Anime Expo 2017

There’s barely a week left till Anime Expo and no has made a topic for it yet :anger:

Soo role call who’s going and those of you going who is going to go camp Hinoue’s panel

Anything interesting y’all got planned?


I am hyped for it since I heard Itaru Hinoue and Konomi Suzuki are going to be there. But is there a way to watch it without actually going there? Cuz I want to watch the events but I cant go there for it.

Can’t remember if it was Anime Expo themselves does it (The don’t make any mention on their site of streaming so I doubt it) but I have seen sometimes individual groups or unrelated people stream panels before. It’s usually someone pointing their phone without direct audio or video so it’s at a weird angle and you can barely hear anything or see what’s on the screen. They’re also laggy since the WiFi in the convention center isn’t the best and a lot of people are trying to use it at once.

tl;dr maybe but usually not worth it.

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Also iirc Hinoue doesn’t like pictures or videos soooo good luck with that lol

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I will be there. Kind of sad that there’s not a big Key presence this year, but I’m aiming for this to be somewhat less hectic than last year. I’m manning the Mystery Parfait / Danmaku!! booth this year so please drop by (Booth 4822).


I’ll be attending AX and will definitely be attending Hinoue’s panel followed by the Late Comedy Showdown. I expect she will also be holding an autograph session, so I intend to wait in the ticketing queue for that as well. I’m also looking forward to meeting Minori Chihara (Nagato Yuki, et al.). The best part about these conventions for me is meeting up with friends / fellow Key fans and going with the flow, and I’m looking forward to going out with quite a few this time around!

I just found there is in fact a live stream there’s a schedule beside the chat. They don’t have everything so be sure to check.

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Yes yesss yessss!!!

I found a booth in the exhibit hall was selling Itaru Hinoue White Clover artbook
If anyone sees PA Works Earth Colors let me know!

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