AIR Fanart

It’s a mass-production tees by Misuzu and that girl in Rewrite pre-ordered it online before she moved to Kazamatsuri. lol ^^

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I don’t quite get what the アロン means in the background. Were you trying to say ‘alone’? XD

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Bitchin’! That’s just the response I was looking for almost. (Lucky Star reference.) It was actually a dual thing. On the one hand yes, it being interpreted as “alone” was one goal, because that fits so well with Misuzu. The other is that it’s actually related to my name, so it served as a signature here as well. :slight_smile:


;_; I finished it, but…


I haven’t been at home to do a real drawing of some kind, but I was at the beach today, and ended up thinking about Misuzu making Yukito take her to the beach, like she tries to do so many times. Then I thought about what she would have them do, but I didn’t have the means to recreate anything Too fancy, so I just wrote their names in the sand. That’s pretty Misuzu-like, right?


Guess I’ll crosspost this here~

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Misuzu route segment of the bookclub is now over; we’re moving into the Summer route! I’m hoping to see lots of fanart of our trio!

Quite out of character, yet so edgy


Really cool but I don’t think it’s meant to be Kanna. Artist doesn’t say anything about AIR on pixiv and refers to te character as Crow-chan.

A MUGEN mod, maybe, since that is in the tags. Also, “Kanna”…

Back in the day, there were many broken MUGEN characters, specially from EFZ

Yet another attempt to contribute to Kaza. She’s my favorite character in Summer route.

hope you like it.


Ooh nice! :smiley:

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Here we go guys! The Summer route has ended, and we’re now onto the AIR Route! I’m hoping for some art of Sora, Haruko and Misuzu!

Though keep in mind, if you’ve been holding out on producing a big final art piece for the Bookclub, you might wanna wait until the week after this route ends for a final call for art. Look forward to it!

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'ere’s to you~
really love this family.

haa, mother’s love is amazing. :’)


nichijou style >.<

don’t try this to your crows! You have been warned.


Awwwww that’s so cute ermehgerd >3<

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I got laughing see the crow and both are Daisuke Ono!

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I drew Minagi and Michiru.


Yay fanart! And a creative one too!

Did Minagi get her hair dyed?