Day 3 Recap Added to Above Summary

No problem! It seems like a few of us missed each other this time around. Maybe next time we’ll all find the time to meet up for a bit.

Isn’t it? Bright! Tropical! Orito! ^^

Thank you @Totoro_Futaki! I included just about everything I could remember.

Nope, and I doubt I could get them even if I ask / do some investigating. Frankly I was surprised he even admitted to a proposal being under consideration. I wouldn’t expect anything to be unveiled until it is an absolute certainty, and I have serious doubt it will ever get that far. All that we have right now is his statement, which other panel-goers should be able to collaborate. I also don’t know what series is under consideration.

Nope, nor did anyone ask about HD assets in Little Busters!. Sorry guys.


As much as I share your sentiments about the episode count, I personally think it’s a useless question to ask. Why? Because even if you don’t ask, you’ll find out eventually. And if you ask about it and complain about it, no amount of complaining will change the fact: the producers and staff have already set it in stone with budget and plans.

That being the case I think more useful questions were things that they wouldn’t say unless asked, like the discussion they had about how their company works, or even the status of the AB localization, which is some good information.

So, yeah, even if nobody asks, just be patient. Whether you find out now or later when they announce the blu-rays, I don’t see it making a difference for you, me, or anybody else.


Hey guys, I’m RockmanDash12, and I’m part of the AniTAY team that was at the Visual Arts/Key Q & A. I wasn’t physically there (I’m in California, hope to see some of you guys there at AX!), but I was the biggest Key fan on our team and came up with the questions that lead to the extra info on Harmonia, the announcement of Rewrite+'s localization, and the fact that Angel Beats! 1st beat’s progress was 50% done. If anyone’s interested, check out our post on AniTAY about the Press event, which contains a video of a majority of the event along with a transcription of the rest (thanks batteries…).



Takahiro Baba on the upcoming Rewrite anime: “Most people do not appreciate the true meaning of Rewrite to this day. … We can’t afford to leave anime fans in the dark like that.” This is why an additional route is being added to the anime not found in the visual novel.

I noticed that the quotation ends before “this is why an additional route is being added to the anime not found in the visual novel” was stated. Was this sentence added by you or was that part explicitly stated by Baba too?

That part was stated by President Baba. However, I was writing responses down in a notepad to keep track of them and could only write so much, so I only wanted to quote him when I knew the translated verbiage was precisely as stated.